Summary: Itachi and Naruto are together now and very happy. But of course, life always throws a few curve balls along the way. Even Sasuke and Hinata get caught in the crossfire. And everyone ends up having to go along for the ride. Sequel to The Get Itachi Laid Challenge.

Warnings: AU, ItaNaru, SasuHina, a bit of GenIru and LeeGaa and a few other surprise couples along the way.

Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto

Guess Who…


A body moved under the covers, twisting and turning until finally settling on a comfortable position. Tufts of blond hair just barely peeked out from under the covers. With a moan, the body moved once more, sprawling out on the back, revealing a male with tanned skin. He yawned and after a few blinks, his eyelids opened to reveal a startling shade of blue. He moaned and stretched with his arms wide which caused him to notice something. He turned his head to the side while his hand tentatively reached out and gingerly touched random spots on the cold empty space next to him. The king sized bed was missing one very important occupant. He was alone. He sat up quickly and looked around.

"Itachi?" he murmured.

He slowly got up, revealing a somewhat tall and muscular body with a tan that seemed to stretch all over. He looked around at the many articles of clothing that had been discarded haphazardly all over the room in the midst of frenzied passion. He chuckled and shook his head at the disheveled state of the room. Eventually spying the sweats that he vaguely remembered his lover ripping off of him last night on the other side of the room, he pulled them on and left the bedroom behind. Yawning sleepily and shaking out his somewhat flattened bed hair with a hand, he walked toward the living room, his bare feet slapping lightly against the hardwood floor. It was there that he ended up finding the person he was looking for sitting on the couch with his face buried in his laptop. The preoccupied object of his affections was in a similar pair of sweats. The dark silky hair he loved was still loose, falling over a pale shoulder as he typed. Naruto smiled and came behind him and rubbed the stiff shoulders and then moved his hands down the toned pale chest.

"You know, you work too hard." He whispered in his ear.

"Naruto...I'm sorry, I didn't wake you did I?" Itachi asked in his smooth voice. Naruto shook his head. But then he pouted.

"I woke up alone."

Itachi chuckled at his pouting sunshine and turned his head just slightly and kissed him on the corner of his mouth. "Sorry. I had some work I needed to finish this morning. I promise it won't take long."

"It's Sunday. Shouldn't it be unholy to work on Sunday?"

"Hn. So I've heard. Unfortunately, I've got to get this finished before tomorrow. I'll be done soon. How about I take you to breakfast afterwards?" Naruto grinned and raised a brow.

"Bribing me with food now?"

"Well I can always take back the offer if you don't want it." Itachi replied with a smirk. Naruto's eyes went wide like he was scandalized. Naruto never EVER refused free food.

"No! Don't you dare! Breakfast is good." Naruto kissed the back of his lover's neck and walked away with a sense of purpose. "I'm going to shower. You better be done by the time I'm clean and dressed!"

Itachi smiled at Naruto's empty threats and watched the sexy blond who hummed a happy little tune on his way to the bathroom. The gray sweats hung low on the tanned hips and it was all he could do not to abandon his work and go chasing after him and ravaging him in the shower. He shook his head and chuckled. He was beginning to realize now that Naruto had ruined him for anyone else. Not that he would ever go anywhere else. It was one Uchiha trait that had passed down from generation to generation – along with many others. They were always one person men. When they found "The One" they committed, heart and soul. He smirked at the sudden thought that flashed through his head. Hmm...maybe one day...

No, definitely one day...

He heard the water start running and his mind ran away with the sound. Thinking of the water raining down that golden skin made him remember the last time they took a shower together. It was, for various reasons, the longest shower he'd ever had. The water had started getting cold by the time they had cleaned each other up. He growled at the responding twitch down below. Damn work was keeping him from his sexy blond. He glared at the offending laptop for a moment. But then he smiled.

Itachi wondered when he had ever smiled so much? He couldn't remember the last time he was this happy. It had been two and half months together now. And he could easily call it the best thing that's ever happened to him.

Sure, at work, he was still the Ice King. Cold, cunning, sharp. And despite his father's fear to the contrary, his relationship with Naruto hadn't affected his professional reputation at all. Uchiha Enterprises was still the premier company it had always been. He still graced magazine covers as the foremost symbol of business and the various articles still referred to him as the most eligible bachelor. He figured it would take marriage and a ring on his lover's finger to get rid of that label. But, at least his father could no longer complain about the risk to the Uchiha reputation.

The real Itachi Uchiha, though, was reserved for home...for Naruto. The sweet, caring, loving Itachi was only seen by him. And that was how it would always be, if he had anything to do with it.


Family dinners had turned into quite the interesting affair now that the blond had joined the family. Before, Itachi and Sasuke usually tried hard to get out of going. Now, though, Naruto wouldn't allow it. Since he'd spent most of his young life with only one person, Iruka, and had missed out on much of a family growing up, he made sure the two brothers would no longer take the relationship with their parents or each other for granted.

Also, with Naruto around, dinners had become much more lively. The dinners had always been such a boring, the usual pleasantries, business chats, etc. But Naruto had changed all of that. Business was hardly ever discussed anymore. It had become an almost unwritten rule that family time was not the time for business, thanks to Mikoto and Naruto. The two practically vied for the prize as most talkative. Fugaku had warmed up to Naruto and he would tell him little things about the Namikazes every time they were together.

But one Friday night, Naruto had turned the Uchiha family on its ear. He had Mikoto send the cooks home early for the day. Then he announced that they were going to have a true family dinner made by the family. All the Uchiha males blanched since none of them had ever cooked anything before. They didn't even boil water. The ladies, however, were ecstatic about Naruto's idea. In the end, even the males had to admit it had been fun – although the men, except Naruto, had been relegated to boiling water, mixing ingredients that had already been added and chopping vegetables. And the food turned out to be wonderful.

Of course, now that Itachi and Naruto were together, Mikoto had to find something new to talk and scheme about. So now every time there was dinner, the topic somehow always turned to marriage and babies. Obviously, the marriage part was directed toward a certain male couple. But her glare when mentioning babies was directed at her younger son. Her new favorite statement was "I want grandchildren!" Even Fugaku took an interest in that one. He would love to see the Uchiha name live on. Of course, his primary focus was on grandsons.

Poor Hinata seemed to be blushing more and more lately as her mother-in-law became more vocal about grandchildren.

All in all, life was good for all of the Uchihas and Naruto.

But as with all things, the road to happiness can be a rocky one.

And they were about to find out just how rocky that road can be.


a/n: Yes, my muse has at least relented enough to let me write the prologue Hopefully I can get it into a humorous mood sooner rather than later. It's been full of anger, angst, and sadness lately with all my other stories. I hope you will enjoy the sequel. I have all the chapter titles already in my head so at least I have a starting point eh? As always, your reviews are appreciated.