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Cherry Syndrome

Harry threw himself back onto the bed with a sigh. The dinner was finally over and like all of his uncle's friendly, suck up to the boss dinners it was insanely boring. However there was something different about Mr. Elric. To start he was not Vernon Dursley's boss at all. No, he could only dream of the day when he would be so high in the ranks that he was allowed to have Edward Elric as his boss. It turned out that he had just moved in down the road. Apparently he lived alone in number 7 Privet Drive just across from Mrs. Figg.

After Mrs. Figg turned out to have a connection to the wizard world Harry was weary of his neighbors. He could never tell whether they were involved or not and if they were what side they were on. After all he was surrounded by strange neighbors and Edward Elric, his new neighbor was no exception.

The FIRST thing Harry had noticed about him was of course his eyes. They were golden unlike any eyes he had ever seen before. And there was wisdom to them. Judging by his height the man could be no older than twenty. He seemed terribly young to be in such a high position. However when Harry had questioned him Edward had merely told him that he was a prodigy.

That had been the SECOND thing. Edward had never said his age and what was a child prodigy doing living on their own in a place like this?

The THIRD abnormality was his gloves. Edward Elric wore white gloves…and they were never removed. Not even when Dudley had scalded him with hot soup. He had been reaching over the table and a knocked the soup directly over Edward's right hand. Everyone had gone into an uproar and the Dursleys' spent the rest of the night apologizing every 5 minutes. But Dudley was never lectured or sent one single dirt look…how annoying.

Dudley's clumsiness had however lead Harry to his FOURTH abnormality. Edward Elric had not even winced when hot soup was poured onto his hand. He may have been wearing the gloves but they would serve as no protection. They were very thin gloves.

The FIFTH thing on Harry's list was the strangest one to him. It was what had caused all his questions and pondering in the first place…Edward Elric had not taken his eyes off him since Harry had opened the door. His eyes never looked at the scar but the first look in his face had been recognition. Mr. Elric knew him from somewhere, wonder where?

Harry tore his jeans off and crept under his bed covers. He lay his head on the pillow and shut his eyes, trying to fall asleep. Now, it was at times like these that Harry Potter usually remembered random things. However this time the words were not quite random.

I did." Luna answered quietly. "But the future can change and as you know nothings ever sure…And there's always more, because you're alive."

Harry pulled out a small piece of paper from beneath the pillow. It was the photograph his friends had given him the year before. They were all still waving and mucking about the way they had when he'd first seen the picture. With a small smile he flipped it over to find the words Luna had written on it the day they had returned home on the Hogwarts Express.

Good Luck with your summer….and your aunt and uncle. If you see any Nargles let me know, apparently they enjoy suburbs.


P.S Strangers are a sign of change. And not always a bad one

Harry groaned in frustration.

"I hate when you do this to me Luna." He muttered to himself, flipping the page back over.

Strangers are a sign of change. And not always a bad one

He knew what this meant...Edward Elric was a change, and yet another chaotic year was about to begin.

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