With the Stars – Death Note Fanfic

Genre: Sci-fi/Friendship

Rating: K+

Yey! New Story started oh yeah! This one came to me in an Astronomy lesson and as I have recently finished the Death Note series (I cried! I cried so hard!) I thought I'd make this a Death Note Fanfic! This first chapter is dedicated to dancers of the night!

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Chapter 1: L

The day was cold. A harsh breeze rushed through the branches of the bare trees, tormenting their lack of life and leaf. It whistled eerily as it made it's way through, dipping low to make the grass ripple then shooting up high again to swirl and dance in the sky.

It was on a much more subtle current of wind above this, which pushed the vast amount of clouds calmly across the grey sky, a beautiful jet black crow glided through the air, his silky feathers rippling. He studied the thick tangle of branches reaching up towards him, before spotting a suitable enough landing spot. He circled twice before stretching out his long black claws and grabbing the branch tightly. He ruffled his wings and fluffed up his feathers, snuggling his beautiful head down into the depths of his warm, fluffy coat. The bitter wind nagged his exposed claws and poked at the thick body of warmth surrounding his thin skin, failing miserably to penetrate.

Unknown to the crow, a pair of dark grey eyes watched him with a seemingly blank expression.

A young child, his age no more than six lay on an overgrown patch of grass, a thick winter coat wrapped around his thin body, a thick wooly scarf tied loosely around his neck and a pair of black mittens encasing his pale hands in their protection against the cold.

He stared up at the crow, watching it closely, though his thoughts were entirely different, the majority of them based on his previous activity. Reading.

A thick picture-filled book lay open on his chest, abandoned by his hands as fatigue had soon gripped them. They now lay to his sides, reaching out as far as they could from his body, his position somewhat like a star.

The book was a hardback, its release date in the early 1970's, close to his birth. It was a factual book that contained many beautiful pictures that the child found interesting and almost soothing to look at, though most of the words he was yet to understand.

The book was about comets.

He stared up at the crow, his thoughts way up higher than any crow could reach, up with the stars, he was flying through space, glowing brightly with a dusty, feather light tail fanning out behind him.

"L?" The young child was pulled from his fantasies with a rather unpleasant jolt.

"Yes?" He asked quietly, not moving from his position. Truth be told, he was completely comfortable.

"It's dinner time, are you going to come inside? It is very cold outside today; you don't want to catch a cold." L sat up, the book falling to the ground with a soft thunk. His stomach gave a soft growl and he stared at it wide eyed.

"I guess that means you'll be wanting some dinner after all." The black haired boy nodded and got to his feet, picking up the book as he did so. He ran towards an elderly male standing in the doorway of a huge white mansion with masses of ivy covering the white painted stone.

The male gave a warm smile and stepped to one side to allow the young boy to enter. L scurried inside and began to take off his shoes.

"Will there be dessert?" He asked hopefully. The elder smiled,

"Of course, when do we not have dessert?" L thought carefully before smiling and shaking his head,

"We never don't have dessert!" He said happily, "Will it be cake or ice-cream?"

The elder man chuckled, "Don't you at least want to know what you have to eat before dessert? I'm sure Kathy will have cooked you all something nice."

"I prefer dessert, that's all." L stated.

"I know, now hurry or that's all you'll be getting!"

"I don't mind."

"Come along now, you're already late."


L sat down in his usual spot, beside another brown haired little boy and a cream coloured wall. To his dismay, nobody had finished their main meal yet so he was unable to determine what dessert was going to be. He stared at his plate of food instead and shuddered. There was so much! How would he finish it and still have room for something afterwards?!

"I do hope you are going to eat that and not just stare at it young man." A voice barked behind him, "I've spent all afternoon making it and you won't be getting any dessert until you eat at least half of it." The voice belonged to Wammy House's very own cook, Kathy Green. She had cold blue eyes that instantly made any child do as they were told and thin, graying blonde hair that was always fashioned into a twisted ponytail and covered with a net, then to top it all off a plain white apron that always had at least two globs of food splattered across it. Strangely enough, the food on her apron never seemed to resemble anything that was served up, L often wondered whether he was really eating what he was told was in front of him.

L picked up his fork, feeling Kathy's cold eyes boring into the back of his head. He patted his lips with the end of the cold cutlery, whilst studying the rest of the food on his plate. It seemed to be a sort of stewed meat with sweet potato mash and roasted peppers. He liked most of it, especially the sweet potatoes, they were his favourite kind and the peppers were sometimes nice, as long as they hadn't turned into charcoal as they usually had.

He pushed his fork into the mound of potato and lifted it up into his mouth. The sweet almost sticky food's wonderful taste flowed over his tongue. He swallowed and took another forkful, deeply enjoying the orange vegetable.

He eyed his peppers with the last few forkfuls of potato, quickly examining them for any signs of charcoal. Amazingly, he couldn't spot any. He speared one of the yellow pieces and took a bite out of it happily. The peppers were sweet too and they were crunchy and caramelized around the edges where they had browned slightly from being roasted.

He looked down at his nearly clean plate. His stewed meat sat there staring up at him. He was sure it was alien's food. He didn't like the look of it at all. Huge globules of brown gravy skin slopped over gristly pieces of meat, it had a slight resemblance of tree bark. He pushed it around on the plate and played with it, making it look like he had eaten some of it.

It seemed to work as there was no comment from Kathy as she cleared away his plate and cutlery.

L waited patiently for his dessert, watching as the cook and two other members of the Wammy House staff brought out bowls and set them in front of the children.

Finally he got his bowl.

His grey eyes lit up. His favourite fruit sat in front of him, ruby red and gleaming underneath a generous swirl of whipped cream. He grabbed his fork and started to eat immediately, savoring the sweet, slightly acidic taste of the strawberries, accompanied by the rich, milky cream. Bliss.


An elderly male named Quillsh Wammy, or Watari as he and the children preferred, walked through the long corridors of Wammy House orphanage. It had been three hours since all of the children had finished eating and now it was time for all of them to start getting ready for bed.

He checked in each room as he passed by them, closing the doors after he had checked so at least some heat would remain inside.

He reached the library and as usual, there were still a few children inside, playing quietly or reading.

"Alright everyone, it's time for bed. Tidy up your things and make your way upstairs." He said softly. The children obliged, hesitantly at first but they were soon to yawn and decide they were tired and wanted some rest. He smiled kindly to each of them as they walked out of the library, yawning and chatting quietly.

He glanced out of a small window as he turned to close the thick wooden doors. The sky, despite the clouds earlier that day, was perfectly clear. The crescent moon shone brilliantly in the near black sky, in which many stars twinkled happily.

He turned the old brass key and listened to the subtle clunk as the door locked, then made his way to the main staircase.

Wammy house's bedroom system was simple enough; no more than three children per room and boys were to the east of the house and girls to the west. The rooms were all situated along two corridors on two floors. There were also two bathrooms on both floors. The staff had a separate floor to themselves and there were several rooms that remained empty for moderately sick children or badly behaved children. Naturally, the female members of staff had the duty of patrolling the west corridor and the males the east.

Tonight, it was Watari's turn to patrol the upper east corridor. There weren't as many children on this floor as most of them had either become too old to stay at the orphanage or had been adopted. The younger children would usually be placed in the lower bedrooms due to the simple reason of safety and in most cases, when there was space downstairs, the children upstairs would move down a floor.

L however was different. He had asked to move further up the house for his fifth birthday. After a trial night and seeing he was perfectly well behaved whilst in there, Roger (Wammy house's manager and overseer of the bedroom system) had agreed to let him stay.

Watari had soon discovered the reason why too. L loved the sky. He loved to sit and watch the clouds, rain, stars and the Moon. Nobody knew why, he just did. He was constantly taking books full of pictures of the sky out of the library and would look at them whenever he could.

The elderly man walked calmly along the corridor, knocking on the doors of bedrooms that were noisy, giving them a cautionary warning about their volume.

At half past eight he walked down the corridor again, this time entering the rooms to ensure everybody was in bed and settling down, kindly bidding them a good night and switching off the lights.

He reached the end room, the room that belonged to L. He entered and was immediately greeted with a vicious staring contest.

"You two should be in bed by now." He said calmly. L continued to stare whilst the other competitor spoke.

"I would be asleep, but he won't turn the light off!" Bradley was an eight year old child that, to L's misfortune, shared L's room. He was blonde haired and had murky blue eyes, and an extremely dominant boy and hated everyone that acted against his liking, this included L. The two were constantly silently fighting, often with staring contests or quick, savage-looking glares at each other whenever they were near one and other. This was mostly because of L's interest in the sky and Bradley's completely opposite interest in cars and football.

Watari stood silently, knowing the contest would be over very soon. Bradley was struggling to keep his eyes from not blinking and the strain on his face was as clear as an ink blotch on white paper. The elder wasn't surprised. L had very peculiar eyes and they could be extremely intimidating, he was especially good at not blinking. He stared calmly into Bradley's watering eyes, his own clear and focused. For a six year old, he had very mature eyes, 'I wonder whether he would join the police force one day, his eyes could make anyone confess' he thought, chuckling quietly to himself.

The blonde finally gave in, blinking then panicking slightly and trying to act as though he hadn't blinked.

"I think L is the victor Bradley." Watari stated calmly.

"I didn't blink! He blinked! It wasn't me!" He whined pointing harshly at the black haired boy who was now lying on his stomach looking at the book he had been reading that afternoon, no doubt what they had been fighting over.

"Don't be a sore loser. It's time for you both to go to sleep now anyway."

"Can't I just have five more minutes? Please!" L begged, looking at Watari, pouting with his eyes as big as they could get. Watari chuckled, 'his eyes could make anyone melt too' he thought.

"I don't think so. You can read after lessons tomorrow." L reluctantly closed the hardback and placed it carefully onto the wooden desk that stood close to Watari. The adult peered over at the cover of it.

"So you like comets now?"

"Yeah, they're really pretty," L said clambering into his bed and pulling the duvet over his tiny body, "much better than any old car." He added. Bradley narrowed his eyes but chose not to say anything, still sulking after losing the staring contest.

"Maybe you'll see one, there's a comet coming very soon, maybe you'll see it." For the second time that day the young boy's eyes lit up.

"Really?!" He exclaimed.

"Yes, now off to sleep." The boy nodded and snuggled down into his warm bed.

"Goodnight boys." Watari said quietly, switching off the light.



"What is the comet called?"

"I think it's called Near."

"Near," The boy repeated sleepily, "goodnight Watari."

"Goodnight boys." The door closed quietly and L listened to Watari's fading footsteps. He looked out of the small window just above his bed, up at the clear dark sky, the stars glittering around the crescent moon.

"Hope I'll see you soon, Near."


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