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Summary: A black tom-cat padded around the clearing hoping to find something to do. It's been many moons since he came here. He has gotten used to being a cat. He remembered when he wasn't a cat but a ninja from another world. A world where ninja's could perform jutsu and have unbelievable speed. That was the world he came from. In that world he was known as Uchiha Sasuke.

Warriors: The Ninja Cat

By xXxSapphireJewelxXx

Starclan's Prophecy: 'A human from another world'

"What do mean?!" asked a blue furred she-cat.

"I've said this again 'A human from another world' is going to come to our world as a cat" a dark tortoiseshell she-cat explained.

"Is there even another world besides this one Spottedleaf?" asked a black-and-white tom.

"I assure you that there is another world besides this one. Look into the pool" the dark tortoiseshell she-cat known as Spottedleaf said.

Many cats gazed into the pool as it started to show in it's reflection of a older looking teenage boy. His black hair was spiked in the back and his black eyes seemed to flash red. (a/n: sasuke is 16 or 17 in this story)

"What was that?! Was it just me or did his eyes flash red?!" examined a light-colored tom with a twisted jaw

"This two-leg or human has something about him that I can't put my paw on" said an elderly black tom.

"Crookedstar, you and Nightstar disapprove of this prophecy?" asked the blue furred she-cat.

"Of course not Bluestar but, why does a two-leg even have to come to our world as cat in the first place?" asked the light-colored tom who was known as Crookedstar.

"Yes, that is what I want to know as well" said the elderly black tom known as Nightstar in agreement.

"Does this two-leg have anything to do with our clans?" meowed the black-and-white tom.

"Crookedstar you and Tallstar both have excellent questions that I think we may have the answers to" said Spottedleaf.

"The world that the two-leg comes from is filled with unreal power and speed. He has a special blood line that he was born with. Sadly he has been through a lot.(SpoilersAhead!!)His own kin killed their family and the clan that he was born in. He set his life as an avenger but, after he killed his brother, his own kin, he figures out that his older brother just wanted to protect him" Spottedleaf explained, her own amber eyes glazed with sadness.

"But why in the end would his kin just want to protect him" asked Bluestar.

"It turns out that his older brother was order to kill his own clan. The person in the prophecy soon figured this out. After all he has done to get stronger so that he could destroy the person he hated most and than find to out that his brother acted on orders to kill their clan it was hard to take in" Spottedleaf explained sadly.

"What exactly has he done to get stronger?" Tallstar asked.

Spottedleaf looked at him sadly before answering.

"He left his own village to get stronger and when his best friend fought to stop him he almost killed him to obtain power" the tortoiseshell she-cat said sadly.

Crookedstar stiffened "You said that he 'almost' killed him, how come he didn't?"

"His brother obtained a special power when he killed his best friend, so he didn't want to obtain power the same way his brother did but…he also didn't want to kill his most precious person and best friend, for power." meowed Spottedleaf

"This two-leg sounds dangerous if you ask me" hissed Nightstar.

"What exactly is he doing now after all this?" Bluestar asked.

"He's back in the village now but, his going to come into our world soon" Spottedleaf mewed.

"Speaking of which, how come this two-leg is even coming to our world as a cat in the first place?" Tallstar asked.

Spottedleaf gazed around the pool where the four cats where waiting patiently for her answer.

"A dark time is coming for the four clans especially Thunderclan and they will need an even stronger warrior to help them with the dark time that is ahead" Spottedleaf explained.

"I hope it's not those badgers again" Crookedstar hissed.

"There will be always be badgers in this world but that's not the real problem and the future is too clouded to predict anything else for right now" Spottedleaf said.

"Who should we give this message to?" asked Tallstar.

"It should be someone in Thunderclan and, since Leafpool is the medicine cat she should be the one to receive this message" Bluestar declared.

"I will give her the message right away" Spottedleaf offered.

"Yes that would do just fine, do all of us agree?" Bluestar asked.

The three other Starclan cats murmured and nodded in approval.

"How would we even know if the two-leg would even help" Nightstar growled.

"We'll just have to put our faith in him then" meowed Bluestar.

The four cats soon disappeared into the night with nothing left except the shining stars of Sliverpelt above.

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