Yo! I've decided that this is just getting out of hand and so am combining all of the Time and Space 'verse (yay! my own 'verse!) stories here. Unless I come up with one long demented plot that's chapter-spanning that is.

Time and Space and Saguru

Summary: Because he wouldn't have missed it for the world, he told me himself. And if you hadn't noticed, he is currently grinning gleefully in his sleep. That is why I am kidnapping him.

Disclaimer: I do not own Magic Kaito. That would be Gosho Aoyama.

This idea came to me as I was listening to the eighth DC opening, and realized that the first five seconds sounded disturbingly like the first five seconds of the Doctor Who theme. Namely, the Peter Davison era. And since my mind is one that makes obscure connections at the tip of the hat, I ended up with the idea that Hakuba must be a Doctor Who fan. Which led to this.

Someone had a personal radio on in the classroom again. And someone was playing music loudly.

A certain half-British detective was doing his best to ignore it. And he was mostly succeeding. Mostly. Until a new song started, at which point his head jerked up. But it slowly moved back down as the plain music gave way to lyrics.

"Koi wa thrill, shock, suspense…"

Kaito looked over at him confusedly. "Hakuba, were you actually interested in the music?"

He shook his head. "No, I just thought it was something else."

Suddenly Kaito was in front of him, a curious look on his face. "What else?"

Okay, so maybe he had charged blindly into that one. "Just a TV show."

Aoko joined in. "A TV show? That is the opening for some anime I think…"

"No, it isn't that. It's a TV show back in England called Doctor Who."

Kaito chose that moment to lose the poker face and display one of the most confused looks Hakuba had ever seen. "Doctor Who? What idiot came up with that name?"

Never let it be said that at heart, Hakuba Saguru wasn't British. He decidedly was. One thing about decidedly being British was being calm and collected. Another thing was to throw the previous sentence out the window when it came to Doctor Who. "I'll have you know that Doctor Who is the longest-running science-fiction show in the WORLD!"

Kaito blinked in an entirely uncaring way. "Isn't that Star Trek?"

"It doesn't count, because it's a bunch of different series. But even if it did, Doctor Who would still be longer. Doctor Who first aired in 1963!"

Aoko was curious. "What's it about?"

"The Doctor, an alien travelling through all of time and space defeating bad guys! He travels around in his TARDIS, stands for Time And Relative Dimensions In Space, which is permanently disguised as a blue Police Public Call Box from the 1950's because his Chameleon Circuit broke while he was in a junkyard in the 1960's. And there's all sorts of aliens and stuff and he has loads of luck with the ladies, regardless of how alien he is. He's also very rude, and never ginger."

Kaito and Aoko both blinked this time. "Do… do you like this show much?" Aoko eventually ventured.

"Yes." Hakuba answered, almost lustily.

Kaito and Aoko slowly moved away, and silently vowed never to play Koi wa Thrill, Shock, Suspense in Hakuba Saguru's presence ever again.

But, Hakuba's conversation with Kaito and Aoko had given him an idea for the next heist. As many times as Kid had pulled the rug out from under him, he was still convinced he was Kuroba Kaito. And the next heist, supposed to take place in a week, concerned a gemstone stored in a perfectly round room. Catch the curiosity, catch the Kid. And if Kid really was Kuroba Kaito, Hakuba Saguru knew just what kind of trap would work.

Kaito Kid slunk around the hallway completely surrounding the round room within which his target was kept. Policemen today were conspicuous in their absence, so Kaito was decidedly more careful than normal. Now if only he could find that door…

Strange… that was definitely not there during surveillance earlier.

'That' being a blue box shoved in between two pillars. Said blue box looked a bit on the old-fashioned side, not to mention completely out of place and rather beat up. Kaito paused, blinked, then realized what was going on: Hakuba Saguru was still convinced that Kaito Kid was Kuroba Kaito, a theory that, although 100% true, was practically completely unfounded.

Because this blue box was obviously supposed to be the 'TARDIS' from that 'Doctor Who' show Hakuba had been talking about- nay, obsessing over- just last week. And he was trying to use it as a curiosity-grabber. Kaito grinned to himself. Hakuba, you are an idiot.

Not so much though apparently, as Kaito found himself gravitating towards the strange object. He pushed gently on the door, which eased open. He expected to find what one would expect to find: a small dark area. The inside of a box. However, he did not.

His eyes instantly locked with those of a blond girl about to set a hoodie on some sort of couch. A male voice came from down a hallway. "Rose, did you forget to shut the door properly again? The TARDIS is ringing alarms in my head… Oh! Kaito Kid, 1412! I've always wanted to meet you! Judging by the monocle as opposed to the mask you'd be the second generation, am I correct? How close are you to finding Pandora? Must not be very close, as Kudo isn't two feet behind you, making this the early years. Do you even know what Pandora is yet?"


Hakuba sauntered down the hall. It was about time for the heist, and he figured he'd better get in position so he could lock Kid in the box the second he entered. Curiosity caught the thief and all that. When he did see Kid walk into the box, he leapt for the door and slammed it shut, jamming his key in the keyhole. There would be a prisoner in the Police Box again.

Until the keyhole decided that it did not like the key anymore and forcibly shoved it out.

Hakuba's eyes moved from the key to the keyhole, then back to the key. Keyholes did not generally suddenly decide to force keys out. Last time he checked, keyholes did not have conscience thought.

Meanwhile meanwhile…

"Rose, could you let our second guest in? I don't think our first guest quite has the mental capacity at the moment, and the TARDIS is complaining about someone trying to shove a key in her keyhole."

Rose silently opened the door, to reveal a frustrated Hakuba. Said frustration quickly morphed into a strange combination of shock, joy, incredulity, I-just-died-and-went-to-Heaven, and slack jaw. All seconds before he keeled over in a dead faint.

The Doctor walked over. "Hakuba Saguru, hmm? Must be really early years then. No wonder Kudo isn't around, he's still a little short. I should go pay him a visit some time, he could use some cheering up."

Meanwhile meanwhile meanwhile…

Edogawa Conan/Kudo Shinichi sneezed. Funny. This was the first time sneezing had been associated with the transformation process.

Meanwhile meanwhile meanwhile meanwhile…

Inspector Nakamori glared at his watch. Hakuba Saguru was a bit weird at times, but this was ridiculous. "Screw this. MOVE OUT!"

The policemen surrounding him quickly complied.

Meanwhile meanwhile meanwhile meanwhile meanwhile…

"So… you're going to fly off to travel through time and space."


Kaito pointed at the still-unconscious Hakuba. "And you're going to take him with you."


"Without his consent."


"Two things. One, that will make him very angry at you. Two, why can't I come?"

"Because he's coming with us, and that would just be awkward."

"But why don't you take me instead of him? He's not even conscious to protest this."

"Because he wouldn't have missed it for the world, he told me himself. Also, you need to take care of that little issue of Pandora, because I'd rather not involve myself in that fight. And if you hadn't noticed, he is currently grinning gleefully in his sleep. Toodles!"

Kaito Kid found himself roughly thrown out of the TARDIS as it started sounding like an odd combination of mechanical parts rubbing together and Darth Vadar. It also disappeared from sight.

Kaito Kid staggered off, canceling the heist.

And yes, I did that just to get away with the Meanwhiles.

Has anyone played the Avernum games? I'm playing the fourth one with my characters being Kaito, Saguru, Shinichi, and Heiji. And currently I'm destroying chitrachs, which have venomous fangs. This is annoying, because roughly every two chitrachs I destroy, I have to run back to Fort Dranlon to revive Shinichi because he got poisoned again and died again before I could cure him, I kid you not. No one else ever gets poisoned, just him. It's like someone put a "Bite Me" sign on his back. Ah, the irony.

I may have to do a fic involving that… it could be AU…