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Plays if you attempt to take the northern path to Euclid in the past.

Klarth is normal, Cless is bold, Mint is italics.

"...I'm sure that sign was here for a reason."


"The one right over there?"

"It says...'Beware the path to the north!"

"Oh...that makes sense."

"Makes sense?"

"In my time, the words were to faded to read. But there was a statue blocking the way, so..."

"And you didn't think that it was some sort of sign?"

"No. I just moved it out of the way and continued up the path."



"I'm a bit concerned about your...sense of judgment."

"Why's that?"

"...Wouldn't the most logical thing to do be to take heed of the warning?"

"Well...'Beware' is the same as 'be alert,' right? So as long as we're focused..."

"...I sincerely hope you know what you're doing."

"Of course."

A/N: *Sees a warning, but charges in anyway for the heck of it*