He was gone, AGAIN!!!!

I mean, it's not so hard to stick in one place for more than five minutes, I do it all the time!


Oh well, what else could I expect from the clumsy news reporter? It's not like there's ever been a time when he didn't do that, what else can I expect?

It just drives me crazy though, wondering where the heck he goes. The only thing that really gets me is the fact that he usually come back with some amazing story, how the heck does he always know? Does he have some kind of sixth sense that-

" Lois? Are you ok?" Startled, I turn around.

It was Clark.

" And where did you go!!!" I yell at him, he stumbled a bit and looked at me, what a Klutz.

" W-Well, Gee Lois, I just went to the bathroom." he relied

Of Course I thought It's always the bathroom, what is with this guy's bladder!!!

" You know what? Forget it, lets get to work." We were doing a story on a scientist that some old workers had said was working on some pretty weird experiments, something about the Fountain of Youth. Usually, we would have blown something like this off as a couple of drunks making up stories, however, the two talkers were both pronounced missing three days later, along with any other former worker at the lab. There was only one former employee that wasn't missing, Dan Walker, who was currently under protective custody saying things about how they 'had to find the children'. Needless to say, the guy was too panicked to make even one full sentence.

We walked to the laboratory that the scientist, Dr. Shane Cross, worked at, I was shocked, how could this place be used as a lab? It looked more like a-

" Junk yard." Clark said, finishing my thought.

The place was surrounded by junk, had broken windows, and the door was hanging wide open.

"What kind of a scientist would work here?" I heard Clark ask.

" I don't know, but we have to get this done soon, I have to pick Jason up from school in an hour." I said, I saw Clarks eyes spark a bit at this and I smile, him and Jason were the best of friends, Jason spent all the time he could at Clark desk talking with him and drawing pictures for him. It was something that was really getting to me lately, Jason looked up to Clark, I see just as many Clark drawings as I see Superman drawings, maybe even more. All I ever here from Jason is Clark, and to make it all worse, everyone at the bull pen talks about how much Jason looks like Clark, even acts like him, they all say he's Clarks son, it better timed for Clark to be his father than Richard.

Geez, I want to be mad at Clark for this, but come on, how could I be mad at the man who my son absolutely adored? It's not his fault people decided to single out him to be the long lost father of my son. Anyway, I know it's not true, Superman is my son's father, and there's no way Clark Kent is Superman.


We walked into the building, stepping on broken glass as we walked down the hallway and into what looked to be a lobby. We searched around a bit before I heard a door open.

Clark had opened one of the many doors in the room and was gesturing for me to follow him.

The place was filled with test tubes and such things that was seen in those movies about mad scientists.

We sifted a bit through the stuff, I was starting to get bored, there was nothing here, those guys were just some drunks who-

" Hey Lois, look at these." Clark said, holding some files up at me.

' The Fountain of Youth'

Ok so maybe those guys weren't drunks.

" This is just too much like a comic book, evil villain wanting to achieve eternal life and all that stuff" I said I looked through the files. I saw Clark nod and look around the room.

" I think we should go now." he said, looking like there was someone out to get him.

"Well, we did get these files, so ok, but who would leave these files out the open like this? It just seemed a little too easy." I say this as we walk down the hall back the way we came in.

" Who are you?" came a panicked voice from behind us, we turn around and find a short, dark-skinned man right behind us. He had dark wavy hair combed back, and his hairline was receding. As I looked more closely I saw his name tag.

It read "Dr. S. Cross'.

Uh oh, we just may be in some trouble here I thought as I saw Clark take a step towards the man.

" Nothing sir, we were just looking around." Clark said, the man looked at him, I didn't feel so great about that, this guy didn't even look mentally stable, so it made me uncomfortable seeing how he was looking at Clark. Almost like Clark was a lab rat.

" Why?" His voice was shaky and he was sweating profusely. I decided to step up this time.

" Someone told us that some weird things were going on here and-" I would have continued, but I was rudely cut off.

"What?! Who told you that!" He yelled as his hand seemed to inch towards his coat pocket.

" N-No one sir, we just wanted a little look at this place, someone told us it was haunted is all!" Clark said as he nervously waved his arms about, trying to calm the man down, and he did calm a bit, before he saw the files I had tucked under my arms. His eyes grew wide and his hand finally dived into his pocket, bringing out a strange looking gun-shaped thing, pointing it at me. I felt a bit of fear and felt Clark tense up next to me.

" Where'd you get those?" He demanded, I was nervous, what should I say?

" We didn't find these, sir. They're ours." I lie, a nervous giggle making it's way through.

" Don't lie", he said shaking his head at me " I know perfectly well who you both are, especially you Clark Jerome Kent, a good friend of mine told me all about you, and I mean all about you. Does the name Sam Phelan ring a bell?" I felt Clark tense again, and when I looked at him I saw his eyes were narrowed and face set in an extremely serious look that I'd never seen on his face before. Who was this Sam Phelan guy that could make Clark become so…unClark-like? I vaguely felt like I've seen that look before.

" That's right, I know your secret. I know everything about you, so if you don't give me back my file right now, I'll shoot your little girlfriend and tell everyone your little secret."

What the heck did he mean by secret, Clark had a secret? Clark had a secret? I thought over this in disbelief, seriously, I had a hard time believe innocent little farm boy from nowhere's ville had a secret so bad someone could use it as blackmail.

" Sam Phelan was a no-good crook." Clark said, glare deepening with any glare.

" Sam Phelan was my brother," the man said, his gun-like thingy now pointed at Clark. I didn't like this, not one bit.

" Although my half-brother, he was still my brother." the man said, things were so tense, and as the man inched closer to us, Clark pushed me behind him protectively.

" Lois," Clark whispered to me, " Get out of here." he told me.

" No way, there's no way I'm leaving you here with this lunatic." I whisper back harshly, how dare he tell me to run away?! Especially now that he was in so much danger! I couldn't just leave him behind.


" No Clark, I won't do it" I retort back harshly, he sighed and turned back to glare Cross.

I then saw him look at the desk that was next to us, it had a black mug on it that was slightly cracked.

He ran for it, I didn't know he was that fast…

He quickly grabbed the mug and threw it at Cross's leg and the man fired his gun-thing, a bright light can from it shattering a vase that was behind Clark. I gasp.

"Clark" I screamed, running to him as I heard Cross scream out pain on the floor, it looks like the mug hit him right on the knee, it looks like he shattered it.

We ran for the entrance.

And then it happened, another bright came straight in my direction, and as I looked behind my shoulder as I ran, I couldn't help but think about Jason and Clark, Jason needs his mother, and Clark, well, Clark needed someone, period.

As I braced myself for the blast, I felt something powerful push me out of the way.

And as I looked down, I saw the most shocking thing ever.

A little boy, about five years old, with dark-black hair and bright, unearthly blue eyes.

Standing there stark naked with a pool of clothes at his feet, looking right up at me with a puzzled look on his face.

" Clark?" I said, bewildered at the sight before me.

" Where's my mommy?"

Uh oh….

To be continued

Well, that's enough for today.

For those who don't know who Sam Phelan is, he's a corrupt cop from Smallville who blackmailed Clark into doing robberies for him once he found out about Clark's secret.