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Epilogue Part 2: Closer

Being alone with Jacob now, brought an amazing sense of passion over me. His lips moved in perfect synchronization with my own, distracting me from everything other than him. He was always the center of my world, now though, he was a force of nature; one that had my entire body willing to do his bidding.

I was still perched on the counter of the island in his house. His house. It was sounding better and better the more it repeated in my head. He was stood between my legs with his chest pushed up against mine. His hands were on the counter either side of me, my arms were again tangled around his neck holding him to me.

I wrapped my legs around his waist and pulled him to me again, our hips grinding against one another. I could feel his excitement pressed into me and I moaned gently into his mouth at the feeling. Since everything had happened, we hadn't had as much time to do this, with my dad's knowledge of our extra curricular activities, he had been giving us less time alone.

That, mingled in with everything else seemed to give us a certain desperation now. I knew I certainly couldn't get enough of him, and the fervor in which he was kissing me, told me he felt the same way.

With my legs and arms tightly wrapped around him I continued to pull him closer until all I could feel was him, everywhere. He growled at me lightly as I rocked my hips against his hard member. His hands moved from the counter and up my sides slowly, his thumbs tracing the outline of my breasts making me once again moan into his mouth.

My body leaned backwards as my back arched towards him. He fumbled briefly and slammed his hands down on the marble countertop to steady himself. He pulled away and laughed.

"What?" I asked breathlessly, noting the passion that mingled with his amusement.

He held up his hand and raised his eyebrows, There was chocolate cake and icing laced around his fingers and stuck to his palm. I laughed and leaned forwards, taking his finger in my mouth and sucking the mess from it as I swirled my tongue gently around the tip of it. He groaned as I moved on to the next, his hips grinding his erection against the seam of my pants, creating a friction that made me suck a little bit harder on the finger I currently had in my mouth.

"Shit, Nessie," He groaned, his eyes becoming heavily hooded as my tongue danced across the tip of his finger.

I liked this little power I had over him at the moment, it made me hotter for him. As I licked the last of his fingers, he grinned, there was still icing stuck to his palm, but he deviously smiled and pushed it into the back of my head as he pulled my face to him for a deeper kiss.

I laughed around his lips, knowing he'd done it purposefully. As he kissed me, I let my hand wander to the cake that was still sat next to me on a platter. I dipped my finger in the icing and trailed it down his neck to the collar of his shirt. He pulled away and grinned at me, he knew exactly what I was doing and it only seemed to make him hornier.

I brought my mouth down to his neck and let my tongue dance out to the blue icing that was streaked in a line, With a little pressure I let my tongue work it's way up the line, meticulously cleaning the sticky sugary mess from him. His adams apple bobbed as I licked and sucked at him.

When my lips met his again, he kissed me deeply, pushing me back onto the flat surface. His hands tugged my t-shirt up and pulled it over my head before he pushed me down all the way, I groaned into his mouth as I felt the squishy mess spread out across my back.

I pulled my lips away from his to complain, but the look in his eyes told me he knew exactly what he was doing. He grinned with a passion that made my heart pound and my body tingle.


He laughed a deep sexy laugh and pulled me back up until my chest was flush against his. His hand went to the nape of my neck and he tilted my head back so my eyes met the warm brown of his. His tongue danced across his lips before bestowing me with a breath taking smile.

"You did that on purpose," I smirked, my eyes locked on his mouth as his tongue made another sweep across his bottom lip.

Without a word, he pulled me over his shoulder and slapped my ass gently. I giggled as he made his way to the stairs, my hands pulled the soft material up his back and I planted soft wet kisses along his muscular back as he moved up the stairs.

He pushed his bedroom door open and kicked it closed behind him as he made his way to the master bathroom. My hair swung around me as I continued the assault on his copper skin, reveling in it's warmth and satin smooth texture.

He let me slide down the front of his body as he lowered me to the ground, I pressed my body against his hard erection to make he felt every move I made on the way down. He growled again, letting his head fall back on his shoulders as the sensation continued. When my feet hit the ground, I stepped away and his head snapped up quickly.

"You tease," he groaned, rotating his hips to get a little more comfortable.

I smiled and ran my hands under the front of his shirt, pushing it up, until he finished pulling it over his head, and letting it drop to the floor. My eyes drank in his bare muscular chest and I felt the familiar heat between my thighs intensify at the sight.

Jacob made his way over to the monster tub and flicked on the faucets, testing the temperature with his hands as he sat on the edge. Like everything else in this house, it was a custom made tub, built to fit the unusual stature of the man I loved, even with him in the tub, it was big enough for two, and if I wasn't horrified at the idea of my family knowing what we did when we were alone, I would have thanked my aunt Alice for her genius.

Jacob beckoned me over to him, and I complied, walking slowly, rocking my hips as I attempted to tease him even more. When I reached him, I stood between his legs with my hands on his broad shoulders. His hands moved up my legs and over my ass to my back. His hands moved through the mess I could still feel plastering my skin, and unhooked my bra.

I felt the material slacken as his hands gently pulled it away from my body. He worked the straps down my arms and discarded it on the floor by his feet. His fingers, now covered in the blue icing, squeezed my pert nipples leaving traces of the sweet, blue treat behind. His eyes ignited as he smiled up at me, and my body tensed for his inevitable next move. I wasn't disappointed.

His head moved towards my chest with an excruciating deliberateness, my breathing picked up making my chest rise and fall with the over indulgence of oxygen. When his smooth, gentle lips finally met the taut skin, I let out a gently whimper of ecstasy.

His tongue swirled around licking the blue from the sensitive peak, his teeth grazed it gently making my body arch and my legs grow weak. The other breast was not ignored, his fingers pinched the bud while his palm squeezed gently. The combined pleasure made it hard to think. My brain was a haze of euphoria as my hands tangled gently with his hair.

The hand that was working so generously with his mouth wound around my waist and pulled me closer to him, holding me steady as I swayed with mind numbing pleasure. I could feel nothing but his body on mine, and I wanted more.

I felt one of Jacob's legs move between mine and I lowered myself onto it slowly so I wouldn't disturb the gentle swish of his tongue, his muscular leg between my thighs created the friction I had been aching for. I rocked my hips gently as I leaned back, arching so my chest was exposed to him.

I heard the rumbling of the water as it filled the tub and it fueled my desire. The warm friction between my thighs mingled with the sensation of Jacob's mouth on my breasts created a fire in my body, it sparked in my abdomen and traveled throughout my body like a wild fire. My entire body trembled against his as the sensation took control of me.

Sighing moans poured from my mouth as the fire grew stronger, I rocked my hips deeper against his leg so the seam of my jeans dug into my core pushing me slowly over the precarious edge I was standing on. Every muscle in my body tensed and my hands held Jacob's face to my chest. Small tingling explosions worked through me as I trembled from the orgasm that rocked me. I was amazed, I still had my jeans on , yet here I was being rocked by the intense pleasure he afforded me.

As I came down from my ultimate high, Jacob moved from me slowly, my hands were now limp against the back of his head so they slid down to his shoulders. I heard the water slowly turn off and I sighed happily.

"Are you all right?" Jacob whispered, brushing the sticky stray strands of hair that had fallen to my face away.

"Never better," I whispered, falling forward and burying my head in his shoulder. "I missed this."

He chuckled and rose up from the edge of the tub, placing me securely on my feet in front of him. He kissed my forehead once as his fingers moved to the button of my jeans. He popped it slowly before moving on to the zipper and lowering it. My hands did the same to his and I let them fall with ease to the ground. Mine were slightly too tight for that.

Jacob rolled the material down my legs and he helped me step out of them, pulling me into his chest as he kicked them away from me. I felt his hardness press into my stomach and smiled. He was still as horny as I was. His fingers pushed the the cotton under wear down over my hips before letting them fall to the ground around my feet.

My hands worked gently, but quickly as I eased his boxers over his erection. It stood firmly waiting for me to give it all of my undivided attention, that was something I fully intended to do. Rather than letting the soft cotton fall to the ground, I moved it down slowly, lowering myself to my knees in front of him.

We hadn't attempted this before, and I felt nervous about my ability to please him this way. I kissed the head of his member gently and smiled as Jacob growled under his breath. I moved slowly, unsure of what I was doing. I parted my lips slowly blowing warm air on his stiff erection. He groaned in pleasure and it made me feel a little more confident about what I was doing.

Keeping my teeth away from him, I took him into my mouth. My tongue cradled his girth as I slowly made my way down as far as I could. My hand covered what my mouth couldn't, and I began moving in a rhythm, starting slowly at first, but working into a steady tempo. I moved in time with Jacob's panting. Small moans filled the air as his hands tangled into my hair, guiding me. My tongue swirled around the head gently each time before I took him fully in my mouth again. His hips bucked gently, helping keep the rhythm. I let the head hit the back of my throat once and Jacob tensed around me.

"Ness, shit . . ."

I moved quickly, pulling my mouth away from him before he came. I wasn't finished with him yet. His breathing was deep and ragged, he stood completely still as he calmed himself down a little.

I smiled and leaned back gently so I could see his face. His heavily brooding eyes appraised me before he leaned forward to help me to my feet. I grinned, letting him pull me up into his arms and litter my face and neck with wet kisses as his breath came in shaking pants. His hands once again ran through the sticky blue icing on my back, and he chuckled into my ear, his hot breath making a shiver run the length of my spine as the fire running through my veins multiplied.

"Let's get you cleaned up," he whispered sucking on my earlobe. He swept me up into his arms and stepped into the hot water. He lowered me onto my feet and grinned, catching my lips with his and holding me tightly to him. The hot water swirled around our feet and I could help but smile around the kiss. He'd found the jets.

We lowered ourselves into the water, Jacob pulled me onto his lap as he slid down into the water. His long legs hit the other end as he was comfortably submerged, his knees were bent slightly but he looked comfortable. I straddled him once he was situated and leaned in to kiss him deeply, my sexual hunger still not satiated from our foreplay.

His long hard member pressed into my thigh as my body nestled into the slight V his body had created. His hands came to rest on my hips as our tongues danced together. The all consuming fire was burning inside of me and my stomach exploded into bubbles of pure joy. Jacob sat up slowly, taking one of my nipples in his mouth, he pushed my body back into the hot water and his hands massaged my skin. The tips of my hair fell into the water and swirled around with the fierce bubbling of the water.

I felt Jacob's teeth against the skin of my sensitive peak and my hips bucked at the sensation. His member slid along my wet folds and I moaned in pleasure.

The sensation seemed to cause a frenzy between us, and our hands became a muddle of touching, my body was alight and electric. The unbearable pressure built within me as I positioned myself above him, hovering. Jacob leaned back against the edge of the tub and his hands once again gripped my hips.

"Jake," I moaned heavily. He started to guide me down but I shook me head, frustrated at the stupid photographic memory that came in to play in that one moment. "Condom, we promised."

Jacob's eyes fell closed with frustration and a small groan passed over his lips. My hands held his face gently as my entire body willed me to just go with it. I had to admit, it was a bit of a mood killer.

"Jake," I moaned again and rotated my hips to get his attention, but the feeling of his hardness against me just made me need him more. His eyes shot open, and I saw that they were full of passion and fire.

"Fuck it," I moaned, lowering myself onto him. A moaning breath escaping me as he began to fill me.

He guided me down onto him, the anticipation had made my entire body a live wire of sensitivity and the propensity of every move he made rocked me. I was shuddering with pleasure, and Jacob's head fell back against the edge of the tub with a groan of pleasure.

It had been to long since we'd been like this.

Being on my knees gave me the advantage I needed and I rose myself slowly, before sliding back down. Before long, Jacob's hips were rocking up to meet mine. He thrust deep inside of me and I moaned each time he filled me completely. The bubbling water lapped at the sides of the tubs as our bodies moved together. Both of us were panting for air as we continued to rock into one another.

I groaned benevolently as I felt my muscles tighten and the pleasure and euphoria run through my system. Jacob slowed his thrusts but didn't stop as I climaxed. My legs tightened against his hips and shook violently as I let the feeling take complete control of me. Jacob's hands brushed damp strands from my cheeks and I collapsed into his chest, needing a minute before I could continue. My limbs felt numb and weak as the rapture claimed me.

Jacob lifted me from his lap and sat up slowly, his lips tangled with mine and I wrapped myself around him tightly as my body and mind ignited again. He slid out from under me and stood up, his hands caught mine and pulled me up with him.

I was lost in him again, my hands touched every part of him, my lips moved across his skin tasting him, Jacob pulled me into his arms tightly and before I knew what was happening, I was flat on my back on the fluffy bath mat, and Jacob was hovering over me. His eyes were on fire as my hands ran down the side of his face lovingly.

He plunged into me with one deep thrust. My feet pushed onto the ground and I brought my hips up to meet his thrusts. He kissed along my collar bone, up my neck, he nibbled on my earlobe as his hot breaths spilled out of him with each thrust.

I wrapped one of my legs around his waist and cried out with pleasure as he hit all the right places. He thrust into me harder with each sweep, my body tingled with excitement as I neared euphoria once again. Jacob's hands moved to my hips, holding me in place as he drove into me.

I felt him tense inside of me as I teetered on the edge, our eyes locked together as he plunged into me deeply. Then we let go, falling over the edge together. Both of our bodies tensed and locked together as one, my walls tightened around him as his movements slowed. He pulsated inside of me, his manhood throbbing against my clenched walls.

He let out a long breath and fell onto his forearms, his forehead met mine and his hot breath washed over me. I was panting, dragging in as much air as I could to calm myself down.

He pressed his lips to mine twice and smiled with a satisfaction only I could conceive at that point. "I love you, Nessie."

"I love you too, Jake," I whispered, my hands were on his shoulders and I squeezed gently.

Jacob pulled out of me slowly and dropped to the side nuzzling my neck as he littered kisses across the bare skin there. I was so content, so happy with my life that I let out a small giggle.

Jacob lifted himself on his elbows and raised his eyebrows at me. His brown eyes were filled with love and curiosity and I stroked his face, tracing the outline of his masculine jaw with my fingers.

"We just violated your new bath mat." I laughed, finding the stupid comment funnier than it actually was. We'd also wasted time with a bath that hadn't managed to clean either one of us. I still felt the sticky mess at the nape of my neck.

Jacob chuckled and kissed me gently on the throat.

We lay there for a while, just enjoying the closeness to one another. We didn't even feel the need to speak. Before long Jacob's gentle snores filled the air around me. I sighed knowing I would have to clean up the mess that was the birthday cake and slid out from under his arm.

I went to the bedroom and pulled open the doors to the ridiculously large closet, I found a silk slip in one of the drawers and pulled it over my head. It fell to mid thigh and felt amazing on my sensitive skin. I pulled out a throw blanket and made my way back to the bathroom.

Jacob hadn't moved an inch, he looked so content lying on the floor I couldn't help but smile at him. Nothing would ever compare to the love I had for this man, he was everything to me.

I laid the blanket over his sleeping form and headed back downstairs to clean up the mess in the kitchen. I went to my purse and pulled out my iPod, placing it on the dock that sat on the kitchen counter. I had the songs shuffling so I hit play and went about cleaning up the mess we'd left on the island.

I danced around the kitchen singing quietly along with the melody of the song that was playing, I had already cleaned up the cake, but I had decided to finish cleaning the rest of the mess left behind after the party. There were soda bottles and bowls of finger food on the table and island. Once I had cleaned all of it away, I swept the floor, dancing with the broom as it coasted across the tile floor.

By the time I had finished, I had worked up a bit of an appetite, so I pulled some of the things in the refrigerator and threw together some sandwiches. I made enough to feed an army, figuring Jacob would have an appetite when he woke up.

I leaned up against the island, still wide awake, and munched on a couple of sandwich halves while I swayed with the music. The house was so quiet, if it wasn't for the melodic harmony coming from the iPod, the only sound would be that of the wind and ocean rolling in and hitting the cliffs.

A pair of hands gripping my waist made me scream loudly into the empty house. As my heart flew, I felt Jacob's warm breath dance across my bare shoulders. The adrenaline had shot through my system and I trembled slightly as he pressed into my back.

"Sorry, honey." He chuckled, kissing my shoulder.

"You scared the crap outta me Jake," I laughed nervously.

"I couldn't help it, you looked amazing stood there like that, swinging your hips. In my kitchen."

I giggled and rolled my eyes, not that he could see it. He pressed up against me and I could feel his erection digging into my ass. My breath faltered as I released it, just the feeling of it made me all hot again. I let my eyes slide closed as I began to swing my hips with the beat of the music.

Jacob groaned once and let my hips guide his hands as I rubbed against groin, I slowed as the song came to a close and smiled at the fact that I could effect him so much. His hands shifted from their place on my hips down to my thighs where the silk ended. His fingers played gently with my skin along the line of the hem and my breath stuttered with anticipation.

"Your skin is so soft," he whispered before planting a kiss on my bare shoulder.

I didn't answer, I just exhaled loudly, a slight tremor interrupting the sound. The next song started up and I almost laughed. The distinct sound filled the space and I felt the blush stain my cheeks. My breathing became shallow, my heart pounded in my chest. I knew what was coming next.

Jacob chuckled lightly, but it turned into a groan as I ground my hips against him in time to the music. His hands moved back up my legs, this time under the material. My bottom lip found it's place between my teeth as I fought to keep my breath level.

Jacob's fingers ran gently along the line of my folds and I fought the urge to let me head drop onto the cool marble of the island. His teeth sank onto the back of my neck and I hissed with pure pleasure. His bare foot moved between mine and he kicked my legs apart.

A small moan spilled from my mouth as his finger found the small bundle of nerves. He flicked it with his finger earning a moan for his trouble. My hips bucked and titled towards him as he continued his assault. His lips left warm kisses traveling down my spine, they were intermitted with nibbles as he pinched me gently between my thighs.

My legs grew weak from the combined pleasure and wobbled a little as the pleasure grew to immeasurable heights. He moved his fingers away from the spot he'd been tending to and I whimpered at the loss. I pushed my hips back again until I felt his hardness press against me.

He had me so worked up I needed something, anything, and the friction I was creating seemed to do the trick. Jacob groaned again and growled into my back sucking along my spine roughly. His hand reappeared between my legs and I moaned gently as he let two of his fingers slide into me. I groaned in pleasure, pushing my hips towards him as he pumped gently.

"Oh god, Jake," I breathed, finally letting my head fall to the cool marble surface. His other hand pushed the straps of the silk slip down my arms slowly and his mouth followed with hot wet kisses. I let my teeth sink into my arms once to stop myself from screaming out. I didn't want him to know how much pleasure he was giving me. I had learnt quickly that Jacob teased when he knew he was driving me insane.

He abandoned the small silk strap and slid his hand down the front of the material, squeezing my breast roughly as he continued to pump his finger inside of me, and assault my skin with his lips. I was going into sensory overload. My teeth pierced my skin, drawing blood and I moaned regardless.

The sound just seemed to push Jacob further into his sensory attack. The feel of him touching me made fire course through me roughly, it took control of me filling me with pleasure no one has the right to feel. I could feel my body start to react, to tighten around him, but before I could follow through, his hands and lips disappeared.

I growled, deep, low and menacing. He'd done that on purpose. I started to push myself from the counter, but the whoosh of a towel falling to the floor stopped me. My legs quivered again as I anticipated his next move.

The silk of the slip slid up my thighs and over my back as Jacob kicked my legs apart once more, stepping close to me again. One of his hands squeezed my hip roughly, as the other guided his rock hard member inside of me. He pushed all the way inside of me, and his hand grasped the other hip roughly. My forehead fell to my arms that were crossed in front of me.

He was so deeply inside of me, filling me so completely, I fought to catch my breath. Jacob grunted and moaned as he pulled out and slammed in again roughly.

"Shit, Nessie," Jacob groaned, leaning forward and resting his forehead on my back as we both panted for breath. I knew what he meant, this was so new, and it felt so perfect.

I rolled my hips gently, pushing back into him. Jacob cussed loudly and a long string of profanities danced across my back in the breath he'd used. Then he pulled back, and I rocked forward, we met again in the middle, both of us expelling heavy breaths as we reconnected brusquely.

Jacob was still throwing words out into the air as he plunged into me, and I was panting for breath as the now familiar tightening ran through my body, he reached his hand around to my stomach, letting it slide down until he was between my thighs again. He pinched my nub roughly as he plunged into me, and there was no more build up. I fell over the edge roughly and wildly, the passion rocking my body as Jacob continued pumping into me.

I didn't have any resolve now, I let the scream spill across the marble surface of the kitchen Island. Jacob's hand tangled in my hair and pulled it back impetuously. It was strangely erotic and I moaned in pleasure, pushing myself back with coercion.

"Fuck," Jacob annunciated the word with perfect articulation.

The hand on my hip tightened as his hips moved quickly with more vigor than they had. Before my orgasm had even ended, I rolled into another with a breathless moan; my eyes rolled into the back of my head as I rode the high. My walls clamped around him, and he groaned pushing further into me and releasing himself inside of me.

It was over quickly, but I knew that this was all so new to us both. The new position had caught us both off guard and neither of us had expected the sensations it afforded us. I knew that we would certainly be doing this again.

I was breathless and panting for air as he collapsed against my back, his hot breath rolling in waves against my bare skin and the silk of the dress.

"I'll bet your dad was glad he didn't stay for that!"

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