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"Ghost" Chapter 4 (Disclaimer: All Stephenie's, nothing's mine, well, except for Mrs. Kirkland.)

The next morning, Alice was still lying in Jasper's arms. They had watched the sun rise, but Alice promised that it would cloud over and be pouring rain by nine AM. At eight, she hopped out of bed and went into the bathroom. She was doing some unnecessary "primping" as Jasper liked to call it. He had gotten up, too, and was leaning against the doorframe. "Beautiful," he mumbled under his breath. Alice looked at him through the mirror and smiled. "I'll be ready in a minute."

Once Alice was ready, it was still too sunny to go out so the couple laid down on the bed together again. Jasper had buried his nose in her hair and was taking in her fragrance; Alice was drawing invisible circles on his arm with her fingertip.

"I was thinking," she began "what will we do after we go to the library? I mean, it's sort of a dead end, isn't it?"

"Hum… we'll just have to see. I have a good feeling about this, for some reason." Jasper kissed the top of her head before sitting them both up. "I think it's sufficiently cloudy now. Let's get going."

"Grab the umbrella- it should be raining in about thirteen minutes," Alice promised with a grin.


Upon arriving at the Biloxi City Library, Alice and Jasper were greeted by the matronly librarian. She directed them to the record morgue and encouraged them to ask if they needed anything. Before going back to her desk, she offered them a cup of hot tea, which they kindly denied.

The records were organized in cabinets by year and then by last name of the family involved. Alice took the cabinets on the left and Jasper took the ones on the right. They breezed through them quickly, looking for anything pertaining to the Samuel Brandon family. They found a birth certificate for Alice and another for a girl named Cynthia Louise Brandon, presumably Alice's sister.

There were no other families named "Brandon" in Biloxi at the time, but there wasn't much about them anyways. Her father was a merchant and they weren't in the social class that would have been talked about much in the papers. Besides the birth certificates, Jasper found Cynthia's marriage announcement to a man named John Greene. They followed Greene's name to find the announcement of their only child's birth in 1924. Her name was Louise Greene, but there were no other announcements about her that they could find. After exhausting the cabinets for all they could think of, they made a few copies of the papers that they had found then thanked the librarian for her time and headed back to the car.

Alice paused for a moment before dashing back inside. "Be right back!" she called to Jasper over her shoulder.

"Hello again, dear," the librarian greeted her again, "did you forget something?"

"No, I actually have a question, though." Alice's smile was so charming that even Edward would have been impressed.

The woman was elderly, probably in her late seventies and Alice had a suspicion. "Would you happen to know a lady by the name of Louise Greene? That was her maiden name, I'm not sure if she ever married."

"Louise Greene," the librarian repeated in a thoughtful tone, "Why, yes, I think I may." Alice's eyes brightened at the news.

"She's still living then?"

"Yes, my friend Doris plays bridge with a woman by that name, I believe."

"I know this is a little personal-" another charming smile "-but would she be about eighty-five years old? I'm just trying to see if it's the Louise Greene that I'm looking for, you understand."

"Why, yes, probably. Doris is- Well, Doris isn't a spring chicken, herself!" she laughed. "Would you like for me give you Doris's number? I'm sure she'd love to help you out. I'll give her a call and tell her to expect your call. What's your name, dear?"

"Um… Bella Hale. My husband will come, too. His name is Jasper."

"Your husband! My, you're so young! I would have thought he was your brother!"

Alice just smiled kindly back at the woman.

"Well, here's Doris's number. I'll give her a ring so she'll know how you found her. And my name's Virginia Kirkland, by the way. I hope you find whatever you're looking for, dear."

Alice thanked her and went back to give Jasper the news.

Once back at the hotel, Alice pulled out her tiny cell phone and dialed the number to Doris Smith. After the third ring, a small voice answered the phone, "Hello?"