You're wasted. You honestly don't remember your Homecoming date's name, just that she's a freshman and has a horrible reputation.

The limo driver's been instructed to take the long way, just so everyone can get sufficiently drunk and dosed off their asses. Except for Duncan and Shelley, much to Shelley's chagrin. Duncan's playing the usual part, the protector with low tolerance. He's the one who keeps people from mooning the cops, the one who makes sure everyone gets home or has an alibi. He and Veronica were so compatible that way. Were. You frown unpleasantly at even the thought of Veronica Mars, social pariah.

While Dick's puking up his five star dinner on the beach, you opt to take a stroll, possibly to sober up, more than likely to get away from the stench. What's-Her-Face tries to join, but you simply shake your head in refusal.

You take off your shoes, feeling the sand grit between your toes. Not too far down, you see another limo, probably filled with more ill-advised, wasted teenagers. But no, alas, Veronica stumbles out, sheathed in a red satin strapless dress. Hey, you'll admit it. She looks hot. You shake your head at the pure unnaturalness of the idea. Veronica Mars cannot be hot. Unofficial nemesis, remember?

Finally, in shock, you see her slip off the dress and it crinkles to the sand. She strides, naked, into the surf and you rub your eyes in disbelief. Veronica Mars skinny dipping?

You have one perfect memory of the Fab-Four. Before Lilly died, before Duncan went comatose, before Veronica became this. Drinking champagne, walking barefoot, playing "I Never" like a bunch of sixth graders.

"I've never been skinny dipping"

Her tribute to Lilly. You can't help but to respect it. You finally go back to the limo and sit next to What's-Her-Face again. To lighten the mood, they play an old-favorite.

"I've never gotten below a 90" Meg says simply, ever the purist.

Everyone, except Duncan, takes a drink.

Dick, still recovering, states, "I haven't yet seen Veronica Mars naked." He then pauses and adds "But boy, would I like to." He proceeds to "smack that". Duncan blushes fiercely but doesn't touch his drink.

You take firm, confident drink, characteristically smirking all the while.

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