Title: Perfect Pet

Author: LadySakuraoftheFated

Category: Harry Potter

Pairings: Harry/Draco, Blaise/Ron/Hermione

Warnings: None really. Mild cursing (I think) but that's about it for now. Oh and Male/Male pairing as well as a threesome.

Author Notes: Sorry its taking me forever to upload this story, but between school, color guard, and just not wanting to write, it's taken me forever to write this. Its snowing and almost Christmas so I though I'd update as a gift. Sadly this chapter isn't Harry and Draco, but that's okay right? Here's some Blaise/Ron/Hermione for a change. I promise there'll be some Drarry cuteness next chappy so just wait until then k? It might be a while, so be prepared to wait a long time. Thanks for reading and please review/fav/alert. They make me happy. XD

-Chapter 8-

In a tall field, overlooking a large meadow and forest, sat an equally large Manor. It wasn't as big as the Malfoy Manor, that was certain, but it was larger than your normal Manor. If one looked out the south windows at this minute, towards the meadow, one would witness a marvelous sight.

At the edge of the meadow sat three very different people, laughing and joking around. On the left sat a very tall man, his red hair like flame. Nestled in his hair, were two slightly droopy dog ears, swiveling in tune to the sounds, and wagging happily was a curved tail.

Next to him, in the middle was a girl, her bushy brown hair flowing in the light breeze. On her back fluttered a pair of wings, large and brown, like an eagles. Every few minutes she would flap them extra hard, lifting her off the ground a couple of inches before they gave out, dropping her back onto the soft grass.

Next to her sat the Young Master of the Manor, his dark skin glowing like chocolate. His brown hair sat still atop of his head, defying the breeze. His normally expressionless face was lit up with a smile as he stared at his two Pets. His rare laughter, smooth and soft, carried on the wind, making the house elves smile as they worked.

"Come on Hermione, just a little more power! You're getting higher and higher each time! Pretty soon, you'll be gliding around like those sparrows up there!" Ron Weasley's deep voice encouraged the bushy haired girl as she tried to fly once again. Huffing in frustration as she once again plopped back onto the grass, Hermione folded up her sore wings and glared grumpily at said sparrows.

"Face it Ron, I'm never going to fly! It's been a whole month and I still can't do it! Luna Lovegood sent me a letter the other day, and she said she learned how to fly a week after she was bought! Maybe there's something wrong with me..." She turned her glare from the sparrows, to Ron, and then to her folded wings, silently hoping there wasn't anything wrong with her.

"Hermione, what have I said about doubting yourself?" Blaise Zabini flicked her forehead, placing a kiss on the spot right after.

"To not to Master. I'm sorry but it's starting to worry me. I've read every book in your library about Winged Pets, and there was a lot, and they all said Winged Pets, if allowed, learned to fly within the first week or so of being taught. Do you think there's something wrong with me Master?" Her brown eyes stared hopefully up at her Master, melting his heart a little more.

"I don't think there's anything wrong with you, but I'm going to be honest with you Hermione, now that you told me that, I'm starting to worry too. How about this, I'll call Professor Snape, who's an expert on all kinds of Pets, and ask him about it, and to come see you. He's at Draco's house this weekend though so we'll have to wait till next weekend. Okay?"

"Thank you so much Master!" Blaise let out a laugh as Hermione launched herself into his lap, snuggling into him.

"You're most certainly welcome Hermione. Now, I don't know about you Hermione but I'm getting hungry, how about you Ron?" Blaise peeked around at the spot where Ron was sitting when Ron's voice didn't answer back. "Ron?"

"What's wrong Master?" Hermione followed her Master's gaze to Ron's empty spot. "Where's Ron?" She climbed out of Blaise's lap, helping her Master up in the process.

"Good question Hermione. Go to the dining hall and see if Ron's already there. I'll go check in our room." Blaise took Hermione's hand as they walked up to the Manor; both instinctually knowing Ron was not outside. They split once they entered the Manor, Hermione going down the stairs to the dining hall, Blaise going upstairs to the West Wing where their bedroom was located.

He searched the large sitting room and the actual bedroom itself, but Ron was in neither. He sank onto the bed, worry for his pet overcoming him. All of a sudden a memory struck him, the memory of when he first brought his lovely pets home.

"Wow, this place is huge!" Hermione glanced around, taking in the large main hall. Ron, standing silently next to her did the same. Blaise noticed a weird look cross Ron's face, but quickly brushed it off as appreciation.

"Do you like it so far?" He had asked them, fear of rejection sharp in his mind.

"Of course! I have always admired Manor's and their wonderful architect." She spun around, gazing at the many portraits and tapestry's.

"And you Ron, do you like my Manor?" Hermione had accepted but he needed his other pet to, too.

"It's nice." And that was the only answer he gave, but to Blaise it was better than nothing. Grinning in happiness, he took his pets on a tour of their new home. Hermione gushed over everything, even going so far as to say it was more beautiful than Hogwarts, at which Blaise's heart swelled. Ron however, he noticed, was silent the whole time and didn't really look at anything. Blaise remembered that weird look kept appearing on Ron's face.

"Ron, is everything all right?" Hermione asked him, apparently she had noticed his silence as well.

"Yeah sure. So, where's the kitchen?" Apparently that had seemed to distinguish Hermione's worry, as she let out a laugh and slapped him on the shoulder, joking about how he always seemed to only think about his stomach.

Blaise had finished his tour with the smallest sitting room, hardly used because of its size and inconvenience at being at the back of the house. And when they first walked in, the first time since they had arrived at Zabini Manor, a smile graced Ron's face, but only briefly.

Coming out of the memory, a smile graced his own face as he made his way to the smallest sitting room.

He put on a disappointed face and toughened himself, so he could punish Ron for disappearing without feeling guilty, before stepping into the room, but it was in vain. He visibly melted at the sight in front of him.

Ron had lit a blazing fire in the small fireplace, adding extra warmth to the permanent heating charms on the whole house. On the hearth he placed all the pillows from the three couches in a small pile, making a sort of bed. And on the pile of pillows, Ron lay curled up, snuggled under a blanket, fast asleep. The sight made Blaise warm inside, happy to see his pet perfectly content, for that was what he was. Ron looked relaxed and his lips were pulled up in a small smile. The first time since Blaise had bought him, about a week ago.

Remembering that Hermione was still looking for her friend, he activated the spell on her collar, which gave her his location and a little zap, signaling to her that he was summoning her. In minutes, she was in the doorway, worry still evident in her eyes.

"Did you find him Master?"

"I did." And he moved aside so she could see Ron. The worry quickly vanished, replaced with a shining amusement.

"I should have known he would be asleep, curled up" She shook her head, letting out a small laugh.

"What do you mean Hermione?" Blaise grabbed her hand and led him over to the bed of pillows and Ron. He sat down next to his dog-eared pet and motioned for her to sit on his lap, which she quickly did so.

"He has a tendency to find a small warm place to curl up and sleep when he's happier than usual. I guess it comes with his doggy personality, even though I've never really heard of a dog doing that." She bit her lip, that fact that she didn't know the explanation of something for once annoying her.

"Hey, stop that. He's Ron; though I haven't known him as long as you have, I've learned to know that he's one peculiar doggy, and an even more peculiar person. But that's why we love him. Cause he's so weird.' Blaise laid a hand on Ron's soft doggy ears, petting them gently so as not to wake him. Which was again, in vain as Ron's sleepy and annoyed drifted up.

"I can hear you, you know. I'm a dog; we tend to wake up at the smallest of noises."

Ron's electric blue eye's stared up at them, shining with a mixture of amusement and annoyance. He let out a yawn, and a huff immediately after, as his Master and friend broke into peals of laughter. But Ron had never been so happy so he let it go and joined them in their laughter.

Hermione tackled her friend, wings fluttering a mile a minute as she basked in the immense happiness she felt. She had never felt this loved and this happy, not since when she was younger and had no worries, when she was with Harry and Ron.

Blaise took a chance to catch his breath and gazed at his pets, warmth enveloping him. He had never been so happy, not in his whole life, not since he decided to do something for himself, and bought these two amazing people. He had never known his father, and his mother was never around enough to care, so he had never really felt the love of another. But knowing that these two people loved him, even if it was never said, made his heart want to burst. He had just met them, and just got to know them, but they made him feel complete.

And all of a sudden he wondered how Draco was doing with his pet.

But that thought was quickly lost as he once again joined in the laughter and happiness and fun with his pets.

And all throughout the Manor the House-elves were allowing rare smiles to grace their faces as the sound of their Young Master's laughter echoed through the hallways. It had been far too long since they heard the sound and they were happy for him.