Title: Meow Present

Author: Lady Sakura of the Fated

Chapter: Introduction

Pairings: Harry/Draco, a tiny bit of Ron/Hermione/Blaise(nothing sexual)

Warnings: Major fluff, slight cursing, yaoi (gugxguy)

People were divided into races depending on their blood. These races determined the lives in which people lived, and how they acted. Humans (Purebloods), Humanoids, and Muggles were the most important of these races and were controlled by each other.

Humanoids placed a big role in the world and acted as messengers between the Humans (Purebloods) and Muggles. All Humanoids had different characteristics, genetics, and personalities as they were based on the Animal they took after. Because of their blood they were placed as a separate race just below Humans (Purebloods) and above Muggles. Even if they were just below the Humans (Purebloods) they were still an inferior race and were slightly treated as such.

At age eleven they were taken from their homes and brought to a boarding school where they learned what they were and other skills until they were seventeen. At seventeen they were eligible to be bought and were sold to the highest payer, like an auction item. Some were fortunate enough to be bought by a good owner while others weren't so lucky. They could only be bought by a Human (Pureblood) though because Muggles knew nothing of them.

The Humans were a special race in their own way. They had a special power they called Magic that was channeled from them and through what they called Wands and were released in the form of spells. At age eleven till age seventeen, like the Humanoids, they went to Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, the other school that Albus was Headmaster of. The same teachers taught there too but at different times. At seventeen, they graduated and had a choice to buy a pet or not, but most families, particularly the purebloods, it was an unspoken rule to buy one for your heir as a present.

Purebloods were people who didn't have any trace of creature or Muggle, the other race, blood. They thought themselves higher than anyone and in truth they were. They were extremely wealthy and powerful. They could influence others like no other and took a special liking to Humanoids. They greatly detested Muggles, regular people who had no Magic or Humanoid genes. To Purebloods they were like bugs and they treated them the same way.

A Pureblood and a Humanoid, a Master and his Slave. A story of their 'relationship'.

Author's Note: I know I should finish Chapter 5 of A Beautiful Darkness but I wrote this a while ago and I couldn't post it because of internet problems on my computer. Now I can post it and I have five chapters done, and if people seem to like it I'll keep it up and add the other chapters. I'll have chapter 5 of A Beautiful Darkness done by the weekend so keep checking for that! Read, Review, and Enjoy! P.S. If anyone thinks of a better title for this and tells me, I'll write you a oneshot and love you forever!