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Pai walked up to his door, with Ichigo and Kisshu behind him, Lettuce in his arms, looking around.

A green cast was wrapped around her arm, after they found out her arm was broken. Her eyes were wide as she looked around, making sure nothing was gonna jump out on her.

Ichigo opened the door and Pai walked inside with Kisshu and Ichigo following.

"How many bed day rests has Lettuce got to have?" Kisshu asked, as Pai walked upstairs to put Lettuce in bed.

"The doctor said two." Ichigo replied, walking into the living room and sitting down. The two boys wanted to ask Ichigo some stuff about turning into a cat.

Pai came into the room and sat beside Kisshu.

"Right," Kisshu started, "How the hell do you turn into a cat!?"

She let out a small giggle, "It's a curse."

"A curse?" Pai asked.

The cat girl nodded, "Hai, when we reach the age of three, the Angel of the Neko's come down and put a spell on us, only five are picked and when one of them dies, a new three year old gets picked."

"Are... you the only one around here... as a half cat?" The green haired teen asked.

Ichigo went quiet then slowly shook her head, "No... Lettuce is too."

Pai went quiet before speaking up, "Does... does the curse come with anything?"

"Hai.... sometimes they don't leave to see 25..." Ichigo whispered.

The two boys eyes widened, as they began to ponder what Ichigo had said.

"It's true." A soft voice spoke out from doorway.

All three of them turned to the doorway and Lettuce stood there, her tail and ears were out and she was wearing a long green dress. Behind her stood a girl, taller then Lettuce with pale purple eyes and sliver hair in a loose ponytail. Two pure white cat ears stood out from her hair and a pure white tail with a black smudge on the end hung down beside her leg.

In her hand was a long sliver stick with a marble of a cat on top.

Ichigo gasped before bowing down, "Tenshi-sama." She murmured.

Kisshu jumped up stammering, "W-who are you?!" He yelled.

Tenshi smiled softly, "I'm Tenshi, Angel of the nekos."