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By: CheeryxoTigger

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AN: Well hi my name is CherryxoTigger and I'm a huge brucas fan. So if you read my profile you will understand. Anyways I am seriously dying because of one tree hill these days. First of all PUCAS is sucking so much it even isnt funny anymore. I mean at least in season 4 lucas talked to somebody besides peyton but now thats all he does I mean with the execption of julian or his dad or whatever director he picks. And nathan with this basketall scenario is how old already? Plus Haley doesnt even have a stroyline anymore becasue the only thing she can do now is cheer on pucas and their spawn of satan and pimp chase and mia (Oh yea who cares about them anywyas)

And Brooke .. dont get me started on how their treating Brooke Penelope Davis. With just throwing children on her and setting her up with these one hit wonders( browen, brase bruilan). Not that I dont like julian but he just isnt Lucas. I mean she got her store broken in for what? for Lucas to save her ? NO... for anyone to save her..NO? for her to give up her line and have nothing happen with the new one ( execpt for lucas' movie) WTF? And not that I dont like sam its just why are they giving her all these kids that arent even hers and giving her nobody to help her.

Plus the whole millicent and owen? Why cant they just give her friends who wont sleep with her boyfriends and ex's.. Its like mark likes to see her in pain where as peyton has everything she wants and is suppose to have : Lucas, the house, the ring and the baby. Plus did keith even meet peyton to have his ring on and plus when did karen have any bonding peyton? Thats a Big NOOOOOOOOO... Plus pucas even only talks to her when they want something. Its just mark is going everywhere with these stroylines?

1. He bulit up that brucas friendship for what. To just forget about it whe he decided to get engaged to petywhore? he didnt even relaize she was hurting with those bruises. Plus Jamie asking if he and brooke had a history for what? To make us keep wacthing his sucky show.

2. Calling peyton " Pretty Girl".. Omg when I heard that me and my sister looked at each other and she knew I was about to explode. I started beating the floor and screaming a little becasue that was just a slap to the face. My mom had to come into the room and asked if I was ok because I was making so much more. Jezz cant mark come up with any nicknames for pucas.. I mean recycling brucas' nicknames.. now thats sad.

3. Showing some brathan friendship then just act like it didnt even happen. Plus jamie and brooke dont even hang out anymore. Jamie doesnt hang out with skillz anymore either. Then Haley ( now becoming like Peyton) only talks to brooke when she wants something. I miss Baley friendship so much.... Even rachel and the whole drug thing whta happened to that. Plus haley and lucas' friendship.. I dont even know what to say about that. And mark made this show where as lucas and brooke probaly dont even know each other. Plus peyton saying mama. and calling lucas her baby daddy. I mean leave that talk to skillz please.

And to finish my oth rant and probaly longest Authors Note. I am seriously hating OTH.. I mean when I started watching this show this is all I could think about and talk to my friends about. So when people came around us they didnt even have to ask what we were talking about because they knew it was One Tree Hill.

But now the show doesnt even have any substance. Its likes he forgets the old season when he starts a new one. And everything that happened in season 5 didnt even exist. And thats how he acted for season 4. He totally forgot about seasons1-3. I mean seriously he needs to sit back and wacth over every season becasue I have and nothing seems right and this season is almost over for him to change anything thats porbaly why I heard chad didnt sign for season 7.

But he needs to really re-evalute the show and get back to the beginning where the show was something people could acutally relate to it and its not a soap opera. I mean we knew they were gonna grow up but at least stick to what he wrote becasue he's losing fans ( brucas fans to be specific) and fast. And I'm a brucas fan to death and they arent even talking in this season so to fill the void OTH is making in my heart from lack of brucas. I have an idea. If mark doesnt want to give us brucas were gonna give our self brucas. I mean we have fanfiction. So I mean the less he gives us the more we write and I have a story at the moment but I dont think writing is my thing so I'll leave it to the real authors but I do have some Ideas and here they are:

xoxo..Why Does The Wrong Feel So Right..xoxo

Summary: Brooke Davis. What can you say about her. Beautiful, Sexy, Smart, A fashionista, your teacher.. You can say all of these things. She loves children and fashion. So while fashion is placed to the side she's persuing her other passion and thats teaching. But thats just the problem. Her passion for teching is being intefered with the new passion thats growing for a certain blue-eyed blonde brooder STUDENT!!! Morals, Codes, Reputations and are all thrown out of the window when it comes to Lucas Roe. So will she to the right thing and be his teacher or do what her heart thinks is the right and and surender and give herself to him? With all the drama thats going Tree Hill will she even survive?

The story will consist of everyone from the show. To sum up everthing Brooke went to F.I.T and she has her degree but her parents wont support her for her clothing line " Clothes Ova Bro's" becasue they think she cant make it. She paid for her own college tution but she needed more money to start her fashion line. So she moved back home to Tree Hill to be a teacher and wacth her little brother Nathan. She's 20 but she's gonna turn 21 in 8 months and the only friend she has in Tree Hill is Rachel. Rachel's the health class teacher (obviously cause she likes sex) and she was the one who told brooke to come back to tree hill. Rachel is married to Brooke's older brother Cooper. Dan and Deb are her parents and they love Brooke but they dont want her to be a fashion desinger.

They want her to become a house wife. To the one and only Felix Tagarro. He works for Dan at Dan Scott motors and is heir to his dads fortune. He's a 23 and came to help wacth his sisters: Anna and Peyton. His parents got divorce after it got to much of the rumors of anna being a lesbian even though it wasnt true. Anna's straight as aan arrow so her and her mom went to tree hill and she quickly formed a friendship with peyton. who's dad was single and meet anna's mom and they got married. So felix had to accept it or he wouldnt get his dad's money and that wasnt a option if he wanted dan's permisson to go after brooke.

But brooke doenst want to marry felix so she needs to start getting her fashion line started so that she isnt forced to marry him. Nathan doesnt like felix either and doesnt know that brooke's gonna be his english lit teacher for senior year. Only Brooke, Rachel and Cooper know. Nathan is somewhat the old nathan from season 1 but is changing and becoming a man thanks to the one and only Haley james. Brooke doesnt like her yet because she thinks someone will break his heart again. And the person is none other than nik, Nicole, Nikki, or the other slut as they used to call her. Nathan had a relationship with her when he was 15 and lovestoned and she was 18 and wild and free like her and rachel.

They broke up because she hooked up with brooke's highschool sweethart Jake. Her and Jake broke up graduation night and thats when nikki and nathan broke up and thats the night she told jake she was pregant. After two years with jake and jenny it got to much for her and she left to go to new york. She and brooke became friends again but unknown to brooke she didnt know her and jake had a baby. Nikki came back to tree hill and works for karen. Karen is brooke's godmother and keith is he godfather. She worked at her cafe for all of her high school life with her mother who ran the "Karen's cafe" in tree hill while Karen ran the other on in charleston.

Karen lived in Tree Hill until the birth of her son. Lucas. He is the the notoruis " Bad Boy" in charleston so they were trying to think of a new place to live because of lucas' reputation of sleeping with girls and older women and extreme partying plus just getting into a lot of trouble. But they came to decision to move back to Tree Hill thanks to lucas' bestfriend Jake. After Jake moved from tree hill he got a job at keith's body shop and thats where he met jake. He's jenny's godfather and hates nikki since she left. He also wants to go to tree hill because his bestfriend haley's there. They were bestfriends since they were in diapers but after he moved away they drifted apart for a little while but became bestfriends again after he visted tree hill a couple of times.

But they talk via web chat and they have long telephone calls but he thinks he needs to go back because he doesnt like nathan and feels protective of haley because he hasnt talked to nathan since he visted a year ago and thats when he meet the cocky, arrogant, self rightous player nathan. Also his cousin Chris Keller lives with him. His parents died in a car accidnet when he was 13 so now he lives with karen and keith. His mom was a singer and his dad played the guitar so to live up to there legacy he wants to become a musican so he started a band with him and lucas' friend which consist of : Mouth, chase adams and sillz. And their other friends just wacth: fergie and junk.

Then there's Taylor James. She was apart of the four popular girls. They were called the " Cliquez". Brooke Davis was the Queen Bee. Rachel was the princess and nikki and taylor fought to be the dutchess. Taylor was a very promiscous girl. So she was Nathan's first. it happened at brooke's 18th blow-out birthday. The party was 3 days. The first one in miami, then The Bahamas, and finished in Vegas. Nathan was pissed at nikki and she was just pissed at brooke for this big party and all the attention she got even though she made the " Cliquez" V.I.P and known at the party just as much as her. So she and nathan slept together in vegas but didnt tell brooke becuase she would cut off nathan's"family jewles" if she found out he slept with taylor and becasue brooke could make taylor's life a living hell if she found out she slept with her little brother and nikki's boyfriend at the moment.

So from then on taylor didnt hang out with nathan and they swore to never tell brooke. But she's getting a little jealous that her mousy little sister Haley " Tutor Girl" James got him. Haley was always a shy girl but once she started tutoring nathan they fell in love. She got her name tutor girl from brooke becasue she didnt care to remember haley's name becasue she wasnt that popular. But when she went to college and came on break and nathan told her he was dating her brooke never liked her after that but she doesnt know why and nathan wont tell her becasue that means he would have to tell her about nikki.

Also Brooke is staying with her Nana Davis because she doesnt want her parents to know that she's gonna be teacher so that they cant sabatoge it. Her grandpapa died when she was 2 years old and her nana was devasted until she meet a new man. After 2 years of dating she got married to Whitey. Now he and Brooke have a great relationship. He also asked her to be the cheer team's new coach. But senior years rolling around and Lucas is moving to tree hill with all his friends and chris. Jake's coming back with his daughter and Brooke is gonna be tree hill's new englisht literature teacher with all the drama's that going on.



Lucas , Nathan, Haley and Peyton are 18.

Anna's 15

Felix and Copper are 23

Brooke , Rachel, Nikki and Taylor are 20

Keith, Karen, Deb and Dan are 40

Nana Davis is 60 and so is Whitey

Other stuff:

Brooke uses Deb's madien name davis because she didnt want people to judge her because her last name is Scott. Where in that town if your name is Scott you get everything handed to you by the snap of your fingers.

Lucas last name is Roe. Keith and Karen are Roe and he and dan are best friends thats why he is brooke's godparents.

Brooke , Rachel, Taylor and Nikki are bestfriends.

Jake is Brooke's high school sweethart and he still loves her. She also doesnt know about Jenny

Brooke doesnt know that Nikki left Jake and Jenny thats why she's still her friend.

Haley knows brooke becuase she was Taylor's Bestfriend.

Haley knows Nikki but she doesnt know that jenny's mom is Nikki.

Deb runs Karen's Cafe and Nikki works there and sometimes brooke.

What I want for this story:

I didnt even think I could connect all the chracters in this story but I did. I might write a chapter or prolouge and let the person whose gonna write it see how I want it. I'm not really a good writer but I know some awesome people who could. I want this story to me like my favorite stories. I like long chapters and chapters filled with drama. Also this with all the drama going on in this fic it should be like a T rated or M if thats what the person want story. I also like comedy in a story like this so with rachel and brooke together in a story it should be a hella funny. I would also help with the ideas for the chapter becuase in my head i can see how its gonna be played out. So I could help with it but not like co write chapters because guys I dont think I'm a good writer just a person who can come up with good ideas. I have more ideas but I am just letting everybody know that I'll be giving us brucas writers some ideas because mark is not gonna make one tree hill bad for me anymore. So if anyones intrested just pm me and we'll talk

Perfered Authors:

Not that I dont think anyone could make this a sick drama filled story but its just that I have a few people in mind who are known for stories like this:


This guy is my most favorite author of all on fanfiction. Seriously I've saved all of his stories on my laptop and I read them everyday I come home for school. I love everything he writes. I also read his blog . ( OMG!! a must read). This dude writing is amazing. he can come up with the jokiest stuff and come up with the hottest scenes you'll ever read and I swear that on my life. He also has really long stories and they are funny, crazy, and awesome just like him. I mean if you just read his profile you'll think he's a crazy mother chucker( love that gossip girl quote). but unforutanely he's on a hiatus. DAMN IT!! But he'll be back soon but if it was anyone I would want to write the story it would be him. But he has alot of stories going on and I wouldnt want to distract him from any of it cas he has some of my favorite stories on hold and I need him to keep writing. But this dude is hella crazy but read his stories. He's the most amazing author. I cant even describe how awesome he is but just read his stuff because its good.


I love hannah's work . I love her stories they're just great and I love the way she comes up with crazy scenario's. She just haves a great style of writing and thats why I would love for her to write this story. She has really great work so you guys should totally read it. Also i would a writer who can make this a T or M rated fic and just like Toddntan she can make really good " grown up scenes" so it would be totally great of she write it.

TypoKwen and Justlikebrooke:

I read their seprate work and their combined work and if you put these two together then you have a awesome story. I mean TypoKween's " weight of the word"and justlikebrooke's " Show me heaven" are like one of my favorite stories on fanfiction. Plus comfortable liar is one of my favorite stories. I mean what girl wouldnt like a NBL triangle? dont know but these two authors are amazing authors and it would me a privaliege if they would write this.


OMG I just love this girl her stories are just great. They're funny and just crazii. she is a great author. My favorite stories are " We Belong Together" she is a great author and her writing this story woud just be great.

Also some other great others are :



Brucas 2006

Brooke D.






And many others....

I have many other ideas but I just want to give out the notice to the brucas writers becasue were coming up and nobody will stop us...LOL..... See ya later.. and Anyone intrested just pm me

I think I added a little bit more info than I should have because this is a brucas stroy. And its about how brooke falls for lucas but its wrong because she's his teacher. They're the main focus of this story and the others are just for the drama. I just want everyone one to know that. To me I think its a sexual story because lucas will want brooke but he will want her even more because he's his teacher and she will feel really guilty because she's his teacher. But I just want everyone to know their the main focus.




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