The shuttle doors opened. Inara was peacefully sleeping. He liked to watch her sleep, even if it did seem like a creepy thing to do. She stirred slightly. He smiled and then turned around. "Mal?" she yawned. He turned back around.


"The last thing I remember is the shuttle door shutting and locking. Did you lock me in here?"


"Why'd you lock me in my own shuttle?" she shouted.

"Well, you weren't about to let me walk away…"

"I guess not. I don't…something is different. What changed?"

"It was the coat. Jayne left a special coat out, and it was so gorramn special, and it got mixed up with my coat. The coat made you ladies wild for me," he said with a wink. Inara rolled her eyes. "Everything is back to normal now."

"What happened to you? Did I do all of that? I don't really remember much…"

"Actually most of this was River."




"Simon wasn't too happy about that. He punched me more than once!"

"What happened between you two?" she asked casually, although the thought of Mal and anyone else made her blood boil.

"She's the one that ripped the shirt and gave me the swollen lip."

"Steamy I take it," she said as her heart sank.

"She bit me!"

Inara laughed.

"It's not funny."

"Of course it is!"

"I'll be passed out in my bunk if you need anythin'," he turned to leave.

"Mal…what exactly did I do? I remember a few things, but not a lot…"

"Nothin' happened other than some kissing," he said quietly.

"I remember that you kissed me back."

He smiled. He wasn't about to tell her that he kissed River back and maybe Kaylee. He'd let her believe whatever she wanted to. Maybe this could lead to something more?

"Why didn't you take advantage of the situation?" she asked. She was so attracted to him. In her dreams things between them always led to…well, you know.

"I ain't the kind of guy that takes advantage of a lady, even if I want to. And 'specially if the lady is you. I best be gettin' to my bunk. It was a crazy night."

He wanted to? HE WANTED TO!

"Right. Sorry about-"

"Don't be. I'm not."

She smiled. He smiled back and then left the shuttle. She was practically giddy. HE WANTED TO AND HE WASN'T SORRY ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED!

He was walking down the hall when he ran into Zoe.

"Sir. About what happened-"

"It's okay."

She nodded and met up with Wash. They walked away with their arms around each other. At least he had prevented anything from happening. But things with River-

"I know what you're thinking," River announced from behind him. He was startled. "It was my fault. I'm sorry."

"No, no. It was the coat. Not your fault darlin'," he said with a reassuring smile.

"Sorry about your lip…and your shirt…"

"I have other shirts. I found the bite very original and rather charming. Don't worry about it," he started walking away, but suddenly stopped. "And if Inara asks-"

"You didn't kiss me back. I know."


He walked away and vanished into his bunk. She watched with a heavy sigh.

"But you did…"

The end


Expect a part two! This is a starting point for another fan fic. There's lots more to come for my Firefly fan fiction!!!

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