Edward's POV

Why hadn't Alice seen this? I thought angrily to myself as I broke through the two Volturi Guard members in front of me, desperately trying to reach Bella.

God Damn it! Why hadn't Alice seen this?! It didn't make sense. We go out, Bella and I, just the two of us, all the time. Why the hell do they decide to strike now? The entire Volturi guard sent to capture us…or kill us, I wasn't really sure which because their thoughts were all centered on holding us still and not the torture or punishment proceeding it. I didn't really care about that much.

Bella still didn't know how to fight… not well anyway. I felt guilty for it now. I felt terrified of loosing her. She wasn't a newborn anymore. Her extra strength was gone.

I leapt lightly over a wall of three guard members. While in the air, I saw her trying, but it wasn't enough. It was never enough.

A sharp pain suddenly hit me and I inhaled in a gasp at the fiery torture. I fell, like the rock I was, to the ground.

Bella saw my pain and it was suddenly gone as she wrapped her shield around me. Now I was held by four members and the same had happened to Bella. They kept us away from each other.

Jane walked from the trees with a smile. I snarled at her and she showed her teeth.

"I don't have a lot of time," She said, "I can only kill one of you." Her thoughts gave away a clear answer as to who was dying today in her book. I thrashed and snarled again. She smiled and moved over to Felix who held Bella. She held a lighter in her hands. Bella's eyes widened and she looked at me, her head twitching. She knew what was going to happen but she was still more concerned about me. I tried to move towards her but couldn't. I settled for begging…anything.

"Jane…please…no…don't do this…" I whispered.

"I'm sorry, Edward," She replied with no hint of her supposed remorse, "But orders are orders."

Edward…my mind was invaded by Bella's beautiful voice. She had pushed her mental barriers away from herself to allow me access to her thoughts whatever happens now…I love you. Please don't forget our daughter.

I shook my head sharply, "This isn't happening." I whispered as Jane nodded to Felix, "No!"

And in a matter of milliseconds, my entire life was shredded before my eyes. I screamed, not from outrage, but from pain as Jane held the lighter to Bella's body. The scream died off into a choked, dry, chest compressing sob.

The thoughts of my family entered my mind. They were close and they were coming.

"Let's depart." Jane said as the purple smoke reached the sky. Another scream wracked my body, causing me to convulse violently on the ground as the Guard moved away.


My Wife…

My Life…

She's gone…

She's truly, really gone…

I got up slowly and turned to follow the Guard and beg for my death, but two giant arms wrapped around me even as the words "Wait! Come back!" left my lips. I wanted to tear out my chest and rip myself apart from the inside out. The pain of this was too much.

I convulsed again.

A dozen hands were suddenly touching me. Emmett's arms had mine pinned to my sides; Carlisle's hands were on my shoulders; Esme's hands were on the back of my head which was nestled against her shoulder. More hands were on my back. Others were on my arms. They all were saying something, or thinking it, but I didn't bother to listen. A sob broke through which was pretty close to a scream. Another came. Then another and pretty soon, I was crying broken, tearless, relief-less sobs.

"Rosalie." Carlisle called quietly and a frantic heartbeat was moved closer to me.

Renesmee's POV

My face was streaked with silent tears, and watching one of the strongest men I knew break down was not helping. His crying made my chest hurt. I wanted my Uncle to let him go because he clearly didn't want to be held there, and I wanted to comfort him. There was no room for me though. Even as my Aunt pushed me forward, closer to him, what could I do to help? I was only 3. Well… actually I looked like an 8 year old. How could I possibly help when I needed the same level of comfort? I was just as broken as he was right?

"No, Renesmee…" My Aunt Rosalie suddenly said. I didn't realize that I was touching her, "Its much worse for him."


"He loved your mother very much. They were part of eachother. Their life forces were connected. Now that she's gone, he wants to go too."

"NO!" I hastily ran over to him, clinging to his shirt, "You can't die! I love you, Daddy! You can't do that! You can't"

He gasped suddenly and broke free of my Uncle's grasp. His arms wrapped around me as he sank to his knees, crying even harder than before.