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After Life

"Kill them, dammit," Crake muttered, his hand propped under his chin. "Come on, Jimmy, for me, please."

"Don't do it Jimmy!" Crake shot Oryx a glare, and she shot him one right back. "All life is sacred. Please don't do it."

"He has to!" Crake snapped, "The entire plan will come to nothing if he doesn't."

"Then let it be," Oryx replied, annoyed, "your plan was nothing to begin with." She turned to look towards the ground, where she could see Snowman, waiting in the bushes. "Don't do it Jimmy," she pleaded.

"Well he obviously can't hear us right now anyways," Crake said bitterly. "He can't, though. This hasn't turned out the way that I planned. Jimmy hasn't been following my wishes. First the religion, now this..." Crake trailed off, muttering.

"There's nothing wrong with them," Oryx countered.

"They worship us as Gods!" Crake said.

"You are their God," Oryx pointed out, "you created them."

"I am not God!" Crake responded, "And this is not how I planned things!"

"I wonder if that's what God thought," Oryx said lightly.

Crake shot her a look of mavolance. Oryx stared back, blankly.

"You're still mad at me," Crake stated.

"Of course," Oryx said, "you killed me."

Crake looked a little hurt and a lot annoyed. "It was for your own good," he insisted.

"No, it wasn't," Oryx said, "it was for no reason. You were wrong to do it."

"I gave the earth new life," He said, a little desperately.

"You didn't have the right!" Oryx exclaimed.

"I had every right!" Crake cried. "There was so much wrong with the way it used to be!"

"The world isn't perfect," Oryx stated, "and it never will be. You are human and you are imperfect. What made you think that you could create a species any better than the one that was already there?"

Crake remained silent. They had had this conversation before, and he knew that they'd have it again.

"Look around you. We're here, aren't we? Doesn't that show you that you have to reevaluate everything you ever believed about life?" Oryx spoke calmly, as if to a child.

Crake hated that. He hated how patient she could be. He looked around at his settings in dissapointment. This wasn't what he predicted, and he was not happy about it. He had wanted to die and be done. None of this ridiculous afterlife business. "No, no it doesn't. If anyone else is left alive to corrupt the Crakers then there was no point."

Oryx reached out to touch Crake comfortingly on the arm. "What about Jimmy? Doesn't Jimmy deserve to be happy?"

Crake looked away from her. "No. That isn't why I kept him alive. He's to look after the Crakers."

Oryx raised an eyebrow, and a smile tugged gently at her cheek. "Right. I'm not sure that he appreciates that post."

A faint blush crept onto Crake's cheeks. "It doesn't matter. He needs to do it. And he needs to do it right." Again he turned to the place where Jimmy lay in hiding. "Please Jimmy, kill them."

"No Jimmy," Oryx whispered, "please don't."