Sam By: Sam'sSweetie

Disclaimer: I do NOT own Benny & Joon or Sam. A/N: This is a poem about the most sweet, kind, handsome, charming, and innocent person EVER: SAM!! Btw, I'm basing this poem on a drawing that I found on DeviantART. Here's the link (HE'S SO CUTE IN IT!!): .com/art/Sam-Johnny-Depp-2896965 Rating: K Genre: Poetry


He's Charming and Kindness Personified.

He's Cute and Sweet.

He's Handsome and Nice.

He's Nonjudgmental and Considerate.

He has a Loving Heart.

He Loves Unconditionally.

He's Adorably Silly.

He's Innocence.

There are so many terms to describe him, but my favorite one is this one: He's Perfectly Imperfect.


Perfectly Imperfect Sam.