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The sky was a clear blue, the sun shining down. A green hair girl lay asleep, in her bed. Her grey neko ears, and tail still out. The alram clock went off, and the neko girl moaned, turning the alarm off.

The girl climbed out of bed, and glanced at the photo, her heart breaking.

Four girls, stood next to each other smiling. A small blond girl, by the name of Fong Pudding, stood smiling, her sandy coloured neko ears and tail out. A slightly taller, blue hair girl stood next to Pudding. Her white neko ears and tail out. A purple hair girl stood next to the blue hair girl Mint. Zakuro's tabby neko ears and tail out and Lettuce stood in the middle of them smiling.

Lettuce looked over at the clock, 8:00. Lettuce reached up, for her books, and her neko ears and tail went away, like everyday at 8:00. Sometimes her ears, and tail would pop out, when she got nervous or excited. Lettuce reached for her school clothes.

She walked downstairs, dressed and walked out of the front door.

Lettuce walked into the school, looking around. Lettuce walked up to the desk, her green eyes sparkling. A black hair girl looked up at Lettuce.

"I'm new, my...my names Midorikawa Lettuce." Lettuce stammered.

The girl nodded and handed Lettuce a timetable. Lettuce nodded and walked away, Lettuce knew where to go, when she visited the school.

Lettuce knocked on the door and the sensei opened the door.

"My...name is Midorikawa Lettuce, I'm new."

The sensei smiled, and nodded, letting Lettuce in.

"Class this is Midorikawa Lettuce, I want you to treat her nicely, ok?"

"Hai sensei!"

"You can sit next to....Momomiya Ichigo."

A pink hair girl looked up, and smiled. Lettuce walked over to her, and sat down. Ichigo looked at Lettuce, smiling.

"Konichiwa Lettuce-san."

"Konichiwa Ichigo-san."

She smiled, and then something caught her eye. Ichigo grabbed Lettuce, and pulled her closer, looking at her neck. Lettuce had a light blue bell on, wrapped around her neck, the bell was golden and the ribbon was light blue.

The pink haired girl had the same on, the bell golden, and the ribbon light pink. Ichigo looked up at Lettuce.

"Where did you get that from?" Ichigo asked.


The students got up and ran out, to next class. Lettuce, and Ichigo followed.

Lettuce sat at the tree, at lunch alone. Ichigo came walking over, with two boys. One had lavender hair, and the other had dark green hair.

"Letuce-san, this is Honda Kisshu and Honda Pai." Ichigo said.

Lettuce looked up and smiled, "Konichiwa."

The two boys nodded and sat down, with Ichigo.

Pai was sat next to Lettuce, and she could feel herself blushing. Pai started to munch on an apple, while Ichigo opened her lunch box, a big juicy fish inside. Lettuce felt her mouth water, and then she felt it, her neko tail wagging.

Ichigo spotted Lettuce's neko tail, and her mouth dropped open. Lettuce quickly jumped up.

"I've....ummmm...I need to go to the library, ja ne!" Lettuce cried, running away.

"That girl seems strange." Kisshu muttered.

So am I, if you knew, Ichigo throught.


Lettuce was in her neko form, she still had her light blue ribbon on, and she had a light blue bow on her grey tail.

Lettuce ran dodging the cars, a fish in her mouth. She ran towards the park, and laid down beside the tree. Lettuce started eating the fish, unaware of the shadow that loomed over her.

The grey neko jumped, when she felt someone pick her up by the scruff of her neck. Lettuce started hissing and spitting. The boy turned Lettuce, so she was facing him.


Pai looked at the neko, trying to get away and then he smiled slightly.

"Are you lost, little neko?"

Lettuce stopped moving and then looked at Pai.

"Nya." Lettuce meowed.

Pai smiled, "Do you want to stay with me?"

"Nya!" Lettuce cried.

"I'll call you...." Pai looked at the light blue ribbon, "Bluebell."

Lettuce looked at Pai, a smile tugging at her lips. Pai got Bluebell, more comfy and then he started to walk home.


Pai placed Bluebell on the bed, and sat beside her. He started to stroke Bluebell and she started purring.

Pai smiled, and walked downstairs, Bluebell got up. The window was open slightly and Bluebell quickly ran towards the window. Bluebell jumped out of the window and then ran home.