Hello, everyone I'm a new author. I'm not new to the site, I have just never posted any of my stories. So if I screw up because I don't know what I'm doing and learning as I go, then sorry. This fic is based off of Z-Skit Theater created by Twilight Scribe. Only this layout will be different, where each character will be assigned a text formant and I will not change it. I will always post the text for the characters in each chapter, so don't worry about memorizing them.

Disclaimer: I do not own Tales of Vesperia, just my ideas.

Yuri will always be normal, Estelle italic, Karol bold, Judith underlined and italic, Rita bold and italic, Raven underlined, and Repede bold, underlined, and italic.

This skit is to be played after you see the 'Gald Skits', and Raven has missed hitting the enemy 200 times.

You crippled old man! –frustrated movement back and forth-

What? Wha'd I do this time darlin'?

You can't hit a monster two feet in front of you!

When they're that close I slice 'em with my knife.

Aaarrrrgh! I could do a better job than you. Give me that bow!

Its not MY fault. I'm not as young as I used to be.

-lunges at Raven-

-moves back and avoids Rita- Stop it! Its mine!

No, its mine!

Is your name on it?


See I thought so—Wait, wha? These old ears aren't hearing right. Did you just

say… -Surprised and picture enlarges and shrinks-

Yes!-lunges at Raven again and knocks him on his side and dashes off screen-

-On his side- Hey! Ow! Why does every one hate this old man? –sigh-

Author's Note: The Gald skit is the one where the party discusses Rita writing her name on all of the money, equipment, and even the gels. O_O;

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