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This story was inspired by the song "Tiny Heart" by Flyleaf. Also inspired by Juno and Baby Mama.

Also, I will not be putting songs in every chapter like I did in my other stories. Only in this chapter will I put a song.

Disclaimer: All characters in this story and the Twilight Saga itself belong to Stephenie Meyer. I do not own any songs in this story. I merely own the plot of the story.


I've never wondered who I would have children with in the future. I just always thought it would be with my husband. Not with my best friend.

A best friend whom just got divorced with his now ex-wife, and I'm in love with. But as I looked down at my enormous stomach, I couldn't bring myself to regret the decision I had made eight months ago. Even if the father is far away in Forks, Washington and I'm in Jacksonville, Florida.

The baby kicked constantly. Until I put my hand on my stomach. The baby did not kick anymore. It wouldn't kick for me because it didn't like me. It just couldn't see how much I loved him or her. How my beating heart makes it's tiny heart beat.

But no matter how much this baby hates me; no matter how little I know about taking care of a child, I was going to have beautiful baby, and be a mother to it because the real mother didn't want it.

Tiny heart, stuck inside yourself,
When will you open up?

Your lips touched every hand but mine,
In the shadows you slept fine,
When will you get back to me so we can rest?

When you choose me, I'm waiting for you,
Always waiting.

----Tiny Heart:Flyleaf

I know some of you are probably slightly confused, but everything will be explained in later chapters. And I know that it is a short preface but it was the only way that I could start it out.

I chose the song "Tiny Heart" by Flyleaf because it explains how Bella feels about the baby, and the father of the baby—who will appear in later chapters.

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