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Chapter 10: Somebody's watching me

No matter what I did over the next three weeks I couldn't shake the feeling I had gotten Christmas night after Edward left. No matter where I was at home or at school or even in the grocery I always felt like there was someone there, watching, waiting. I didn't know what to think, I have a tendency to over react and jump to conclusions…but in this case I was beginning to think I was right. I finally said something to Alice about it one morning before I left for work.

"I'm sure it's nothing Bella." Alice said placing Evelyn in her highchair and pulling a bowl of oatmeal from the microwave.

"Yea but Alice it's been three weeks and I just can't shake it." I said taking a bit of apple as I pilled the tests I had finished grading the night before into my bag.

"Well I don't know what to tell ya." Alice shrugged and fed Evelyn a bite of her breakfast. I sighed; I didn't know what to do.

"Just keep your eye out okay? If you take her to the park or anything. Please?" I asked kissing Evelyn on the head as I headed towards the door.

"I will." Alice said waving.

"OH! I know you have that meeting today so drop her at the hospital. Edward gets off early today and he said he would bring her home with him so you're not running late." Alice nodded. With one final kiss to my daughter and goodbye to my best friend I left the house.

I pulled into my parking spot and got out of the car. I reached in and grabbed my bag and as I stood up I saw a movement out of the corner of my eye. I turned quickly towards the tree line to my right but saw nothing. My eyes searched the trees, trying in vain to see what they hid.

"Hey Bella!" A voice called to my left. I turned to see Angela, a good friend from high school who taught math getting out of her car. "How was your weekend?"

"Not too bad, how about yours?" I asked closing my car and locking it, twice, pushing thoughts of the movement in the trees out of my head, and focusing on the conversation and the day a head.

"Alright. How's that beautiful doctor of yours?" She asked with a wink and a laugh.

"Good, we are going out to dinner tomorrow night. Which should be nice…it always is." Laughing we walked up the steps and into the much warmer school. Eyes burning holes in my back the whole way.


I closed the door to Evelyn's room quietly and slipped back into Bella's room. It was late, after 2am; Evelyn had awoken screaming, in a way very much unlike her. I told Bella to go back to sleep and I went to comfort her. When I had walked into her room she had been standing in her crib tears streaming from her eyes with the saddest look on her face, when she saw me she lifted her arms to me and sobbed. I had scooped her up from the crib and sat with her in the chair until she had calmed down. She had fallen back to sleep with her head on my shoulder and one hand clenching my finger. I sat holding her for a few moments to be sure she was really asleep before I put her back in her crib.

"She okay?" Bella asked me as I slipped into bed next to her pulling her into my arms. I kissed her hair.

"She's fine," I assured her. "Just a bad dream." She sighed and turned to curl into my chest, turning her face up slightly she pressed her soft lips to mine gently.

"Love you," she whispered against my lips.

"I love you too." I smiled.

We lay there quietly for a while and just when I thought Bella was asleep suddenly she sat up and threw one leg over my hips to straddle my waist. She bent her head and captured my lips in her soft ones. She warm tongue slipping into my mouth as she ground her hips down on me. I felt myself grow hard between her legs. She moaned when she felt it too and rubbed a little harder.

My hands found their way quickly to the hem of my shirt that she had pulled on before we got into to bed. She pulled back so I could pull the fabric over her head and throw it off the bed. I reached up and palmed her breast pinching her nipples causing her to moan my name and grind down against me again. I sat up quickly pulling her right breast into my mouth swirling my tongue around her nipple, her hands went to my hair pulling my face closer to her. My name fell from her lips again and again as I lavished both of her breasts with equal attention. Wanting to feel more of her, my hand slid down her stomach to the top of her boy shorts and I slipped it in and began to rub circles around her clit, making her back arch and her moans come louder and her breaths faster. I slipped two fingers inside of her, feeling her wet walls close around me as I moved them in and out of her.

Her small hands fell between our bodies and wrapped tightly around my cock. I couldn't hold back the small groan that escaped my lips as her fingers brushed over its swollen head as her hand moved up and down. Her strokes became faster and I could feel her orgasm growing closer. Using my free hand I pinched and circle her clit a few times as her moans grew louder.

"God….Edward…mmm...I'm gonna…Oh God." Bella moaned as my fingers pumped her faster, curving slightly to hit just the right spot inside of her. Leaning forward I pulled her nipple into my mouth again and bit down ever so slightly. This was just enough to send her over the edge, her walls clenched around my fingers as she called my name, her whole body shaking as she rode out the waves of pleasure.

I pulled my fingers out of her as she tried to catch her breath. She brought her lips to mine and kissed me deeply her chest still heaving. Bella's hands were still on my dick and she rubbed my now aching erection slowly. I moaned against her lips. She ran her fingers over the swollen head, electing more moans from me. Her lips left mine traveling down my neck to kiss and nibble her way to my nipples which she licked and bit gently, I gasped as her teeth bit down on my right nipple sharply and her tongue then followed to lick it in a soothing way. She slipped her mouth lower kissing my belly button as she moved down my body. Her brown eyes locked with mine as she slipped my boxers down freeing me from their confines; slowly she flicked out her tongue to lick to tip of my penis. I groaned as she repeated her actions this time wrapping her small warm hands around my length and taking my tip into her mouth. I felt my eyes roll back into my head as she lowered her mouth down taking more of me into her mouth. My hand wound into her soft hair as I guided her up and down on me.

After just a few amazing minuets of her mouth working magic on my body I pulled her head up and kissed her hard. When I pulled back we were both panting hard.

"God Bella you're so fucking amazing." I pulled her underwear off swiftly my fingers rolling over her clit making her moan and arch off the bed. Spreading her legs I settled myself between them, my tip resting on her wet and ready entrance. She looked up at me with lust clouded eyes and with a sexy smirk she wrapped her legs around my wait pulling me deep inside of her. We both moaned and she shifted a little adjusting to me being inside her.

"Edward," she gasped as I pulled out and pushed back into her roughly. Her hands gripped my arms her nails digging into my skin as I thrust into her again and again. I lifted one hand to cup her breast and pinch her nipple. She cried out and dug her nails in deeper. I felt her slick walls clamp down around me as a moved within her. I knew she was getting close and so was I. But I had be sure she came before I did.

I moved my hand from her breast in between our bodies and rubbed her clit a few quick times. Her back arched off the bed and she called my name as her walls tightened down on me and she came. My release followed shortly after. I thrust into her three more times before her panting and soft moans had me following her into pleasure. I lay down to her side pulling her with me but not withdrawing from her.

Bella rested her head on my chest and sighed softly. I kissed her head and soon fell asleep.


Something wasn't right. I could feel it when we reached Forks. The movie had been good and dinner had been wonderful but the sense of foreboding never left my mind. Alice had told me that she had everything under control, Evelyn had been happily playing when we left the house but as we climbing into the Volvo and drove away the feeling of being watched was so strong that I was checking over my shoulder the whole drive to the highway.

"Edward." My voice shook slightly with fear. He looked at me. "Some things wrong. I don't know what but we need to get home…now." He nodded and pressed the gas down. Forks maybe a small town but it seemed like forever before we got to the house. I was unbuckled and out of the car before Edward had even pulled the parking break. As I ran to the door I stumbled but before I could go down on the driveway Edward was next to me catching me and setting me right.

The front door was open and the rug by the door was pushed against the wall. Fear gripped my heart as I screamed for Alice. Edward was moving down the hall towards the kitchen when he stopped dead in the door way. I rushed to him tears filling my eyes and I rounded the corner to face the kitchen.

"Alice!" I screamed again running to her side. She was crumpled on the floor, her jeans covered in pasta sauce that will spilled on the floor around her, her white shirt stained red and I couldn't tell if it was sauce or blood.

Edward was checking her breathing and her pulse when she moaned and began to move.

"Bella?" Her voice was soft. Edward helped her sit slowly and her eyes became more and more focused.

"What happened Alice? Where's Evie?" Edward asked gently as his cousin glanced at between us. Suddenly she burst into tears and my fear spiked again.

"I couldn't stop him. He was suddenly in the house." She cried. Edward looked shocked and I felt dizzy. No, no this couldn't be happening. "He just kept saying she was his. I fought him off as best I could. I threw the sauce at him. Evie was crying upstairs and he looked so shocked at the sauce that I thought I had a chance to get her but before I could get out of the kitchen he grabbed me and threw me down. My head hit the stove as I went down. God Bella I'm so sorry." She sobbed.

"Who was it Alice?" I asked as Edward pulled out his phone and dialed 911. I knew the answer before she even said anything, but I had to hear it out loud.


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