Kakashi: *does tiny score pull with his arm*

Naruto: O.o W-what?! Nobody informed me of this! I will not allow this! (=.=)

Kakashi: I'll teach you a new jutsu...

Naruto: Really?! YEAH! *skips off after Kakashi*

Takashi: Okay, now tha' that's been taken care of 'ere's what's what.

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Warnings: Lemons (sexual scenes), yaoi (guy/guy love as in romantically), language, and if you're still here after all that then there's not much here that'll jump out and surprise you... too badly that is.

Rating: M

Takashi: Okay, so that's about it! READ ON!

Chapter 1: Broken Coffee Pots Of Fate

Dear Naruto,

Emergency call at work, had to go in early.

Will call you later.

Love you,


Love you indeed. Even just writing it made him feel as if he just let the filthiest lie fall from his own pale lips. But of course it was truly one of the filthiest lies for he was lying to an angel, a completely innocent, kind, and oblivious angel.

What was this? His 200th note? 394th?

He'd lost track after the 100th. The reason for these notes, or should I say the truths these notes were meant to cover up, was that he was having an affair with one of Naruto's best friends, Sabaku No Gaara. Oh yes, he had been sleeping with the insomniac suffering redhead for months now, or had it been over a year already? All the time seemed to just blur and melt in one another, overlapping certain events, conveying others. He liked the redhead's sense of dominance, his meanness, and his roughness. It wasn't love, no, but it was passionate… just in a dirty kind of way. They both really just liked the dirty, underhanded feel of their harsh fucking. Nothing more.

He slipped through the door quietly and locked the door behind himself. The cool wind nipped at his cheeks and nose, but he just pulled his coat more tightly around him. His footsteps echoed down the cement path he had chosen as his feet took turns hitting the soiled earth. The street laps' light reflecting off of its glossy surface. Down the way, or maybe it was behind him, one can only guess where the echoes of the night originate from, he could hear a stray dog barking, some teenagers laughing, probably still on their own little high after some accomplished prank of sorts, and the faint zoom of cars as they passed only to fade again as they quickly went on.

Finally, after what seemed like far too long, he reached his destination. As his hand went to knock though, the door swung open to reveal a smirking redhead with a horny glint in his cold, cruel turquoise eyes.



And then, yet again, time became a blur.

Clothes flew, items knocked over, and an occasional grunt slipped through the darkness.

Before he knew it, Sasuke found himself pressed harshly against the dark, almost black, green marble top of what he assumed to be the kitchen. He felt calloused hands running over his willing body, grabbing, jerking, and bruising. And what was that? Oh god-

"Ahhh!" Sasuke screamed in slight pain, but mostly pleasure, seeing to as he was used to the harsh, almost violent, ways of his secrete fuck-buddy, as a thick, firm dick was shoved up his ass and through his far from virgin hole.

"That's right slut. You like this don't you?" Gaara not so much as asked as he stated. His voice never leaving its usually stoic level except for a hint of silkiness that glided off of his tongue. If one were to hear just the level and pitch of his voice, they would have been unable to decipher that the man was currently fucking, and with his best friend's boyfriend at that.

"Nnnn… Oh yes! Oh god, yes! Fuck me harder! H-HARDER!"

But of course Gaara was never one to take orders…

"Why should I bitch? Hmm? Who's your seme, huh? What do you want me to do to you, you whore?"

"Be-because I need yo-you t-to! Oh god, please! I… I-I'm begging!! You're m-my seme! You, you, you! Please fuck me hard!! P-pound me into the grooouuund!"

And with that, Sasuke was harshly ripped from the counter top and slammed into the ground face first, ass in air. Again, the thick cock was shoved up his ass.

"OH YES!!!" Sasuke screamed.

The pain, oh god the pain, it felt so good, so naughty, so… so dirty.

In. Out. In. Out. Stop. Curse. Moan. In. Out. In. Out.

"Who do you love most, hmm? Who do you love, you slut?"

"You! Only you!"

Beautiful are the lies that fall, but hurtful are the truths that shatter. (A/N: If you quote this give me credit because this is a personal quote of mine. Thank you.)

And this is how it went on well into the morning. Then Sasuke left for work and Gaara did… well, whatever he does in between, Sasuke never really knew what. (A/N: OH GOD!! My hands and eyes! They burn! Sorry for all the people I have mentally scarred for life. I hate that pairing, but it had to happen. Also, my other lemons will be a lot better than this. I rushed through this because I hated it.)

Little to the knowledge of two specific beings, one being in possession of raven hair and the other of red hair, luminous sky-blue eyes began to flutter open.

Naruto's eyes began to flutter open as the sun's ember rays of early morning began to flood through the window like an unstoppable waterfall. The sheets were pleasantly cool as he moved his feet and legs in order to feel the softness of the cool sheets against his bare legs. He wears only a large T-shirt to bed because he finds himself getting too hot in the middle of the night due of all the material layered atop him.

As he moved his legs he noticed something. Sasuke was not there. Rising slowly with trepidation, thin sheets pooling around his waist, he looked around for his boyfriend.

"Sasuke?" He called timidly.

"Sasuke?" He tried a little louder.

Finally giving up on his verbal search, he slid from the bed gracefully as the sheets slowly, almost unwillingly, slipped from around him. Barefoot, he made his way to their bedroom's bathroom and peeped inside. No one. Next he walked into the living room, still pant-less, in a large T-shirt, and barefoot. No one. He went to check the last place, the kitchen.

Their place wasn't too big seeing as they were both still in college. They were just living off campus together for the summer while school was out thanks to Itachi, Sasuke's elder brother, who had paid for it with some money from the brothers' vast Uchiha fortune because Sasuke could not touch any of the money until he was graduated, married, and working in the family business. Of course, Naruto found the marriage thing to be a bit over kill, but who was he to question their "traditions"? After all, he was just an orphan himself.

He was pretty smart though and through all his hard work he had made enough money to properly support himself with room for a few luxuries, but of course, he was never really one to sit around all day and eat bon-bons. He also had adoptive parents named Umino Iruka, an overprotective mother hen, and Hayate Genma, an easy-going but also protective father. Though he was not adopted when most of his childhood had been he had been thankfully adopted after he and Iruka met in high school, him as a student, Iruka as a teacher, and they quickly formed a strong bond. Genma came not too soon after and at first both he and Iruka were hesitant to let him into their small but loving family, but he proved himself worthy and needed not long after. He also had a godfather named Jiraiya he learned of later in life, but once they met they were very close. His godfather actually worked as the arts and creative literature teacher at the college he was going to now so they got to see each other everyday... That is when the old pervert wasn't trying to get down his principle

Since he was in the kitchen already he decided to get started on his morning coffee. He shuffled over to the shinny contraption and pressed on.


Okay, press on again.


Well… Shit.

"Great, just… great."

Out of the corner of his eye, a piece of paper caught his attention. Walking over to it, he gently picked it up and began to read.

Dear Naruto,

Emergency call at work, had to go in early.

Will call you later.

Love you,


Nauto sighed. So that's where Sasuke was, at work again. Sasuke seemed to be going there more and more lately, he hoped nothing was wrong.

With a final sigh of frustration, he made his clumsy way back to the bedroom and started to prepare for a journey down to his local Starbucks.

First he pulled off all his clothes and then stood in front of his closet all natural, a little habit of his since he was little. His eyes soon spotted in their search when he found a nice pair of clean light blue boxers. He reached out into the cubby bin they lay folded neatly in and slipped them on. Then he resumed his search. Soon he spotted a nice black wife-beater shirt and a pair of dark blue jeans that hugged his arse nicely (not that he knew though). Slipping those on, he soon spotted his large blue colored jacket that was lined with sheep's fur on the inside. Finally, he slipped on a pair of leather, dark brown hiking boots and wrapped a long crimson scarf around his neck that still reached to the back of his knees when around his neck. With that, he was out of the door faster that a straight man running out of a gay bar, which was really quiet ironic seeing to as he was in fact gay.

Kakashi sighed again as he leaned to the side, balancing his motorcycle, while the traffic light glared red. He stole a quick glance around of his surroundings only to heave another disappointed sigh. There was nothing, absolutely nothing remotely inspiring.

And with that, the light turned green, he was off again once more.

He had woken up a little on the late side this morning. Not really having much to bother with today. So he had decided just to fix himself a cup of coffee and watch some dirty movies… Which would have been a great plan up until he discovered his coffee pot to be broken. Damn. So with that plan firmly stomped on and thrown out the window, he decided that he would just head down the way a bit on his motorbike to a nice little café he knew of.

He worked as a photographer for a very popular magazine called Genejutsu Magazine, but he also worked a bit with National Geographic, The Daily Prophet Newspaper, and a few other side jobs he was paid for. His reputation and work guaranteed him fame and fortune, both of which he had, and a lot of women, along with a few men, who wanted to be with him, or at least sleep with him. So he did, he slept with a lot of them, but it was never something more then a casual fuck. In fact, he was known in the magazines as on of the most sought after bachelors.

His newest job was at the big college located near his home. He was supposed to teach some photography to the brats. Normally he wouldn't be teaching at all, but they offered some big bucks, plus it might be fun… a little bit fun at least.

Another Red light.



Nothing inspiring here either, he looked up onto the balconies above.

A woman watering here plants.

A kid spiting downwards to see how long it takes to hit the sidewalk below no doubt.

A raven-haired male making out with a sleep deprived looking redhead at the top of a fire escape.

A Yorkshire terrier barking at birds—wait; hold on!

Back up.

Now rewind.

A raven-haired male making out with a sleep deprived looking redhead at the top of a fire escape, now that's something you don't see everyday. He took his camera out from its carrying case on his hip and focused the lens on the two. After a couple of seconds of trying to get the angle right, he pressed the photo button and took the shot, quite a few shots actually since he had it set to take a picture every second for 10 seconds.

After the shots were taken the light returned to green, so he quickly stuffed his camera back into the case attached to his hip and was off like a shot.

When he arrived at the café, Starbucks, he pulled in, sliding around the curve with a practiced ease, and parked his motorcycle. After he took the key out of the ignition, he slipped his helmet off and shook his head a bit as his silvery gray, gravity defying hair bounced right back up in to place. He threw his leg over the side, stood up, clipped his helmet to the side, and turned to start towards the outside coffee shop… Only to have his ears brutally assaulted by someone, through his guess, didn't sound exactly pleased, but again that was just his guess.

Naruto arrived at Starbucks a little worse for wear. He was freezing, damn it! And the best coffee shop here just had to be an outdoors one didn't it!? Karma… you bitch.

Naruto trudged up to the end of the long line that had formed outside of the coffee stale and began to wait, albeit impatiently at that.

5 minutes.

Long line.

Still waiting!

UGH! What was taking these morons so long to make a damn coffee?! He began to fiddle with his scarf and rock back and forth on his heels albeit childishly in an attempt to pass the time.

Finally he was second in line! Took them long enough, he thought to himself. He wondered who was serving coffee today? Maybe it was that weird guy Ebisu, or that guy he was partly friends with, Kankuro? No, no, neither of them would take this long, in fact neither of them liked talking to any of the costumers so they usually just quickly got the order, shoved it in their face, and told them to leave so it couldn't have been them.

He heard a giggle escape from the young girl in front of him. Curiosity fully peeked now; he craned his neck to the side to see who was working today. As soon as he saw three familiar mops of orange, light brown, and goggle infested dark brown hair who's owner's face was making flirty faces at the girl in front of him, he lunged forward, slightly knocking the girl aside him, and grabbed the brunette by his scarf and pulled him forward, annoyance blatantly written across his face.

"KONOHAMARUUUUU?!" Naruto yelled into Konohamaru's face as he attempted to strangle the young boy from over the counter by the scarf around the brunette's throat.

"N-N-NARUTO-NIICHAN?!" Konohamaru yelled in shock as he attempted to be rid from Naruto's vice like grip.


"N-Nani?!" Konohamaru yelled as his friends, Moegi and Udon, just looked on impassively as they began to pick up orders again as if nothing were amiss.


"B-but Boss--!!" Konohamaru tried to cut in, but to no avail.


"Mah, mah… What seems to be the matter?" A deep, calm voice intervened, but if you asked Naruto, it seemed to have a teasing tone to it...

Kakashi started walking up to the coffee store still listening to the loud yells of the "displeased" person. As soon as he got there he stopped dead in his tracks.

There, in front of him, was a young blond male roughly around the age of 20 with spiky blonde hair, huge expressive blue eyes, and three cuts down each cheek.

This person was, for a lack of better words, interesting and, dare he say it? Inspiring! This was just what he was looking for for his pictures! The boy seemed to inspire happiness in the way he glowed, laughter with his kind but comedic ways, hope with his strong nature, and tears for there was some sort of deep sorrow hidden behind those blue eyes.

Realizing the blonde was still yelling vulgarly at the teen in front of him who looked to be turning blue, he decided to intervene.

"Mah, mah... What seems to be the matter?" He asked, trying to keep the teasing tone out of his voice, but by the look of extreme annoyance coming from the blonde when he slowly turned his face to look at him, he had not succeeded.


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