The surprise wedding had turned out to be quite the party afterwards. Clarisse and Joe happily mingled with their guests, while saying hello and thanking them for coming to the wedding. Once they were able to sit down and have a quick moment to themselves the newlyweds were interrupted by the clanging of utensils on glasses signaling them to kiss. The couple graciously responded each time enjoying their public display of affection.

While Clarisse and Joe danced as husband and wife the Prime Minister approached Mia at the table.

"Your Highness, Mrs. Motaz and I were wondering if the gift we were going to give to you and Andrew could possibly go to the Queen and Joe as long as it is alright with you?"

"Oh that's a great idea!" Where is the present?" she asked.

"Here." He said while reaching into his jacket and pulling out a scarlet red envelope with the Genovian shield on the cover.

"May I look?" She said while opening the envelope making sure not to bend the materials inside.

"Of course Your Highness."

"Oh wow they are going to love it!" she exclaimed after reading the destination on the two tickets provided. The Caribbean!!! Oh my god now I wish I had gotten married after all, she said teasing the Prime Minister and his wife.

"You may certainly give this to them after all they deserve it."

"Thank you Your Highness that is very kind of you," said the Prime Minister placing the envelope back into his jacket.

"It's not a problem at all besides who would I go with?" Mia jokingly replied. At that moment she had just then thought of Nicholas who had disappeared after the whole thing with his uncle at the church.

"Where had he gone?" she wondered to herself.
Mia glanced at the dance floor where Joe had just placed Clarisse in a graceful dip after twirling her around like the queen she was.

"They are something aren't they?" Mia turned and smiled at Charlotte's comment. "Yes they are quite the couple. And to think they thought they were being so slick behind our backs. Ha!"

"Did you have a feeling all along Princess?" asked Charlotte

"Yeah I guess I did. There were looks and gestures that made me think they were attracted to one another."

"Oh please!" said Charlotte. Glances and gestures? Is that all you saw? I on the other hand have walked in on some pretty heated moments and when not noticed I would just back out quietly."
The two women laughed.

"Well I'm happy they can be themselves now and not have to hide their emotions," said Mia

At that moment a song she recognized began to play. It took her a few seconds but then she realized it was the waltz she had first danced with Nicholas to. Looking up from talking to Charlotte, Mia noticed a figure walking toward her.

"May I have this dance Your Highness?" said a voice she knew well

Smiling Mia rose gracefully from her seat and approached Nicholas. "I guess you may after that little speech you gave before in my honor. By the way have I told you that you have impeccable timing Sir?"

"So you've said." He replied with a huge smile on his face.

"Oh I see you've made it Nicholas. Wonderful!" Clarisse gleefully said while walking over to them securely holding Joe's hand.

"Your Majesty I would not miss it for the world. Congratulations!"

"Thank you my dear", she replied.

"Yes thank you Nick, it means a lot," said Joe

"And I see you've also come to your senses about my granddaughter being Queen." Clarisse said with a playful smirk.

"Why yes I have," he blushed "I meant it when I said her face would look wonderful on a postage stamp."

"That's because she's beautiful like her gorgeous grandmother over here." Joe said while wrapping Clarisse around the waist and pulling her close.

"Now if you don't mind my love I would like to dance with my new granddaughter." Joe said.
"Well I guess so," Clarisse teased before kissing him on the lips.

Mia and Nicholas just glanced at each other wishing they could just do the same.

"Your Majesty would you care to dance?" Nicholas politely asked Clarisse

"Certainly you may dance with the bride," she answered smiling happily.

Joe glanced at his new wife dancing with Nicholas and got caught up in the moment because of how she looked.

"My God look at you Joe. You do have it bad for grandma don't you?" Mia exclaimed teasing him.

"I definitely do Mia and you know Nicholas is a great guy for you. If there were someone I would want to see you with it would be him."

"Really Joe?" You mean it?"

"Yes Mia I do. I didn't like him at first but then I found it was his fool of an uncle that had it out for the crown."

"Well Joe that means a lot coming from you." Mia said before being spun around and laughing hysterically.

Mia's laughter caught both Nicholas's and Clarisse ears. They turned to see them laughing and enjoying themselves. Clarisse smiled and got a tear in her eye as she watched the two people she loved the most having fun.

She was brought back to the young man dancing with her when he said "Your Majesty you are an exceptional dancer."

"Well thank you Nicky but wait till you see me do the electric slide," she said laughing. "Mia taught me."

"Oh that would be something to see Your Majesty." Nick replied.

After the couples had stopped dancing for dinner the Prime Minister and his wife approached the bride and groom.

Noticing them walking up to the table Mia motioned for Lionel to grab the mike from the band.
Once she had it in her hand Mia passed it on to the Prime Minister.

"Ladies and Gentlemen a present for the bride and groom!" After handing Joe the envelope the Prime Minister exclaimed "Maestro drum roll please?"

Once opened both Clarisse and Joe mouths dropped. "Oh my gosh!" Clarisse exclaimed overjoyed by their generous present. "This is wonderful! Thank you so much!" said Joe

"Your plane leaves in 2 hours so we can all see you off!" Mia shouted

"Well we better go pack then." Clarisse said looking at Joseph.

"Not to worry Your Majesty both yours and Joe's things will be taken care of just enjoy the reception," reassured Charlotte.

"Oh thank you Charlotte. What would I do without you?" Clarisse said giving her hug.

The party went on with everyone having a wonderful time. Then the time had come for Clarisse and Joe to leave for their honeymoon. Ecstatic they waited as everyone went out onto the front steps of the palace.

Whispering for Clarisse's attention, Mia called her over to where she was standing by herself. "Pssst! Grandma."

Clarisse noticed her and whispered, "What? What is it Mia?"

"This is a little something for you for tonight." She said handing her a little white bag that said Bride.

"What, what do you mean for tonight?" Clarisse said curiously.

"Oh come on grandma you needed something sexy for tonight so right after the wedding I sent Olivia out to the lingerie store to get something for you. She knows your size being your dressing maid and I described to her what to get that would be appropriate."

"Oh God Mia you didn't!"

"Oh yes I did, but don't worry it's not that sleazy." Mia reassured.

All Clarisse could do was laugh. "Oh Mia my love you are one of a kind. I love you so much."

"I know grandma now go and have fun." She said pushing Clarisse towards Joe.

"What's that?" Joe asked pointing to the bag.

"Oh you'll see," said Mia winking at Joe

"Oh can't wait!", he replied flirtatiously nudging Clarisse making her blush and giggle.

As the couple made their way outside of the palace they rushed through a throng of their guests who were throwing rice and blowing bubbles. They got down the stairs and stood by the limo waving at those who enthusiastically were cheering them on. Mia rushed down and gave them each a kiss and a hug before she made her way back up the steps. Standing at the railing between Charlotte and Nicholas she jumped up and down in her supposed wedding dress, waved, and blew kisses to her grandparents.

The car began to pull away but then it stopped and reversed.

Clarisse got out of the car turned her back to the guests and threw her bouquet of roses over her head.

When she turned around Mia was standing there holding it in her hands blushing and happy she that she caught the bouquet.

"You better be good." Clarisse then playfully shouted and pointed at her.

"I will. Don't worry about me," and they noticably winked at each other.

The limo pulled away with the couple waving out the sunroof. After going a few meters the guests could see Clarisse sit back down. All of a sudden Joe disappeared from the sunroof as if being pulled down by his tie.

The guests began to file back inside when Mia glanced at Nicholas.

"So what are we going to do about this bouquet you caught?" he asked.

"I think we'll figure something out." She playfully suggested while they walked back inside arm in arm.