Child in Time
Introduction, Disclaimer and Teaser

Hands in the air, the original plan was that we find Jenny on Earth, without a ship and lost. Only to be found by Buffy and her gang. It never really took of because I couldn't figure out how to get her there. Then came the wonders of Broadband in to my house.

I had a poke around a few archives here and there and found a few shows that I hadn't seen but heard about. One of these was Space Cases. A rather, shall we say almost overly, 90s kids TV program. I stumbled across the first season online and this idea came up. It stayed there and eventually I decided here we go.

This well series of sorts seems to work best exploring some of the more obscure outer edges of Science Fiction. Don't worry if you don't know everything about Space Cases. First of all neither do I and second, as last time, Jenny will be our window.

Space Cases was created by Bill Mumy and Peter David. Doctor Who and all related background belongs to the BBC.


Harlen felt the Christa lurch in the wrong direction again. 'Mr Brand, will you please try to steer the ship in straight line!' Miss Davenport screeched as she was thrown across the command post.

'I'm trying to Miss Davenport, but it's like the ship doesn't want to go where I tell it to.' Harlen grunted as he fought with the controls. It was like wrestling with Radu, taking all his strength just to hold on.

'With your sense of direction I don't blame it.' Catalina cried out.

Commander Goddard was right behind Harlen, 'THEMA, what's going on?' he shouted and Harlen felt his hands begin to give in

'Whatever it is, can you make it stop. I can't hold on much longer!'

THEMA was somehow still on her feet and not being thrown around like the rest of the crew. 'The Christa has detected a familiar, unexplainable, spacial disturbance. I believe it want's you to see it.

Harlen's grip slipped and he was thrown back, knocking him into the commander and sending them both back.

'We're entering hyperspace!' Catalina shouted. ' uh oh, this isn't good, Suzee hold on!

'Forget Suzee,' Bova shouted. 'Everyone hold on to something!' As quickly as the ship launched into hyperspace it dropped out, stopping on the spot. Harlen picked himself up and looked out the front window.

'Oh great. It's back.'

Commander Goddard stood up next to him. 'The white circle! Harlen, Radu, get us out of here!'

'We can't. Look.' Rosie activated the screens. 'Someone's out there!' It was a small blocky transport shuttle floating away from the white circle.

'Ever seen anything like that shuttle before THEMA?'

'No I have not, then again my data banks do seem to have several gaps...'

'Nothing new there.' Harlen said getting to the controls.

THEMA continued; 'However the Christa's sensors tell me that the small craft has been damaged. It has vented life support and the cockpit temperature is rapidly reducing.'

The Commander growled 'Is the pilot still alive?'

'I was detecting life-signs, but they were incredibly weak. They have now dropped below the Christa's sense threshold.'

'We can't just leave them there!' Catalina cried out.

'We won't.' The Commander took charge. 'Harlen, get as close as you can but hold a safe distance from the circle. THEMA and Catalina; use the space scoop to get a hold of the shuttle like a tractor beam. Radu, take Rosie down to the hanger deck. Bova, man the sensors and tell us when we get too close.'

'What can I do?' Miss Davenport asked.

The Commander tried to be polite but even Harlen knew there wasn't much the teacher could do to help. 'Just stand over there and make notes.'

Radu slid out of the jump tube and rolled to his feet, something he'd always wanted to try but never needed to. That, or someone was always in front of him just when he had his speed up. If he wasn't careful his Andromedan strength would crush someone.

Good thing Rosie was behind him.

It didn't take him long to get to the hanger's hatchway. Radu flicked a switch to tap into the inter-comm. 'Guys, we're at the hanger hatch. How's it going up there?'

Catalina was the first to answer. 'We've re-routed the hyperdrive to the space scoop. we have a Tractor beam but Suzee doesn't think it will last.'

'Then you better be quick Radu.' Harlen stated the obvious. 'I don't think I can get much closer. The white circle's gravity is too strong.'

THEMA cut in. 'Apologies, but I have taken the liberty of activating the Tractor Beam. The shuttle craft should be approaching the main hanger soon.'

'Come on. Come on.' Bova called out. 'We've got red lights on the board.'

'That's not all, the hyperdrive engines are running out of power. We're only going to have sub-light to get out of here.' Catalina added

Harlen finished off the bad news; 'and if we don't get going soon I don't think we'll be able to pull away.'

Radu looked at the hanger controls. 'Harlen, it's almost inside. You can get going.' He closed the outer-hanger doors as Rosie opened the main hatch. The two of them ran inside. It might have been small but the shuttle took up a lot of room in the hanger. He recognised what looked like a cockpit and went for it. Using all his strength he ripped it open.

'Oh no!' Rosie gasped. 'We're too late!' Inside was a young human woman, not that much older than them. She was covered in a layer of frost and deathly pale. The strange thing was how the ice seemed to be creeping over her clothes. It reminded him of something, but what he couldn't tell.

'What's happened down there?' Harlen called down.

'We were too late, she's dead.' Radu said, but he didn't sound convinced. Even to himself.

Rosie was choking back tears 'She's frozen. We didn't get to her in time.' She reached out and Radu suddenly remembered what was eluding him.

'No stop! Rosie don't touch her, whatever you do. Guys I need help, meet me at the quarters as quickly as we can. Rosie, the best thing you can do is open the doors for me.'

'What is going on down there Mr Radu?' Miss Davenport asked.

'I'm trying to save her life. Help me.'

End Teaser