DISCLAIMERS: I don't own Transformers. They just came over from Hasbro to visit and be general pains-in-the-aft. Any and all the humans in the story are mine. Unrecognizable characters are probably OCs and mine as well. Rating is K+ for now, may go up at anytime.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: These stories are character sketches I started writing to get a feel for the characters in a role playing game I was going to create. Well the game never got written and the stories have evolved a life of their own.

Don't remember where this one came from but it amuses me.

14 - On His Knees Exiles

"So... Ratchet says you are 'budding'. What is that exactly?"

Jazz looked down at the small brown haired organic. She looked a whole lot better than when Sideswipe brought her back to the camp. "Yup. Gonna have me a new little Companion soon."


Jazz shook his head. No one understood Controllers, except maybe another Controller. "It's hard to explain. I'm a Controller and Controllers have Companions. They are part of us and we build them from our own metal and fuel. You'll see in a week or so."

"Ah. Hmm. Is it something like having a baby?" Gwen persisted.

"Not really sure what that is little femme. Ratchet hasn't gotten around to explaining yet."

Gwen patted her midsection. "My baby is in here. He'll develop and grow and be born in a few more months. Presto, little human."

Jazz looked down at her, visor bright. "Whoa, that's ... intense. It's that easy to make a new human?"

"Well I wouldn't exactly call it easy, but yes. Especially the intense part." Gwen tilted her head to the side. "Ugh, I'm getting neck strain looking up at you."

Jazz crouched down as far as he could without falling over. "That better?" At her nod, he continued. "Didn't really think it was easy. Budding sure isn't. But definitely worth it."

Gwen smiled warmly. "I know what you mean."

Jazz smiled back, just as warmly. Looked like some things transcended species.

"So..." Gwen began. "Is Ratchet the father?"

Or not. Jazz stared at her. "The what?"