Chapter 1

Michiru always sat in front of the class. Always. As in every day, and she never missed a day. Michiru never missed anything.

She was Shinonome-sensei's best pupil and she worked hard to keep it that way. Had sensei been a little less fair, Michiru was certain she also would've been sensei's personal favorite. But sensei didn't have a pet. Yet. Michiru hoped to fix that some day.

Monday morning was like any other Monday, with Michiru up front, awake and paying attention to what Miss Shinonome was writing on the chalkboard. It was this week's syllabus for English Literature. Sitting up front, she noticed immediately when sensei's left ear fell off her head and hit the floor with a puff.

Michiru's pale, dainty mouth fell open. She was a cute girl in a cookie-cutter way with bangs and short black hair. She looked around to see if anyone else noticed but the room remained quiet. Behind her was a sea of yawning mouths and bleary eyes. Aoyagi and Yuiko-chan were the only ones even mildly alert, but they were both looking down, very slyly reading text messages.

Michiru didn't know what to do in this case. What do you do when your teacher's ear falls off? First she examined the scene to make sure she hadn't imagined it. It was Monday morning, after all, and even though Michi-chan wasn't the kind to drift off, it was a distinct possibility.

But, no. There on the floor was Miss Shinonome's delicate light brown ear, lying on its side.

Michiru glanced at her best friend sitting next to her. Haruka-chan was sleepy, too, with the Monday blahs. She looked much like her best friend only with brown hair instead of black. As Michiru wondered what to do (ignore the fallen ear or call it to Miss Shinonome's attention?), she noticed Haruka's small, red eyes focused on the floor. Haruka-chan yawned, her expression blank. The significance of the stray ear hadn't settled on her yet.

The bottom line – Michiru didn't want to screw up her chances of possibly being teacher's pet by getting on Miss Shinonome's bad side. Before she could whisper to Haruka-chan, sensei finished with the syllabus and turned to the class,

"The best thing to do after a long weekend is …," and then she saw it. It was by the toe of her right shoe. In an oddly matter-of-fact way, Miss Shinonome picked up the ear and pushed it down and back into her hair like a barrette. Her ears were now at odd angles to each other. The teacher cleared her throat and picked up where she left off,

"… is to get back to work! Now, let's read pages 22 and 23 of Pasternak's Holly and Ivy before we discuss. You have 15 minutes." Sensei opened her own book on her desk and leafed through it quickly, searching.

Michiru closed her mouth in slow motion and got out her text book. It had a photo of butterflies on the cover.


I know this is a shortie, but I've already started working on chapter two and promise I'll finish it tonight. ^_^