Author's Notes: I am terribly sorry for the lack of updates. I just simply had no motivation to write this - everytime I tried I would just freeze up. I hate forcing myself to write so i just opted not too. Anyway today I wrote down this. This is more of a filler but it has allowed me to break out of my little block so I'm currently working on the next part. I hope you enjoy this little fillers. Remember any thoughts or comments are greatly appreciated.

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Now onto...

Ghost - Part III

She was alive.

James could see the bags under her eyes, her tangled ebony locks, her fearful gray eyes, her pale alabaster skin, and he could hear her soft breaths, see her chest raise in the simple motion, see how she shivered against the cold. He could see her; alive; no longer as a figment of his nightmares, of his mind.

She wasn't the same Vesper he had left behind in Venice, left behind after finding Yusef in Russia, after dropping her necklace in the fresh white snow. That Vesper, even in her weakest moments had radiated a raw strength, a power that had held a spell over him – enchanted him, bewitched his heart. This Vesper was colder, and more vulnerable…he couldn't see that same spark. This was a broken woman.

He knew this since she was still here.

His Vesper would've run.

And he wouldn't have found her and he would've been okay with that; since this woman was a ghost of her former self.

This woman was broken and older.

But this was still his Vesper deep down, because as continued to stare into her hollow gray eyes, he saw a brief flicker; a flicker of strength…and protection…for something? Maybe this was the same Vesper, maybe he was wrong in his first assumption. His gaze followed her eyes brief glance downwards, and swore.

He wasn't sure how he had missed it – but the shock of seeing…

"I'm sorry." She said simply, hands resting on her stomach.

He opened his mouth but uttered no words as his hands crept forward. The moment his hands touched her own, he felt her quiver, felt his spine tingle. He closed his eyes, resting his hands on her womb, stomach churning as her hands rested on his, warm and ready to rip him to pieces if he made one move against her child.

His icy blue eyes snapped open and he murmured, "Is it…?"

"I'm sure of it,"

"Fuck Vesper," he said loudly, withdrawing his hands; swallowing deeply.

"That's how it happened," she muttered in a dry tone.

James' stomach twisted.

She sighed, "I shouldn't have called,"

"I'm glad you did," said James sharply, "I only wish you had done it sooner."

She sighed and turned slightly, "Why don't we continue this inside?"

He nodded.


Joseph Andreas kept to the shadows as he stalked through the streets of Spinea.

He had followed the British agent from Rome, making sure to keep a fair distance as to not alert Bond to his actions. According to his employer, Mr White, Bond was not someone to mess with and that it was highly important that if he was to follow in complete and utter secrecy – be invisible.

So far he had achieved that.

When he had seen Bond park his car and he had driven out of the street before quickly heading back to the agent's car, using the darkness to mask his movements. Luckily Bond hadn't gone far, only about two hundred metres and seemed clearly seemed distracted as he didn't seem to notice the Quantum agent.

As Bond knocked on the door of what looked like a small café Joseph slipped inside a doorway thankful for the lack of street lights. He hugged himself, fighting back the shivers as the coldness of the night gripped him to his core.

The café door opened, a small ray of light enveloping Bond and Joseph's eyes narrowed as he saw a dark-haired woman greet Bond. Frowning, he took out his phone wanting to take a photo but the light was far too poor that it wasn't worth it.

He slinked forward from his hiding place, praying that the woman couldn't see him, grateful that the British agent's back was turned. He couldn't make a sound – a single sound, in this place, on this silent night would not bode well. However as he proceeded on, he froze, ears picking up the conversation between Bond and the woman. He frowned, his mind scrambling over what was said. Vesper, the woman was called Vesper – wait surely this was not the Vesper from the Le Chriffe business?

Bond and Vesper?

Joseph had only heard rumours (which there weren't many off) of what had occurred during the Le Chriffe business. If this was the same Vesper – which seemed highly probable as Vesper wasn't exactly a common name.

But wasn't she dead? That's what he had heard, but then again all he had going was rumours…nothing more.

He continued to listen, his eyes narrowing as he scrutinised the two carefully. That's when he noticed it – either the woman was fat or -? Suddenly Bond was pulled into the café, and he quickly moved away, seeking distance so that he could call White and remain unheard. He found a spot further up the street, where he could still see the café but would be safe and crouched down.

Joseph pulled out his phone and dialled White's number.


It wasn't White – Joseph instantly recognised the voice as White's other guard, Boris, a large former-KGB agent with a nasty right hook.

"White," said Joseph not seeking to waste time.

A few seconds past and –

"What is happening?"

"Suspect has travelled to Spinea, Italy. He has just entered a small café by the looks of it however due to poor lightening I cannot be sure,"

"Is that all? Speak quickly,"

"No, sir," said Joseph, "He met someone – I believe its Vesper Lynd,"

Silence followed.

Joseph's stomach twisted slightly and he said quickly, "I heard a brief conversation between her and Bond outside the café before they entered the premises – he said her name – and I thought…"

More silence.


"Are you sure?"

"As sure as I can be,"

"Find out and report back to me tomorrow morning at nine hundred hours," ordered Mr. White.

"Yes, sir," he paused drawing a quick breath "One more thing also -"


"I think she's pregnant,"

He heard an intake breath on the other end of the line.

"I don't what assumptions – I want confirmation – understand?"

"Yes, sir,"

Mr White ended the call and Joseph crept forward, determined to find some way to listen in on whatever was happening in that café.