It's the day. Today is the day I will wipe the grins off their smug little faces. I can't believe they were talking down to me all summer! Stupid Lizzy cronies. I can just hear them now.

"You suck, Marcia!"

"She can't even dive… what a loser!"

I shivered as I grabbed my towel. I worked all summer for this day; I know I can do it. I walked out of the change room just as my swim teacher said, "Marcia, you're up!"

Calmly, I walked up to the diving board. I'll show Lizzy. Her and her friends won't know what hit them. I felt the sun beating on my back, warming me. A light breeze passed through, ruffling my hair. I closed my eyes and tried to focus, but all I heard was muttering, and I knew exactly who was doing it– Lizzy.

"Whenever you are ready!" my swim teacher called.

"Whenever you are ready! Pfft. She'll never be ready," Lizzy said to a friend who giggled uncontrollably.

I opened my eyes and took a brief look around. What a mistake because then I saw her. The one who made my summer a living hell. With her hair pinned up perfectly and her designer bathing suit with the matching flip flops, Lizzy was unfortunately hard to miss. Worst of all, she was staring at me, her eyes boring into mine, with a smirk that stopped me in my tracks.

"Don't screw up, baby," she mouthed.

No, don't look at her. She is just trying to bug me. But even as I thought that I should look away, I couldn't help remembering the last time. It was the most embarrassing day ever. It wasn't my fault I did more of a flop than a dive!

I tore my eyes away from her face and took a deep breath, I pictured doing a perfect dive and rubbing it in her face afterwards and then throwing her clothes over the pool's fence and running away, but I couldn't do that. I won't swoop to her level. Suddenly I felt it: "go now!" screamed my legs. One, two, three and I jumped. From the moment the air got cut off, and the water started gliding over my body, I knew I had done it. For the first time in my life, a perfect dive. A smile slowly started to slide on my lips as I came up for air.

I walked to the change room walking past Lizzy, and I could feel her eyes burning into my back, but I didn't care. I knew she wouldn't dare make fun of me anymore!

I called my mom as soon as I reached the girls change room. "Mom," I said. "I have the best news."