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Short Summary: This story doesn't have anything to do with the anime or manga, just something random from my head. This story is all 'AU' and Sasuke is majorly OOC, Sakura and Sasuke are in normally high school. And the whole story is in Sakura's P.O.V and her thoughts, nothing else.

Sakura's P.O.V

Hello, my name is Sakura Haruno, and I have a problem. And I'm not talking about something little like 'oh my god, I broke a nail' kind of problem, this is big. My boyfriend is... happy? And not the 'hehe' need to laugh all the time because the world is so perfect kind of happy. Or the 'I need to talk to you because I just realized I'm gay' kind of happy either. I'm talking about the... this is so embarrassing, the 'tent in the pants, I'm always horny' kind of happy.

And he's cocky about it too, no pun intended. I always catch him walking around his house with just his boxers on. But don't get me wrong, he has the body of a god and I'm the only one who gets to see it; but it was a major turn off seeing that cocky smirk and the massive bulge below the belt every time I would walked through the door. And before I continue I want everyone to know that he only gets this way when he's around or thinking of me. Which I, unfortunately, have proof of.

Sakura's memory...

Like this one time, when we were in gym, we have gym with the boys yes; but we don't play the same sports. Anyway back to why I was telling you this, oh right... gym. So you know how our uniforms look correct? The giant oversized white sweat shirt and the skin tight red bikini bottoms, I don't approve of the uniform but Sasuke-kun said it looked sexy on me. And yeah if you haven't guessed it yet Sasuke Uchiha, the Sasuke Uchiha, is my boyfriend. My horny, hot, can't forget drop dead sexy, stubborn, always get his way boyfriend. Well... almost always gets his way, I'm not easy like most of the girls at school. Which brings me back to my story.

It starts out with this girl in his class, Karin, the biggest slut in our school. Well lucky me we all happened to be in the same gym class; I also was in a few other of Sasuke's classes, but that's for another time too. Karin has had a major crush on Sasuke-kun for a while now, and I'm talking about obsessive crush, so much so that she paid one of the boys to steal one of Sasuke's shirts from the locker room. I heard a rumor that she never washed it and wears it to bed every night... creepy.

So one day in class both the teachers happened to have a meeting at the same time, not very shocking, and I don't know what about so don't ask. But before they left they gave out our assignments that they expected us to do. Well half of us did anyway, the girls were to play volleyball and the boys were to have a basketball game; one group inside the other outside. The good girls did what they were told and went outside to start warming up, while Karin's group of friends and a bunch of guys were heading to the locker rooms, everyone knew what they were going to do. But what caught my eye was that Karin wasn't with them. That sent a panic throughout my body because Sasuke-kun still had not come out of the boy's locker room yet.

I was relieved to spot him emerging from the locker room, with no Karin in sight. He quickly saw me and made his way over, that cocky smirk creeping onto his face. I felt helpless looking into those deep black eyes. I felt like a lone little zebra being stalked by this powerful, clearly male, lion. I didn't stand a chance running outside, he was the fastest runner in the school being on the soccer team, so I let him approach and willingly moved into his strong arms.

"What are you doing in here? I thought all the girls were outside." His voice was calm and deep, warm breath send shivers down my spine and I could feel him smirking again against my neck; god I hate when he did that. "Sakura."

"I forgot... my knee pads in my locker, I was going to get them."

"Is that why you were standing here staring at me?"


"I don't think so Sakura-chan. I think you had something else in mind," he pulled me closer to his body, letting me know just how worked up he had gotten within the last two minutes.

"Sasuke-kun stop it! People are staring at us." I was so embarrassed by his actions, this was the first time I was actually close enough to feel anything if you get what I mean. And what was even more embarrassing was... I liked it! I liked knowing I was the one that did that to him, even though my brain was screaming that this was wrong.

Luckily Naruto, Sasuke-kun's best friend, decided to intrude. "Hey Teme! What are you doing... oh hi Sakura-chan!" the blonde boy hollered from across the large room. Now I knew everyone was staring at us, and just that thought made the back of my neck flush. Sasuke grunted low in his throat before he moved away from me, the cold 'don't bother me' expression back on his face; it still amazes me how he can do that.

"What do you want Dobe?"

"Don't call me a Dobe, Teme! What were you doing to Sakura-chan anyway? And why is she all red in the face?"

I noticed some of the nerdy boys in the class had a pink tint to their cheeks and the rest had all knowing smirks on their faces; guys are such pigs. I was surprised none of them had mentioned the tent in Sasuke-kun's pants yet, I'm never going to live this down.

"We weren't doing anything Dobe," Sasuke voice held a warning to it; Naruto must have understood that the conversation was over.

"Whatever bastard, just leave her alone and let her get back to her class; we need you as our forward to start the game."

"Alright, I'll be there in a minute," he didn't like being interrupted from his game he was currently playing with me, and it was evident in his voice.

I was planning on running back outside while Sasuke-kun was busy yelling at Naruto, I was hoping to not get caught, I thought he was going to go right over... boy was I wrong. I squeaked feeling Sasuke-kun's arms around me again, pulling me to his chest. "Where are you going?"


"Aren't you forgetting something?"

'This is getting rediculous! It's like he's permanently aroused all the time!'

"Sasuke-kun, what do you mean?" I squeaked again feeling something hard rub against my bottom, and I was positive it wasn't a protective cup.

"Your knee pads? Wouldn't want you getting hurt correct?"

I had completely forgotten that was my reasoning for coming in here, when in reality I had my pads in my bag... that was outside near the volleyball court. "O-oh right, I don't think I'll need them; class is almost over and the game probably already started. I'll just go and sit in the shade, maybe read a book," I tried to wiggle out of his grasp, but his hold only tightened, making his lower body press into me harder.

"Or maybe you'd like to finish what we started."

"W-what? Sasuke, sensei might return any minute, please let go."

"But if I do that then everyone will know what you do to me... would you want everyone seeing that?"


"Then how are we going to fix the situation?" He began kissing up and down my neck, I had to bite my lip to keep from moaning at how pleasurable it felt; and oh god is was hard to keep quiet. "Sakura... well?"

'Come on, think quick or he'll jump your bones right here on the court. That's definitely not how I want my first time to be, especially with all these people watching!' I was pulled from my thoughts when I felt a rough, but very warm hand go up the back of my shirt, "Sasuke-kun!"

"Sasuke what are you doing!?"

Sasuke's hand froze just as it reached my bra, and I didn't miss the way he shivered or how his... erection completely vanished at the high pitched screech. Next thing I knew, his hand was gone and I was facing his chest and everything else in the gym; including a very red faced Karin. 'Where did she come from!? Oh wait never mind, I just found out the answer,' I glared seeing her shirt ruffled, hair was a mess, and there was a stain at the top of her way too tight bottoms... the girl clearly was off having intercourse with a boy in the class, and wasn't even trying to hide the evidence.

"What are you doing with that junior Sasuke-kun? And you, get your hands off my Sasuke-kun!"

'Slutty girl say what now? Did she just say her Sasuke? What planet does she live on?' But darn my parents for raising a lady, because I would have punched her at that minute. Sasuke must have felt how upset I was because he pulled me closer and began rubbing my back in a comforting manner; he's sweet when the time is right.

"Karin, leave... now."

"What!? But Sasuke-kun, I thought we could go have some fun before class ended... like old times, since we're not in the same class next period."

'Oh she's going to make me sick, and hello I'm standing right here you know... Sakura Haruno, Sasuke's real girlfriend!'

"Leave... now." Sasuke's voice held a bit of a bite to it as his demand left those god like lips that do things to me. Karin must have gotten what he was trying to say, with a turn up of her nose she walked away; grabbing some random guy off the court and heading back to the locker room.

'I have to admit even though I don't like her, and I mean I loath her, she just saved my virginity. With her presence so close it seem to disarouse, if that's even a word, Sasuke-kun; for that moment anyway.' And some one must love me today, because both teachers came through the door at that minute, signaling that class was over and to hit the showers. 'Thank god!' "Well Sasuke-kun I need to go change and get to our class; so you should probably let go now."

As I tried to move away, I was shocked to be pulled back into the brick wall that was his chest. "Don't think this is over yet Sakura-chan, you've been teasing me throughout class and as you can feel," he took my hand and placed it on the crotch of his pants, I was probably as red as a tomato right now and he just smirked, "I still want you." He gave me a quick kiss on the cheek and then left me, heading for the men's locker room. "See you next period Sakura-chan."

'At the rate he's going and how happy he is all the time, there's no way I'll be a virgin upon graduation... why me?'

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