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Good News


Cool hands smoothed away the hair from my eyes as darkness spilled into my bedroom from the open window. Renée's face hovered above mine, smiling softy at me as I struggled to leave the fog of my dream behind. Images remained in my head as I looked at the clock and back at my mother in confusion.

"I'm getting the earlier plane, you know I don't do well with big goodbyes." Her fingers twirled through my hair and she stared at me sadly. "Take care of Charlie. I love you."

"Love you too Mom." I managed to croak out as she all but sprinted from the room. Renée's visits were getting shorter and fewer. Not that I could blame her, it must be hard to come back to a town once you fight with all your might to leave it and not look back. Her visits were hard for Charlie too, considering my theory that he never got over her.

When I moved back to Forks a little over a year ago he was living the bachelor lifestyle, with no sign of a woman. The house was obviously neglected, the only new item was the massive flat screen he had bolted to the wall in the living room. All the better to watch the games on with a beer in hand and Billy at his side.

It took me a good month before he would relinquish the purse strings and let me do the shopping and cooking. It made me feel like I was contributing something at least, other than being a burden. He was pretty shocked when I announced I wanted to move to Forks but he let me do it and does his best. We both fell into a pretty easy routine, he doesn't ask questions and I cook his dinner.

Sleep came quickly after I had listened to Charlie throw luggage into the car and whisper softly to Renée before driving her away. And just like every night I dreamt of him.

Who he was I could not tell you, but I could tell you the very colour of his eyes, the set of his brow, the feel of his hair as I sank my hands into it, the smell of his neck, the thrilling feeling of desire ripping through me as he softly grazed my neck and how safe and loved and wanted I felt when he was above me, his body pressed down onto mine and his fierce green eyes staring searching my own like they held the answer to life itself.

Every morning I awoke panting in desire and every morning I was alone in my bed. Such a man could not exist; no one I had ever met had aroused such passion in me. Alice was obsessed with my dreams. On the drive to school she would ask me about them, and I would giddily divulge all of the sordid details because that's how it is with Alice. When she asked you a question you couldn't help but to answer truthfully. Her enthusiasm for everything was infectious.

This morning was different however. She was sitting at the kitchen table when I stumbled down the stairs, narrowly avoiding falling down them yet again.

"Morning Sunshine." She grinned at me. "How are you?"

"Sleepy. Hungry. Dopey." Waffles and cereal sat on the table and I frowned down at it, recognising Charlie's handiwork.

"Will the other dwarfs be joining us today?" Alice snickered at me.

"Give them time to wake up." I retorted. "Where's Charlie?"

"He left for work already, seemed pretty stoic, not that he doesn't most of the time anyway, but still." She picked at a bowl of dry cereal and checked her phone. "Move your ass slow coach, don't wanna be late for school!"

"What you really mean is that you don't want to be late for Jasper." I ran back up to my room and readied myself for school.

"So, you ok? With Renée taking off early?" Alice peered at me in concern as we drove to school.

"Yeah, I guess. I mean, I knew she wasn't going to stay as long as she said she would. I reckon Phil called her and she couldn't be away from him for long." I rolled my eyes. My mother was more of a teenager with guys than I was.

"I know what she means." Alice sighed and I knew she was thinking about Jasper. They had been joined at the hip since long before I rocked up to Forks, you would think they were born for the sole purpose of finding each other. Which is bizarre, because you will never meet two people more unlike. Jasper was the anti-Alice. He was the calm, to her frenzy. Alice gives off energy constantly, and one part of her is always moving whether it is her mouth as she enthuses about something or her fingers tapping impatiently in class.

Jasper on the other hand could stand still for hours on end. I have my suspicions that he actually does. He is stealthy as well, the one person who is guaranteed to appear from nowhere and scare the shit out of you.

"Did you dream again last night?" I glanced at her out of the corner of my eye and spotted her trying to look nonchalant.

"When in the last three months have I not had that dream? I swear you get off on it more than I do."

"There is no law against that is there?" She giggled infectiously. "I'm still amazed that you're having these dreams at all."

"Tell me about it." Sighing, I turned the truck into the school parking lot. I could feel the radiance of Alice's smile as I parked the car which told me she had spotted Jasper. It only took me a second to find him myself, standing patient and still beside his sisters bright red car with a smile matching Alice's.

He pushed himself away from the car and opened the truck door for Alice, offering his hand.

"Good morning beautiful." He placed a light kiss on her lips. "Morning Bells. Dream well last night?" He sniggered at me as I blushed a bright crimson. Of course Alice told him about the dreams, I should have guessed.

We fell into step as we headed to class. Alice and Jasper clasping hands lightly, chattered like birds as I tried to avoid the stare of Mike Newton.

"Oh, guess what?" Jasper stopped walking and turned to face us. "I got an email last night and I have pretty good news....."


Forks. Forks. Forks. Fucking Forks. How very typical. Just as I begin to settle in here in Chicago Carlisle has to have a change of mind and uproot us all. Yet again. I really should be used to this kind of stunt. It's happened countless times in the course of the last five years. Though it does appear that he is beginning to form a circle, as he is dragging us back to where we began. Forks.

We lived there when I was a child. Since Carlisle and Esme adopted me until I was 12. He pulled Emmett and I out of school and moved us to Alaska to stay with relatives for some reason. Then it was Edinburgh for half a year, then back to the States. Never staying in one place for more than five months until we settled in Chicago for the past year and a half.

I was always on edge, expecting the word that we would be moving again, never making friends, never making attachments. A set of rules I had been living by since we left Forks. At least I would be returning to my one constant friend. Jasper and I had never lost touch, and I was looking forward to seeing him again, but that was the only upside to this debacle.

Emmett didn't care; he was easy about where we lived. He made attachments easily and broke them just as simply. I guess being the jock type enabled that kind of living. A readymade group of drinking buddies and conquests await him in every school we enrol in. It amuses and disgusts me in equal measure.

Carlisle didn't mess about when he told us either.

"We are moving to Forks again. Esme misses the small town lifestyle and we still hold a house there." His nervous eyes betrayed the confidence in his voice, as our "leader", so to speak, he had to show no weakness. There would be no arguments, his tone commanded.

"What the fuck?!" I spat out in shock, regretting that I did because Esme was beside me and quick with the slap on the back of my head. My hand went into my hair and rubbed the stinging spot. "I'm sorry. But, what? Why? When? When will we ever stop moving?"

"Edward, we promise that this will be the last move, at least until Emmett and yourself graduate." Esme responded in her quiet and sure voice. I was pretty confident that this was what Carlisle had said about the move to Chicago, verbatim.

"Can I have that in writing?" I mumbled to myself.

"When do we go?" Asked Emmett, seemingly unbothered by leaving behind even more people.

"One week." Carlisle informed us. "We will be back in the mansion."

The mansion. The first home that I really remember. In the years since I have never quite been able to forget the feeling of safety that home afforded me. A sanctuary after my broken early years. I could visualise my room, the comfort, the light. It is perfect for sketching the surrounding forest. Another good point. I am getting quite adept at finding the few good points of moving. No matter how small. It is the only way to survive, even though I am yet again thrown into a spin. Will I ever be able to settle and be comfortable anywhere?

As soon as we had finalised the move I went to my room. Throwing myself onto the bed I quickly wrote an email to Jasper and lay on my back, hands beneath my head, staring at the ceiling deep in thought.

This bed. I would miss this bed. Carlisle usually had us leave larger items in the houses we left behind. With any luck I would convince him I needed this bed, if memory served my bed at the mansion in Forks was a single made for a child. Mental note made I drifted off to sleep thinking about how to pack my hundreds of books and CDs. And then, like every night, I dreamt of her.

Inhaling the scent of her strawberry hair she would crush her body against mine, feeling my arousal against her stomach. Blush would creep across her translucent skin before we would be lost in a tangle of limbs, each trying to touch everywhere at once, our lips bruising from the passion we could not control. Her eyes would close as I graze her neck, kissing down to her chest. Every morning would find me panting with uncontained arousal, the final image staying with me all day until it started all over again. That final image of her face from above flushed with pleasure, biting her lip before whispering my name in a sigh and fixing her chocolate brown eyes on mine.

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