Bascially, I was kind of frustrated that Stephenie Meyer cut off Bella's first section in Breaking Dawn when she did. I wanted to know what Rosalie said to Bella on the phone. I was also very curious as to what was going on at the Cullen house when they got the news about Bella's pregnancy. So, this is a piece from Rosalie's perspective that fits between the first Bella section and the Jacob section.

There will be more of this one, if you guys like it. Don't own the Twilight. Enjoy!

I'd heard all the commotion downstairs, but I still didn't believe the hype.

Evidently, from what I had managed to piece together, my family seemed to be under the impression that dear Bella was knocked up. That's a laugh.

I could hear Alice panicking and Carlisle's voice shaking and Esme dissolving into what we called "vampire tears" for lack of a better description. Evidently this level of emotional uproar was too much for even Jasper to manage. I wouldn't blame him if he'd given up and run back to the vampire wars. With that thought in mind, I couldn't imagine what it would be like if he wasn't there. From the sound of it, the house probably would have burned down already.

Emmett was off hunting. He always came back from his solitary hunting trips so happy and refreshed and energetic. It was cute, really. But walking in on this scene would probably ruin his mood…

I imagine that I too would have been a little bit worried or something, if I actually believed there was a ghost of a chance this whole situation was actually taking place. But I don't, so I'm stuck up here in my room (my stronghold of sanity, actually) waiting for the chaos to die down. Believe me, it will, when they find out it's –SURPRISE!- indigestion.

I can say with unwavering certainty that humans and vampires don't mix like that. At least, they weren't meant to. Prior to a month ago, the one outcome any boy-vampire and girl-human sex ever resulted in was probably a dead human. I must admit, when I found out that Bella survived her wedding night, I was quite impressed with my little brother. But if anybody could do it, Edward could. He's the only person I've ever met who even rivals my own obstinacy.

I heard a soft patter of footsteps on the stairs and looked up to see Alice standing in my doorway. Her hair was even more of a disheveled mess than usual, and her face was a mask of horror.

"Rose, it's awful," she moaned. I rolled my eyes.

"Bella isn't pregnant," I assured her, picking up the nail polish I had put down on my desk upon her arrival. "She's just nauseated. And since a vampire's been doing her cooking, I can't blame her."

"Rosalie, be serious," Alice snapped. "She felt it move."

"Humans feel weird visceral movement all the time… they still have all that nasty organ-digestive-system business," I said, making a face. Alice shook her head.

"You're impossible. This is a dire situation – Edward says the baby bump is all hard and cold and she already feels movement after, like, two weeks. That's not normal. This thing could hurt her really badly – their only choice is to come home and talk to Carlisle about getting rid of it."

I hated the way Alice had the nerve to throw around happy, mommy-ish phrases like "baby bump" in my presence. That was a seriously cruel thing to do, regardless of whether it was true or not. And on top of that, she had essentially just told me that Bella was going to let them abort her baby. First, this girl agrees to give up her human life, and now she's volunteering to kill her chance at being a mother – a useless dream I've tried to give up and forget about for almost a century now.

Damn her!

I could feel the anger rising up within me, white and hot. Jasper appeared behind Alice as I got to my feet – I must have been verging on a dangerous level of rage, if he sensed it enough to fear for his wife… I ignored with relative ease the waves of calm he was anxiously throwing my direction; I was beyond that point anyway.

"I don't want to hear any more!" I shrieked to both of them. "I don't believe it, and even if I did, that selfish bitch can die for all I care! If she would have the nerve to come back here and parade her baby in front of me – and worse, in front of Esme – before going off and killing it, she can rot in her human grave!"

Alice took a slow breath and stepped back.

"Then I guess I'll go, Rosalie," she said coldly as she took Jasper's arm and the two of them walked off down the hall. "I'm sorry – sometimes I forget that you're heartless."

Even if I were in any other mood, those words probably wouldn't have had the power to hurt me. Right now, however, they only justified me further. There is a "my side" and a "Bella's side." Alice can take Bella's side all she wants, but nothing could make me feel the least bit of sympathy for that ungrateful little slut!

Interrupting my thoughts, my cell phone rang. I groaned as I realized that I still couldn't hope for a break from the madness – the ringtone that sounded was Edward's. Great. It occurred to me not to answer it at all, but then I realized that I might miss my only chance at some kind of legitimate explanation. Begrudgingly, I flipped open the phone.

"Hello?" I demanded, a little bit more sharply than I had intended. The voice on the other end of the line temporarily made my breath stop short.

"Rosalie?" it whispered hesitantly. "It's Bella. Please. You have to help me."

I felt a veritable train-wreck of emotional madness in my brain at that moment, not the least of which was dominated by bitter, bitter hatred. I could taste it just from the sound of her voice. Hatred is not a foreign emotion for me, but that didn't make it any less intense. I could have ripped her to shreds, had she not been a continent away.

For some reason, though, I couldn't bring myself to hang up.

"What do you want?" I demanded, being able to think of little else to say. And I was genuinely wondering.

"Rosalie I'm pregnant," she whispered.

Damn her again!

"So I've heard," I snapped. "Did you call me to share the happy news?"

I could hear Bella whimper a little bit, and I rolled my eyes for at least the third time that day.

"No. I called because Edward wants to kill it, and I'm scared."

There was a momentary silence.

This doesn't make any sense!

"What do you mean?" I asked. "Edward wouldn't kill his own baby. "

Then something else occurred to me. She couldn't have…?

"It is his, isn't it?" I demanded.

Bella's next words tumbled out in a messy rush.

"Of course it is! But Rosalie, he thinks it's going to kill me. It's not a normal human baby; it's as much like Edward as it is like me. It's too strong already, and it's only going to get worse. And if Edward wants me to get an abortion bad enough, he and Carlisle will do it, with or without my permission."

"And you don't want them to get rid of it, if it's as dangerous as you say?"

This was the test.

"I couldn't!" Bella cried, but immediately brought her voice back down to whisper-level. "I could never let them hurt it, it's my baby! Yes, I do feel awful, and I might even get really badly hurt like Edward thinks, but abortion is not an option! I thought you, of all people, would understand!"

And she had given me the right answer.


This, I had not expected. Firstly, I was finally convinced beyond the slightest shadow of a doubt that she was pregnant. There is no way she could talk like that if she wasn't. Those words were mother-words. I'd heard them from my childhood friend Vera, and from Esme, too. Secondly, Bella was actually willing to give her life to save this child.

Well, I certainly wasn't going to stop her.

"What do you want me to do?" I asked her, keeping my voice low.

"You have to promise me one thing," she said shakily. "Save this baby. Whatever it means for me. I don't care. You can't let them hurt it. If it comes down to a fight, so be it. If you're on my side, Emmett is too. I trust you both. And Rosalie…"

She paused, but I still listened, not daring to breathe.

"The same goes… if I die. Which really could happen."

Before I could come up with a response to that – provided there actually was a good one – I heard the phone click off.

Apparently Edward had gotten back.

My thoughts were still an absolute mess. If I had been at a loss for words at the beginning of the conversation, I was completely without hope now. A girl I don't even like wants me to protect her half-vampire baby from its father and grandfather (incidentally my brother and father), and the baby is only here to begin with because said girl made decisions I went out of my way to advise her against in the first place.

And I had agreed.

Damn it all.