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Summary: I played the "Which one is Hikaru" game the other day…without you. I had no choice; you're getting married after all and girls aren't supposed to be swooning over you any more. She came to me thinking I was you, and though I could have corrected her- I didn't. You see, as I played the game and she called out your name, looking deep into my eyes, she was holding her stomach the whole time.

I played the "Which one is Hikaru" game the other day… without you. A young girl called out your name and held out her hand, I took it. For your sake, Hikaru, I let her win.

After the graduation of the final three original members of the host club, paths quickly diverge. Haruhi leaves behind the friends she had become so close to for a University in the United States, while her companions lives begin to separate as well. Strangely the separation has the harshest effect on the Hitachiin twins and in order to help his brother move on, Kaoru decides to sacrifice his bond by pushing his brother to the top of their family's company; even if he has to take the blame for his brother's mistakes.

Seven years later, Haruhi returns and finds the twins in two separate worlds. Can she reunite the Hitachiin twins in time before the life and traditions of the aristocracy take full affect and separate the twins forever?

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Title: It Takes Two to Play the Game

Author: Yuzume Mikien (Whoo I'm back)

Pairings: I don't have a straight line up yet, but… TamakixHaruhi, hinted HikaruxHaruhi, HikaruxOC, HoneyxOC, hopefully other pairings will form after a while.

Rating: Pg-13 to M, just to be safe.

Warnings: Language, and suggestive themes, but for now, keeping the content at a safe PG-13.

Genre: Drama, Anguish

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Prologue: To Play the Game Alone

Kaoru POV

Once we were very close, as close as any twin brothers could be. Our love for each other was strong, so strong that it became the entertainment for the girls of our entire high school. We didn't mind, for we both had learned to lower the walls of our world to welcome the others of society.

At times, I wish we had never joined the Ouran Host Club. I wish our cold exteriors had been even colder so that Tamaki couldn't have broken into our world so easily. If he had never gotten through, we would have never gotten into the carriage with the others, not knowing at the time, that such a group had been brought together by an illusion. The Carriage would turn back into a pumpkin after all. I wish we had never entered that carriage. I wish we had never fallen into that dream, for because of it, you had to suffer when the carriage did turn back into that stupid pumpkin.

Haruhi left shortly after graduation, leaving behind nothing more than six small notes personally addressed to each of us. She had explained that she was going to go see the world for a little while, before choosing the best University where she would continue her studies in law. We were all heart-broken at her sudden departure. I remember how Tamaki-Sempai and Honey-sempai were openly crying as they read their notes. Mori-Sempai and Kyouya-Sempai stood in a melancholy silence. You merely stood where you were, note in hand, eyes brimming with tears that you would not let fall. It pained you when she left, I know, but I was the one who finished your heart completely when I told you to forget.

I wanted to ease your pain by telling you that life had to go on. I wanted you to understand that the carriage no longer existed and it was only you and me once more. Yet you still held on to her memory and when I begged you to forget, you suddenly began to turn our own illusion of happiness together back into the useless pumpkin it was.

Since Haruhi left, I can't talk to you. We're no longer twin brothers connected by our love for each other. Instead of turning to me when you were hurt you fell into the succulent life of the wealthy. Young girls became your outlet for touch and human compassion; no longer would you hold foolish twin brother close. I know it was entirely my fault that we are now like this, but if we must go our separate ways; it would be best for you to go ahead and take the best. It's the only way I can repent for crushing your need in me.

Two years have passed since we last saw Haruhi's face. You're engaged now and once you get married, you'll become the newest CEO of the Hitachiin Family's Fashion Dynasty. I'm not surprised; I knew that if you didn't replace her in your heart you would suffer, but did you actually need to replace her memory with every single girl you meet?

Life goes on brother; time does not stop. I understand why you would fell in love with another girl as fast as you did. I told you to forget and so you listened. Yet I want you to be happy too, and if you keep living each day rushing ahead without me to think rationally for you, you'll crash. Hikaru please don't be stupid. I know you may no longer hear me calling to you, but I want you to know that I'm still behind you. Watching and waiting until the day I can support you again.


"Hikaru…" My voice seemed weak compared to the sounds of my twin brother typing effortlessly on his computer.

"Hm, what is it Kaoru?"

"I need to tell you something." I sat across the room from him on his bed, while he continued to work at his desk.

For a second he looked up at me, our golden gazes mirroring each other's. His fingers stopped flying over the keyboard and he leaned his head against his raised knuckle. I was in his room; a rare occasion at this point of our lives, and he knew well enough that I had something to say or wouldn't have been there in the first place. "It's been a while since you've entered my room without having a need to say anything," he declared. "What is it? What's on your mind?"

"How are our stocks doing?" I asked this lightly to break his awkward wait.

He frowned and then gave me his devilish grin, "Since when have you ever cared about accounting? You've always been allergic to numbers."

"Yes, but Otou-san has been giving you a lot of work lately-"

"Ootori Kyouya seemed to have survived the workload. Are you saying I'm not as good?"

Uncomfortable. Our conversations have become nothing more than uncomfortable. For seventeen and a half years we slept together, ate together, and even finished each other's sentences. Now everything I seem to say sparks in him an argument. I pouted, "I was just trying to start a conversation. You may be the one taking over the Company, but you need to remember I'm still here."

His smile had faltered and he explained, "Kaoru, what did you want to tell me? You've never been good at math so Otou-san gave me the responsibility over our company's stocks. Didn't Okaa-san give you something to do?" I knew he was clearly stressed. To get ready to lead the company, our mother and father had given him almost every responsibility the CEO had. They gave me the petty things; my biggest job was my brother's translator.

"I've finished everything that was needed to be done. I called our branches in Milan, Paris, and New York for a status report. I translated those and organized them in order of importance. One of our branches in Hong Kong is being bought out by a rival company. I've called the corporate boss there and demanded that we hold a meeting to declare a partnership. I've sent the new advertisement designs to the branch in New York (after translating them from Japanese to English). There's nothing else I can do." I wanted to help my brother so much. How could I slide through effortlessly with work when my brother couldn't even get a day off? I found my hands clenching into fists. Hikaru would have most of the work but he would have a flawless public appearance; I would make sure of it.

Hikaru sighed and continued, "Kaoru, when I take full control of the company, you know perfectly well that I'm giving you half of everything. Be patient, will you? Once Sachiko and I get married, there is a good chance Okaa-san will want us to move to Paris so I can work in our strongest Corporation and still be close to the Milan branch. You will remain in Japan and be in full control of the Tokyo branches and the American branches. We're twins, we're sharing the workload fifty/fifty until the end."

"I know but…" I stopped, I had wanted to start off with a light conversation, but the gravity of the topic was suffocating. Before any further words could be exchanged I had to tell him what was happening. What I had been told and how our lives would change. He was going to be happy at the top and I would be the one to take his mistakes into my own hands. It was the least I could do for the future owner of the Hitachiin Company. "Hikaru-"

"Kaoru, I know that you want to tell me something. Please, just say it. The more you put this off, the more you'll worry me."

I looked up at him, at the face that wasn't mine, but looked just like it. He was frowning with worry now, the last shred of care that was left for me in his eyes. "There was this…girl."

Eyes widening, my brother stood from his chair. The old Hikaru from our childhood returned for a few moments as he came quickly to my side and sat down on the bed. "A girl? Well, well, well, why didn't you say so?" His face was suddenly alert and interested, a grin plastered across it. "Who was it?"

Someone you knew and I didn't. I thought, but didn't say. She came to me today and called me Hikaru.

"Do you remember that game we used to play? The game where someone had to guess which of us was you." I played the "Which one is Hikaru" game alone today.

My brother stared quietly then shook his head still smiling, "Don't change the subject. I know you're shy about this kind of things."

"No… I mean…" She wanted to tell me-you something urgent. Strangely, I didn't want to correct her so I let her believe I was you.

"Kaoru… Kaoru… come on! You've never been good with the ladies."

"Well… actually…" She started talking about some night you two spent together. I didn't say anything; I allowed her to give me all the details. "Hikaru… you…" I told you Hikaru, don't be stupid. You've been engaged for six months, but according to her, you slept together a month and a half ago. You idiot!

"You're not being fair, Kaoru. Spill it! I want to know about that girl."

No. You don't want to know about that girl. She told me everything. She told me… "Hikaru, she… she told me…"

To ease the pain of that he had felt after Haruhi left, he slept with every girl that would have him.

"WHAT? Kaoru spit it out!" Hikaru was excited now and had grabbed my shoulders. "Kaoru, the suspense is killing me. I've been so afraid that you would be stuck virgin or something. Kaoru-"

"I'm a father… or at least I'm going to become one." She's pregnant with your child, Hikaru…Your Child.

His grip had slackened and his eyes, once full of excitement, became dipped in shock. I looked back at him gravely, as the thought registered. "W-What?"

I smiled weakly, "I don't want her to get rid of the baby… so I've been telling myself that I'm going to become a father. I guess telling you has made it official." The baby may be yours but I've been telling myself that I will be the father of the child. You screwed up, but as your brother I'll make that mistake disappear; telling you has made it final. "You don't need to worry about me. I'll manage Otou-san and Okaa-san." I'll take the blame, just keep moving ahead and leave me behind. If the carriage has to turn back into a pumpkin so be it.

This time, Hikaru didn't reply. No words of support or worry slipped from his lips. I smiled and quietly accepted fate. Standing, I left his side and headed for the door of his room. Before leaving I turned, "She seems to be a nice girl. I'm glad that she'll be my child's mother."

I played the "Which one is Hikaru" game the other day… without you. A young girl called out your name and held out her hand, I took it in your place. For your sake, Hikaru, I let her win.

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Next Time: Two years turn into five and Haruhi returns. The whole group is reunited, including two new members.