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Chapter 21.A - Hamburg Song

Jacob relented quickly and he lowered himself over me again, our lips once again danced in a poetic but complex pattern the heat of the kiss washed over me and stole my breath from me. My breathing was coming in small stutters as the realization of what I was about to do hit me. I loved Jacob with every ounce of me and there was no one else in the world I would rather be in this situation with, but it didn't make me any less nervous.

"Ness, honey, you're trembling. Are you sure you wanna do this?" Jacob rolled to the side of me, and sat up; never breaking eye contact. It was typical of him to be concerned; I knew beyond a doubt he was all I ever wanted. Nerves meant nothing other than the fact that I had never done this before. I had to show him that I was ready; I had to show him that this was what I wanted.

I sat up slowly and rolled onto my knees so I was eye level with him; my hands planted themselves on his shoulders.

"Jake, I've never been more sure of anything in my entire life." I was breathless as I spoke the words, but they were full of the truth. I wanted him and my entire body was aching painfully for him. My hand slid along his shoulder until it played gently with the hair on the nape of his neck.

I leaned forward and pulled him to me with the hand I had on his neck, our lips touched again and my whole body ignited. It was a flame of passion; it burnt away any other emotion in my body and drove me toward him. My knees shuffled along the surface of his bed until they were against his thigh. His feet were planted firmly on the floor and his body was twisted to face me. I rose on my knees and deepened the kiss, my tongue gently massaging his lips, begging for entry.

His large hands were sprawled across my back holding me to him as we kissed. I didn't know why he was still so unsure about this; I could feel the slight resistance he put up against me, but I fought against him and won.

His lips parted and I found his tongue with mine, the sensation of the connection was so euphoric I released a gentle moan. The sensation added fuel to the fire that already enveloped me; I swung one leg over him, planting my knee into the bed on the other side of him. He growled as I ground my hips against his. I had no idea what I was doing but he was just as aroused as I was. I could feel him become firm against my inner thigh.

"Nessie," My name was a moan rolling from his lips and it had never sounded sexier. Every muscle in my stomach trembled at the anticipation, his swollen manhood intimidated me wildly, but it was also insanely erotic. It slid against my thigh again as I ground myself against him with a little more fervor. This time it rode up my thigh and ground against my heated center, I moaned and sunk my teeth into my lip.

Small explosions careened inside of me driving my body closer to his. I rocked my hips gently again, Jacob broke the kiss as his head fell to my shoulder.

"Shit Nessie," his teeth sunk gently into my shoulder and I hissed gently at the pleasure the pain brought with it. I couldn't explain the sensation it brought with it, the pain heightened my already intense ecstasy. My body was a mass of live wires exploding where he touched.

I let my hands slide down his chest and over the expansive plains of his stomach, his muscles quivered under my touch. A surge of power swept over me with the feeling. I liked having this effect on him; I liked him showing his pleasure. I was even enjoying the stream of profanities flowing against my skin. I felt dominant, and strong; and incredibly sexy.

My fingers pulled on the hem of his shirt and brushed against the hot skin at the waist of his pants. Jacob's hands locked against my hips and squeezed them tightly letting a small moan escape his lips. I bucked my hips gently against his manhood causing another stream of curses to embellish my skin. I couldn't help the smile that painted my lips, I felt extremely powerful.

I let my hands run up his stomach muscles again; this time under the shirt, the material bunched on my wrists as I continued further up to his chest. My eyes locked in on the copper skin under my hands and drank in his beauty. I savored the feeling of his satin skin as I worked my way higher up his body. I continued my exploration up his body to his shoulders; I moved my hands to his arms and nudged him gently. He released my hips and raised his arms knowing exactly what I wanted from him. I pulled the shirt up over his head and let it fall to the ground beside me.

He was gorgeous; the soft supple skin that spread across the muscular expanse was the perfect tone, it was warm and glowing with his excitement. I lowered my head and kissed his chest, letting my lips move upwards towards his throat, occasionally letting my tongue taste the flesh.

His warm hands moved to the bottom of my damp shirt and peeled the fabric from my skin. I shuddered against him and let my lips form to his skin. My thighs tightened with the surge of excitement his touch was causing me; and I grinded into him again. His arousal nudged me gently sending a shudder through my already shaky breath.

Jacob's fingers dug into my flesh; the strange erotic violence made me gasp, my forehead fell to his shoulder and I let my breath wash across him in a stuttered passion. It was another pleasure and pain combination and it was driving me insane. The longer we took, the more I seemed to want him.

"Did I hurt you?" his voice sounded worried as he nuzzled against me.

I shook my head before lifting it to meet his eyes. "Complete opposite."

Jacob grinned and continued to work my shirt up over my skin, the damp material clung to my body creating more work for Jacob, but he didn't seem to mind as he took his time peeling the fabric back gently. I rocked back and sat on his knees letting him work the material away from my skin. It was slow and torturous but worth every second as his eyes drank me in.

The look he was giving didn't make me feel uncomfortable as I had thought it would have, it made me feel wanted; it made me feel beautiful. I could see the love he had in his eyes as the brushed over the pale skin of my stomach. The want, the desire; it was all behind his eyes as he looked at me.

His hands reached my breasts and as his thumbs brushed over the damp cotton again. My entire body rebelled, trembling against him. My hips rocked against his legs as if they had a mind of his own; creating a friction between my thighs; I moaned out my pleasure and once again dug my teeth into my lower lip.

This was all so new to me, but I felt comfortable with Jacob. He would always take care of me; he would always protect me. I wouldn't let him go again. I was giving myself to him, the only way I hadn't before, it was the last thing I had to offer but I wanted him to have it. I was his; every part of me.

Jacob lost his patience and pulled the shirt over my head. He dropped it to the floor, and his eyes roamed over my skin stopping at the damp cotton of the white bra I was wearing. "You're so beautiful, Nessie."

His hand ran up my stomach and trailed around to my back; his fingers snapped once and unhooked the damp cotton bra I was wearing. Jacob's hand explored the bare skin of my back before moving slowly upwards. He moved his warm hands to my shoulders and pulled the straps down my arms.

His breath caught in his throat as his eyes focus on my unsheathed breasts for the first time. I rocked forward slowly, pressing my chest to his; I wanted to feel his skin against mine. I wanted to feel him in my most natural form. My lips worked along his jaw until I found his mouth again. I was hungry, I wanted every part of him now and nothing was going to stop us. We were finally alone.

I rocked back on his legs and swung mine around his waist; it gave my hips another grinding motion causing Jacob to gasp into my mouth. I smiled around his lips and gently took his bottom lips between mine and sucked gently. His hands moved down my body to my hips, and he cradled them gently pulling them down to meet his.

His arousal brushed against my heated core and I sighed at the pleasure that rang through my body, my back arched violently as the pressure built inside of me. One of his hands ran up my spine to support my weight; and I circled my hips gently against him creating a warm friction between us. My entire body shuddered as the pleasure rose to new heights within me; I kept my eyes open and on his, as moans spilled over my lips.

Jacob's forearms were both supporting my back; they were warm pillars of strength than ran down my spine almost cradling me. His eyes ignited and he pulled me towards him, raising me until his warm breath danced across the skin of my chest. His head dipped towards my chest, and his tongue danced around my erect nipple. My back arched further towards him willing him to take what was already his in this most carnal act.

His warm mouth covered the skin as he took the peak between his teeth, biting down gently. I couldn't stop my hands from spreading out across his shoulders holding him in place as my head fell back limply. I tried to keep my eyes open as the pleasure surged through me but the sensation rendered me useless. My body was acting of its own accord.

As my back continued to arch towards him, the friction once again grew between my thighs. My head lolled forward and I forced my eyes to open; I didn't want to miss a thing. I rocked gently against him again and his member strained against the material of his pants.

My eyes widened at the size of him, I'd been feeling him as I teased him but nothing had prepared me for what I was looking at now. I knew we were made for one another but the sheer size of him left me awestruck. I let the one of the hands that had been on his shoulder, slide down his chest to the waist of his pants. My fingers worked themselves under the material gently, testing my boundaries.

Jacob groaned against my breast, biting once more on the swollen skin. I couldn't control my reaction to him and bowed once again as my damp folds rubbed against him.

"Jacob," I called out his name as my free hand tangled into his hair, holding him against me. The other hand continued down his pants, following the small trail of hair that flowed from his navel down to his member.

My palm brushed against his hardness and his hips bucked gently brushing his waiting masculinity against my hand. I needed more of him; so I pulled on the band of his pants and set him free. The cotton slid down his waist and over his erection. It left him standing tall and free for me to explore. My breathing had turned into pants; my chest heaved and shuddered gently in Jacob's control.

Still unsure of what I was doing, I wrapped my hand around his length and stroked up his length gently. My thumb brushed the top of him where a damp ball of liquid sat. I massaged it gently, testing his reactions. Jacob moaned in pleasure against the skin of my breast sending waves of heated air on the sensitive peak.

I let my finger move feather light up and down his shaft, unsure of what to do next. I curled my hand around him and let my thumb circle the skin. I was still so unsure of what I was supposed to do.

Jacob moved a hand from my back and moved it between us. It curled around the hand of mine that was wrapped around his hard member; he nibbled on my nipple gently as he guided my hand in a slow motion; up and down his length. I took control, and he let go; grunting in pleasure as I found my rhythm.

His breaths turned into pants as I moved with a little more force; the muscles in his abdomen clenched tightly as his hips rocked towards me. His head lifted and he moaned in pleasure. His mouth came down off the neglected breast and he took it in his teeth without any warning. I grunted at the move and quickened my tempo.

Jacob's free hand moved to my jeans and gently rubbed my thigh, squeezing gently when I changed my momentum. It coasted further up; moving up towards the ache that was building in my supple core just for him. His thumb brushed across my denim clad folds as I pumped him gently with my hand. My body reacted of its own accord, my hips bucked again and again as he swept against the seam of my jeans causing a wave of friction and pleasure.

I couldn't stand the build up much longer; I was aching so badly it hurt. The pressure that was building inside of me created waves of glorious pain to explode within me. I had a need for him; it was an emptiness that was filled with a pressure, a pressure only he could release. I was tormented beyond reason. My natural want was for him to fill it.


"Hmm," he hummed around the fleshy mound he had in his teeth. The vibrations caused a panting moan to flow from me. The sensation crawled into the already building pressure creating the muscles where I needed him the most to quiver with anticipation.

"I want you." I moaned, louder than I had wanted to.

His mouth left my breast and worked up to my shoulder. "I'm yours baby."

"I want you to take me," I panted as his hand circled the ache between my thighs. The hand that lay in his hair circled his neck and pulled me up as I tried to release the building upsurge that threatened to take control.

"Really," He asked seductively, pinching the sensitive core of my heat.

"Jacob," his name was a scream as it passed over my tortured lips. I didn't know how much more my body could take before I imploded. I needed him to take me. Screw the romanticism; I needed him inside of me.

"Nessie," his fingers worked to the waistband of my jeans and flicked the button open. Small white explosions flashed behind my eyes with anticipation. I released his manhood and wrapped it around his shoulders steadying myself as my body shook uncontrollably.

"Mmm," I breathed. I knew it would be too painful to talk, everything hurt because it all ached for him.

"Patience baby," He peeled the damp material away from hips and to my thighs. He lifted gently away from him and pulled the material down to my thighs. "I'm nowhere near finished with you yet." His husky voice was filled with passion as he spoke and I wondered where he found the energy.

Jacob taking control, it was the sexiest thing I had ever encountered and it made me want him to the point of torture. It sent me over the edge; and I rocked forward crushing his lips to mine; my arms were locked around his neck refusing to let him go.

He stood up from the bed and continued to pull my jeans from my legs; I unhooked my legs from his waist as he lifted me into his arms. I worked my jeans down over my calves and struggled to wrap my legs around him again. The jeans dropped to the floor with a wet slap; and I managed to push down his pants with my feet before wrapping my legs around his waist again. His hardness ran along my core and I whined wantonly.

"Jake, please."

Jacob ignored me and sat us down as we had been. His bare legs were warm under the naked skin of my thighs. His eyes widened as he drank in my naked physique. His hot fingers pressed against my lips as I moved to talk again.

"Shh, Nessie just let this happen."

His lips planted themselves against mine again and I moaned in sweet pleasure. My hands circled his neck holding him in place. His fingers made a pattern down the front of my body, dancing around my nipple and squeezing gently. I moaned into his mouth and let my hand grasp around his large member, I moved my hand to my own tempo, keeping the movements painfully slow as my hand wandered up and down his length. He grunted forcefully into my mouth and let his hands fall to my thighs. He traced circles into the skin on my inner thigh and worked his way up to my naked form. I let my hand speed up slightly as I pumped him gently.

"Fuck." His voice was hoarse and ragged with his breathing as he cursed into my mouth.

I smiled around his lips and continued on; enjoying the amount of pleasure I was bringing to him. His finger reached the heat of my womanhood and ran down the soft delicate lines. My breathing cut off and my eyes scrunched together in pleasure.

Jacob pulled away from the kiss and his lips appeared by my ear sucking the skin on the lobe.

"Nessie, breathe."

I sucked in a large gulp of air and fell into a panting breath. Jacob's fingers explored my heat, stroking the side of my womanhood gently. He spread his legs apart consequentially forcing mine wider apart. My body tensed, waiting for his next move as his other hand brushed the strands of hair from my face.

"Baby, relax," he breathed, sucking on my ear lobe again.

I took a deep breath and let my body relax against his, his fingers were playing along the lines of my entrance; stroking me delicately as he tried to help me relax.

"I love you," his voice was a ghost of a whisper as he pinched the sensitive nub. My body rocked forward at the feeling and I found his lips with mine. My hand was still moving gently on his erect member; pumping with my pants. I was losing control of my rhythm with the distraction of his fingers. He flicked and massaged gently and I cried out moans of pure pleasure. I released him as I rocked my body into his touch.

My chest heaved and my body quivered as he took his time exploring me intimately. His fingers pressed into me as I rocked towards his body again.


He let his finger wander further into my body as he explored me and I whined gently into his shoulder. The feeling was too amazing to categorize into anything I'd ever felt before. As enjoyable as this experience was; I needed him. I needed to feel the ultimate connection with him alone.

I rocked my hips forward again and pressed my chest against his, my body rocked towards him and I pulled his bottom lip in between my lips. His hands gripped my thighs and held me over him, easing me down until I could feel his manhood begging for entrance.

"Are you sure, Nessie?"

I lowered myself until I felt him slide into me.

"Yes," I moaned lowering myself, until he filled me. The pain was shocking as I relaxed down on to him; I took a deep breath and tried to control the convulsive shaking of my body. Jacob was patient; his arms snaked around my waist and held me against him as I adjusted to his size. I could feel his body trembling against mine with the pleasure. He was holding himself back for me, giving me time to adjust.

When the pain subsided I rocked forward, my body slid him almost all the way out before he swung his hips to rejoin us. This time, the pain was replaced by immense pleasure. I moaned gently and Jacob froze.


"Don't stop," I panted rocking my hips again.

We worked together slowly, building up our tempo. It didn't take long for the pain to subside altogether and the pleasure to completely take control. Jacob was doing most of the work as he rocked his hips towards me; filling me until I groaned in pleasure. We were both panting for air before long and collapsed against one another; fighting for breaths.

Jacob stood up in one swift movement and I giggled with the pure pleasure rocking through my body, he lowered us to the bed again but this time I was on my back. We never lost our connection as he situated us. He lifted my knees gently and bent them; pushing them further to the side.

"Is this alright?"

I nodded breathlessly and ran my hands down his arms until I reached his hands. He interlocked his fingers with mine and kissed me gently, he pushed my hands into the bed as he rocked himself forward. The whole sensation was different as he plunged deeply inside of me. I wrapped one leg around his waist and pushed the other further out as he continued to rock into me. He plunged deeper and deeper as he rocked his hips; his movements were quicker and harder as he moved. The pleasure rose up inside of me. My back arched as the waves of pure joy rolled down my spine.

I wanted to scream his name; I wanted to scream obscenities as the whole world shifted around me, I felt Jacob straining as he moved but my body went into small convulsions of joy as my whole body shuddered and exploded into a sensory overload. Jacob's movements stopped and every muscle in his body locked.

"Oh, Shit . . . Fuck, Nessie,"

He throbbed inside of me as the walls that surrounded him contracted with pure ecstasy. One long moan came from my mouth as I felt our worlds collide. Jacob rocked one last time before collapsing around me with a shudder, he pulled me into an embrace as he rolled to my side.

"Are you okay?"

I nodded, and I knew there was the goofiest smile on my lips. "I love you Jacob; you're the only one I'll ever love."

"I love you too, Nessie."

The whole experience had been amazing and I knew that it would never have been that way with anyone other than Jacob. It was the spur of the moment decision. Spontaneous even, but it was us. Jacob brushed the strands of hair from my face and kissed my forehead gently.

"I didn't hurt you?"

I giggled gently and cupped his face with my hands; he couldn't seem to grasp the concept that it had been perfect for me; in fact it was beyond perfect. There were no words to explain the happiness I felt in that one moment.

"Jacob Black; it couldn't have been more perfect than it was. I love you; I promise to love you for an eternity."

"Perfect;" Jacob mused, smiling gently. "I thought it was better."

I laughed and planted my lips against his. He'd taken the words right out of my mouth.

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