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It was springtime; cherry blossoms in bloom, kids laughing and smiling, the typical spring time atmosphere. Currently Kazuma Kuwabara, on break from college was walking side by side with his best friend Yusuke Urameshi. The two, secretly, enjoyed spring for the scattering of cherry blossoms; the sweet aroma wafting through the air on a warm and slightly breezy day was absolutely soothing.

Both fighters enjoyed the flowers for a different reason, but the fact that the two enjoyed the season was enough to make to the two even closer around this time of year. Their bond was strengthened around this time of year, and the two would often partake in finding time to spend alone together. And believe it or not that time was not usually spent fighting.

Kurama teased that the two were feeling the affects of spring, "love in the air," as it were. Hiei would agree with a wicked laugh, and an arrogant smirk. Yusuke and Kuwabara both ignored the two…they couldn't help their sudden yearning to be closer during this season. Something was superior about spring, almost nostalgic. And despite the teasing, the two quietly and privately enjoyed walks together, for once in their lives speaking in soft tones and with calm expressions plastered on their mugs.

Yusuke was bragging about training for the next Makai tournament, and Kuwabara listened intently smiling at his friend, adding in some insight or sly comment here or there.

As Yusuke began to complain about Kuwabara's ill-humored comments, Kuwabara turned a large cherry blossom tree, something catching his eye. The wind was stirring and shaking the large tree of its blossoms, the pink little silk like swatches twisting and twining in the air. However, the wind was not so strong today, and the twining, spinning flowers were unnatural. Kuwabara squinted narrowing his eyes, clearing his mind, and stretching out his aura trying to sense what was causing this slightly unnatural occurrence.

And then he saw him.

A man in a traditional, old yukata was staring at Kuwabara-and he was clearly a ghost. Kuwabara could not make out the color of this man's robes, nor his face, but gold gleaming eyes were clear as a bell. By now Yusuke was prodding Kuwabara in the ribs demanding Kuwabara's attention, but Kuwabara was too distracted by the sight of the specter. The ghoul raised a hand and Kuwabara was able to make out the outline of a hand, long fingers extended towards Kuwabara beckoning the human.

Kuwabara felt the hairs of his neck prickle, and remained standing where he was.

But the ghost apparently had a strong will. Kuwabara felt something cold swat away his aura as if it was nothing, and something pulsed and echoed in Kuwabara's chest. It was as if Kuwabara had a second heartbeat. It hurt but only enough to make him wince…but something was invading his mind and swallowing him whole.

Kuwabara realized he was quickly losing the battle and turned to Yusuke, who by now was shaking him and yelling. Because of Yusuke's eccentric actions people had stopped to stare and were murmuring. Kuwabara reached out placing a hand on Yusuke's arm and opened his mouth to speak and alert Yusuke to his currently growing graver and graver predicament. However, something latched onto Kuwabara's wrists and to both of the youths' surprise Kuwabara's arm was wrenched back the sleeve of his shirt flattening against Kuwabara's wrist.

Yusuke's eyes went wide as he took notice of the shifting material, but before Yusuke could do anything else, Kuwabara was lifted just an inch of the ground and dragged to the large tree he'd been staring at just a moment ago. The crowd screamed, and Yusuke opened his mouth in alarm, but found his voice betrayed him as Yusuke made no sound. Kuwabara closed his eyes and felt possessive arms wrap around him and then…

…everything went dark and Kuwabara felt everything around him spinning and spinning out of control.

And then there was nothing.

Yusuke's voice was finally freed from its cage, and Yusuke cried out, "KUWABARA!?" before Yusuke dashed towards the fallen man. He shook Kuwabara violently, but the copper haired man refused to stir. The crowd shouted something about an ambulance, and people rushed over to try and assist Yusuke.

But no amount of coaxing would wake Kuwabara up.

When Kuwabara opened his eyes, he found himself staring into those gold eyes he'd seen moments before he was yanked back and slammed against the tree. He shot up in alarm, and turned to face the man, shocked at the face that stared back at him.

This man bore Yusuke's face, though there were several differences from the Yusuke he knew.

This man's eyes were gold, and his hair long and black. He wore it tied in a lose ponytail, the string that tied his hair closer towards the end of his dark hair. He wore a fancy purple and silver Yukata, one that a noble man back in the day might wear. His lips were parted as he took even breaths, seemingly to calm himself. Kuwabara could see the twinkling of fangs, and when Kuwabara dropped his eyes he saw clenched clawed hands.

"Kazuma…" the man spoke startling Kuwabara and forcing him to look back up.

This man even sounded like Yusuke.

"Who are you!? How do you know my name?"

The man—no demon—smiled slightly, though it looked strained as if he was trying to hold himself back from lunging. "You know me," the man answered simply, "I am the demon lord of the east, Ryuusuke Urameshi."

Kuwabara stiffened at the familr sur name. He wondered if perhaps this was his best friend's ancestor, and if that was what drew Kuwabara to him.

"That man you were walking with along that strange path is no doubt my reincarnation…and you are without the doubt the reincarnation of Kato Kuwabara, a monk who resides in Ichii village."

Kuwabara sat back arms behind him and supporting his shaking frame.

"I don't…" Kuwabara began his heart rattling in his rib cage.

The demon who not only looked like Yusuke, but also proclaimed to have the same last name as Kuwabara's friend reached out and placed a hand on Kuwabara's chest.

"I had a desire…as desire to show you what happened in this time, my time…and why…I need you to do something for me. I realize that this must be my hell, punishment for all the misdeeds I've carried out against demons and human alike. But because I met you…I must have redeemed myself enough to allow me to bring you here so I can show you something."

At this demon's words, his strangely intelligent and calm words, Kuwabara felt his heart calm and drop down to a more normal pace. His eyes drifted to something behind the demon dressed like royalty, spotting a body lying on a futon. A white sheet was draped over the figure, and incense was lit, curls of lightly colored smoke twisting around and just slightly above the form. Flowers, cherry blossoms, and lotus buds were sprinkled over the sheet almost completely covering and hiding the form, whoever was under that sheet must have been loved very much.

Clawed hands shot out rapidly and brought Kuwabara's gaze back to the Lord's face. Ryuusuke's golden eyes were narrowed and he whispered, "Do not look at that…no, now is not the time. You must see the beginning; I must show you what hell I've been forced to live over and over again. Don't look!"

Kuwabara felt his gaze soften listening to the agony of this demon's words and nodded his head gently.

Ryuusuke relaxed hands trailing down Kuwabara's face, claws gently brushing over Kuwabara's vulnerable neck and down Kuwabara's chest. Kuwabara blushed confused and unaccustomed to such tender touches.

"I swear that I am Yusuke Urameshi's, the one you know, past life. I swear it…and I swear the man you will see next is yourself. I have to ensure our future together…so please…I will let you see everything from the beginning."

Kuwabara nodded, his throat having gone dry. Kuwabara looked at the demon still unsure if he could trust him…but at the same time feeling compelled to. If a spirit had enough force to pull Kuwabara inside its memories…then surely Kuwabara could at least give this Ryuusuke a chance to explain.

"Do not fear what you see…However, I am the only one who'll be able to see you, be able to touch you...It is as if you are the ghost here Kazuma…do you understand?" Ryuusuke asked voice even and patient.

Kuwabara nodded and whispered, "What do you mean by, "ensure our future together?" Yusuke…the one I was with just a moment ago…we're already best friends."

Ryuusuke chuckled stopping Kuwabara from continuing, and then gently with his strong hands turned Kuwabara's hand palm side up. Ryuusuke's eyes stared at Kuwabara's hand adoringly and then he brought the hand to his lips. Kuwabara shivered, and felt his whole body go hot, and his face turn red. He blanched in surprise, but Ryuusuke kept kissing Kuwabara's palm trailing kisses up to Kuwabara's wrist his tongue swiping over Kuwabara's pulse.

Ryuusuke moved Kuwabara's sleeve up, kissing further and further up Kuwabara's arm, all these actions making Kuwabara shaky and dizzy. Ryuusuke's pupils dilated and he was suddenly tugging Kuwabara's shirt off and had him flat on his back. Kuwabara gasped and pressed his palms against the wooden floor as the demon Lord kissed up Kuwabara's shoulder, down to his collarbone, down his chest, and then down his stomach. Hands continued to stroke over Kuwabara, running fingers up and down the human's exposed chest.

A cold sweat had broken out on Kuwabara's skin, but his face felt warm. Kuwabara trembled and bit back a moan, feeling sick from how dizzy he was…But for the life of him Kuwabara couldn't bring himself to push this demon away. Ryuusuke began licking up Kuwabara's body and his lips settled on the shaking man's nipple. Gently fangs teased Kuwabara's hard little nub but caused no harm to the tender sensitive abendage, while Ryuusuke's mouth worked on the nipple, his hand went to Kuwabara's other nipple and twisted the pink morsel until it too was hard.

Kuwabara closed his eyes as he felt aroused, but finally cried out, "Stop! I…I don't understand!!"

Ryuusuke froze and pried himself away from Kuwabara in a heartbeat, panting, and kneeling on all fours as he shook. He was breathing hard, and Kuwabara scooted away from the man snatching up his shirt and jerking it back on as his hands trembling. He held his body, face flushed, and breath coming out in ragged heaves.

Ryuusuke calmed sooner than Kuwabara and he forcefully pulled Kuwabara in his lap the red head squirming, protesting, and holding himself tightly the whole time. Ryuusuke held Kuwabara and closed his eyes, and stroked the back of Kuwabara's head. "No…I'm sorry. I'm sorry," Ryuusuke apologized voice stained with regret, "Of course you don't understand because I've shown you nothing."

"I don't understand! What are you going to show me?!"

Ryuusuke held Kuwabara tight and whispered in the shell of Kuwabara's ear, "your past life, as well as mine."

Kuwabara felt cold again and gripped Ryuusuke tight, closing his eyes as he felt himself being carried away again.

And just like last time…everything faded away into nothing.

It had been easy for Yusuke to put Kuwabara on his back and vanish from the growing concerned crowd in the park. What wasn't easy was holding Kuwabara when Yusuke could feel the fever through his clothes, and hear the painful little wheezes his friend was making. He couldn't make it back to Genkai's shrine quick enough.

"Oi!!! Yukina!! Open up the damn door!" Yusuke shouted once he had cleared Genkai's shrine steps. At the sight of Genkai's shrine he was relieved to see Hiei, and Kurama standing on the porch, the door open. The two had been talking but at Yusuke's scream they both were turned staring at Yusuke and his heavy burden.

"What happened?" Kurama cried as Yusuke brushed past him.

"Something freaky, now where the hell is Yukina? Get out a futon! Rags! Water! And someone get the toddler on the phone!!" Yusuke barked orders, Yukina running out of the kitchen already carrying a bowl with water having heard Yusuke's screams.

With everyone's help soon a futon was set up, and the living room had been cleared so they could move Kuwabara on to the mat. However it was Hiei who turned to Yukina saying, "He's too hot. Run a bath for him or the fool's brain will cook!"

Yukina nodded eyes wide, and turned quickly running up the stairs.

Kurama ran into the kitchen returning with a bucket of ice, and with quick hands began to strip Kuwabara.

"Oi! What are you doing?" Yusuke demanded as he watched Kurama work on removing Kuwabara's clothes, and Hiei strip Kuwabara of his boots.

"Yusuke as you have yet to explain what is going on I can only guess that Kuwabara has been neglecting his health-and his temperature is far above the norm. If we don't cool him down his brain will cook within his own skull."

"So be useful and help us carry him upstairs where we can get him in a cold bath!" Hiei snapped removing Kuwabara's belt from his trousers.

Yusuke nodded and when Kuwabara was stripped they carried the man upstairs where a cold bath was waiting. Kuwabara cried out in his sleep, and Yukina placed a tender hand on his brow, "Kazuma-kun I'm sorry but we have to cool you down." Gently she dipped a rag in the water and began to wash his face.

Kurama, Hiei, and Yusuke stood out in the hallway peaking in the small bathroom.

Hiei was the first to speak, "So…what happened?"

Yusuke clenched his fists and sighed, "He was fine…I swear we were just out walking. He stopped and just stared at this big tree in the park. I thought he was admiring the cherry blossoms, but then he turned to me, his face all pale like. He raised his hand, and his sleeve flattened as if someone grabbed him!" To demonstrate Yusuke tugged on the sleeve of his jacket and cupped his wrist, "Then he was yanked back and slammed into a tree…and then he was out!"

Kurama looked grim, "A renegade spirit perhaps?"

"I don't know…Kuwabara's never mentioned about one being able to hurt him…" Yusuke muttered looking back into the bathroom.

"Standing around won't do anything for him. I'll go to spirit world and fetch Koenma," Hiei stated blandly disappearing in the next moment.

Kurama smiled a bit cheerfully, "Ah, Hiei is so protective over Kuwabara, isn't he?"

Yusuke let out a tense chuckle and then asked, "Hey…can you get Shizuru? If a spirit is doing this she'd probably be able to figure out if a ghost caused this right?"

Kurama smiled, "Good idea. Will you be staying here?"

Yusuke nodded, "No way Yukina can get Kuwabara back to the futon by herself…I'll help her out."

Kurama nodded turning away before his face revealed that he thought Yusuke was just making an excuse. "I'll have Shizuru here quickly, though knowing her I'll meet her halfway."

Yusuke nodded and turned back to the scene of Yukina washing Kuwabara. He frowned nervously clenching his fists as Kuwabara moaned again. "Ahh…Kuwabara…" Yusuke whispered mind swirling with all the unanswered questions that popped in his head.

Kuwabara awoke next on a futon, but not the one in Genkai's shrine. Ryuusuke, the demon with the long hair was at his side.

"Ah you're awake…I guess this is all very hard for you. Don't worry…things should be easier from hear on out," Ryuusuke promised as he reached a hand out and tenderly caressed Kuwabara's face. Kuwabara jumped up into a sitting position and turned his face away blushing.

Ryuusuke smiled gently and cleared his throat, "It would take too long to show you my life…so you shall only see pieces…but through these pieces I know you will be able to tie all loose ends together, and hopefully carry out my wishes…"

Kuwabara clenched his fists on his hands and got up, Ryuusuke raising elegantly, the skirts of his Yukata brushing lightly on the ground.

The house they were in disappeared, and Kuwabara found himself surrounded by cherry blossom trees, and without a word Ryuusuke turned and began walking down a path lined with stones. Kuwabara blinked and had no choice to follow. Ryuusuke walked slowly down the path, and stumbled across a human.

The man cried out and tried to run, but Ryuusuke narrowed his eyes. "How disrespectful…showing me your filthy back and disturbing my walk." Ryuusuke leaped up in the air and appeared in front of the demon slashing at the man's throat, severing the man's head from his body. Ryuusuke's hands were dyed red, but not a drop of blood landed on his fine robes.

Ryuusuke and both Kuwabara suddenly heard soft crying, and Ryuusuke stepped off the path coming upon a clearing. A little boy was sitting down crying fists to his face, as he wept; a small dead bird in front of him. Ryuusuke came to stop in front of the boy staring down at him casually. "Hmmf…human boy…do you weep at my presence?"

The small boy looked up and Kuwabara was surprised by the child's face. Though the boy's hair was brown, the boy's face looked exactly like Kuwabara's when he was a child. The boy shook his head, "No my Lord, I-I killed this bird. He had a stick in his chest…so-so…I tried to pull it out…but when the stick came out he died." The little boy cried again and Ryuusuke seemed so surprised.

He kneeled before the child and observed the bird.

"You…did help this creature. This stick was lodged in his heart…and he was suffering. You eased his pain…this bird is surely thanking you in his afterlife."

The little boy looked so happy, and smiled eyes still wet with tears.

Ryuusuke's eyes glimmered but his face remained stoic. "So young one…how did you recognize I was a lord?"

The boy scrubbed his face, "Oh…as a monk in training it is my duty to recognize all demon Lords. My master says most Demon Lords have golden eyes and are very beautiful. Also my Lord, your yukata is very fine…I can not think of anyone else you must be."

Ryuusuke observed the boy. The child was dressed in a plain yukata, it being a murky brown color. But still the lad was quite charming…Ryuusuke then smiled, "Oh…you are a clever boy…tell me…what is your name?"

"My name is Kato Kuwabara."

Kazuma Kuwabara jumped mouth opening in surprise…perhaps this boy was his ancestor…or even his past life.

Ryuusuke chuckled, "Hmm…how fine it is to meet my future enemy…as a monk you will grow to hate me and one day we will cross paths."

Kato blinked his head tilting and face looking somber. Ryuusuke leaned forward encircling the child. Tenderly Ryuusuke placed a kiss on the boy's head, the child looking surprised. "I gift and praise you boy…with this unlocking of your mind. May your senses be heightened, and powers grow strong…I long for the day when we will meet again…even if it is as enemies…but no this…even if I am the one to take your life one day, I will always remember you with affection.

Ryuusuke rose to his feet, and then the boy, both staring at each other in silence. Kato placed his hand to his forehead a blush decorating his cheeks. The boy turned to leave, but looked over his shoulder, "My…my Lord…I don't think I'll ever hate you! I…I like you my lord!" The boy then ran off, and Ryuusuke stared after him, looking as if he wished to chase after him.

Ryuusuke then turned to look at Kuwabara, the man jumping.

"That is…?"

Ryuusuke nodded, "Yes…yes that is your past self…"

Kuwabara found he was unable to say a word, and even felt as if he could no longer breathe.

Kuwabara's body was now laid out and covered by a warm comforter though ice was now packed around his body. Kuwabara slept on, unaware of the group that surrounded him. Shizuru had run into Kurama halfway on the streetsas they had all expected, and now examined her brother leaning over him and pressing her brow to Kuwabara's. Her eyes were closed in concentration and a warm aura passed between the two. Koenma was watching his eyes searching Kuwabara's body trying to detect what was ailing or causing this strange slumber.

Shizuru finally sat back up and frowned.

"His mind is not here…nor is his spirit…he has been dragged off…" Shizuru sounded grim.

"What do you mean?" Yusuke asked clenching his fist into a ball.

"A spirit if strong enough, if old enough can drag a human soul wherever he pleases, but it has to be done for a reason…any reason…good or bad," Shizuru's eyes danced with fear and she dropped her head, "My brother's soul could be anywhere at this moment!"

Koenma rose suddenly and turned off tossing over his shoulder. "I must alert everyone…I will have every one of my people comb spirit world, heaven, hell, and even limbo for Kuwabara. I must work quickly…"

Yusuke growled, "What if you can't find him!?"

"Then we must wait for whomever took him to return Kuwabara's soul back to his body. And we must also make sure Kuwabara's body stays in good condition. I'll return as soon as I can!" Koenma declared before taking off.

Yusuke slammed his fists on the ground. "KUWABARA!"

"Yusuke…now is not the time," Kurama soothed placing a hand on Yusuke's shoulder. Yusuke growled shrugging Kurama off, "Then when is the time?!"

"You can be angry when Kuwabara wakes up," Hiei snapped, "But screaming and being pissed will not help Kuwabara at all in this moment."

Yusuke sighed and closed his eyes, and squeezed his hands against his knees. "Dammit…"

Kuwabara was walking alongside Ryuusuke who walked casually through a village, the villagers scattering and going back to their huts. Ryuusuke made his way to the shrine, slashing the protective spells that kept lesser demons away. With ease he walked straight into the shrine, staring at the monks who lined a statue.

All looked nervous.

"What are you doing here Lord?" the eldest monk asked standing in front of his pupils.

"I have agreed to spare your mortal lives as long as you stayed out of my territory…but one of your wretched villagers not only defiled my land but stole a vase from my house…" Ryuusuke reached into his sleeve and tossed down a skull angrily glaring at the monks.

"Forgive us Lord…we did not know someone trespassed-"

"Silence…I will forgive you if you give me what I want," Ryuusuke snapped. Kuwabara who was unseen by everyone looked over at Ryuusuke wondering what he could possibly want from these monks.

Ryuusuke scanned the monks, and his eyes settled on a young man. It was obviously Kato Kuwabara, his hair gelled up just like how Kuwabara wore his hair now. Ryuusuke met the young monk's gaze and it was obvious the two recognized each other. Kato's ears went red and he dropped his gaze.

Ryuusuke smiled and pointed at Kato, "I wish for that mortal's companionship…there is nothing better then insulting a monk by forcing him to stay in my home."

The monks all gasped voices rising in protest, but Ryuusuke continued, "At night he shall return to your village, but in the morning, he must come every day and spend all his time with me. If you wish for you village not to be burned to the ground you will comply."

The monks whispered to each other, but Kato rose up and bowed before the elderly monk, "Master…I will do this for the sake of or village. Please allow me to do this." The elder monk looked grim and bowed to his student, "Thank you for your bravery."

Ryuusuke pulled forth a scroll, "I have already written the terms of the arrangement…sign immediately."

Ryuusuke and the elder monk sat themselves at a table and the elder monk pulled out a block of ink. The elder shaved off some of the black block, and poured water on the ink mixing it with his brush until it was a fine black ink. Then holding his sleeve he signed the parchment in fine elegant strokes. Ryuusuke nodded and shook the scroll out drying the paper and rolled it back up tucking it in his robes.

Without a word he tugged Kato to him and beckoned him to follow with his eyes. Ryuusuke left the shrine Kato following alongside him, while Kuwabara tailed the two. When Kato and Ryuusuke entered the woods, Ryuusuke took Kato's arm and laid it on his own. Kato looked at Ryuusuke, who smiled at him with obvious fondness.

"You have grown into a fine young man…Kato Kuwabara…"

"Ah you remember me Lord?" Kato asked softly.

"Mm…are you my enemy now Kato?" Ryuusuke asked his tone almost threatening.

Kato looked away, "No…I…I promised to never hate you."

Ryuusuke swept Kato up lifting the young and shorter teen off the ground in a quick motion. Kato looked so surprised, and his face flushed as Ryuusuke pinned him to a tree, Kuwabara who was watching the scene suddenly realized that this was the same tree he had seen Ryuusuke standing at before. Ryuusuke pinned his arms next to Kato's face and pressed his lips firmly to Kato's.

Kato's cheeks flushed and his hands jerked though he made no move to pull away. Kato's eyes closed, his face going redder as Ryuusuke slid his tongue in Kato's mouth. He kissed Kato sloppily in a hungry, frenzied passion until he pulled away allowing himself and Kato to breathe. Kato opened his lids halfway panting and stared at Ryuusuke. Kato closed his eyes and tilted his face towards Ryuusuke and with a grin the demon brought his hands to Kato's face and kissed him deeply again.

Kuwabara could only watch the scene as his heart thrummed in his chest, and his brain went numb with confusion.

"We…were…lovers?" Kuwabara asked backing into a tree and sliding down the tree until he rest in the roots, cherry blossoms spilling all over him, and spilling on the couple he found himself watching in shocked awe.

End of chapter one.

Honestly I think this should be only about…4 chapters long. I'm planning on making each chapter fairly long so, I think about 4 should cover it. We'll see. I hope you enjoyed this and I look forward to seeing you next time!