With the Stars – Death Note Fanfic

Genre: Sci-fi/Friendship

Rating: K+

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dancers of the night


Chapter 11: Pipes

Near's plan was simple enough. In theory it seemed almost unlikely to fail but they would need to wait to see how it really faired in reality. It was decided that Near would take both L and himself to the closest energy collection factory. There they would collect the photographic evidence Near needed to strengthen his argument in the case using a small device the comet had hidden in the folds of his collar to gather such photographs.

Near stood dutifully and checked either side of the alleyway before coming to a halt and frowning down at the warm ground. His dark eyes wandered briefly up to the young orphan and his scowl deepened.

L had been watching the comet's actions and this concerned him slightly. Not two minutes ago Near had been almost leaping with the joyous prospect of being able to enter one of the main factories to collect evidence against Light; now he was deep in frowning concern and the occasional glances from those cool haematite eyes told the younger boy that he was most likely to be the cause of this. L decided to voice his anxiety, "Near, what's wrong?"
L had expected Near to snap out of his trance and smile up at him, telling him that he was worried for L's safety and did L really want to go through with everything? Naturally L would reply with a determined 'Of course I am!' and off the two would fly to save the comet's world... but that was far too cliché for his predicament.

Rather than the desired 'snapping' effect, Near's face remained impassive and dark as it turned mechanically to face L. The expressionless ivory burned itself into L's mind and, to be truthful, it scared him. He was used to a happy and brightly shimmering Near, but now he faced a dark and eerily glowing one.

When he spoke, Near's voice was deadly serious, "L, I understand that you want to assist me but I must confess I have my doubts. This mission is extremely important and if I fail it terrible things will happen. That is why I must warn you... for your own safety as much as my own gains.. If I feel like you are slowing me down, I will leave you."


"Do NOT fail me!"

A chorus of "Yes Sir!"s rang out in front of him before the crowd of black clothed men dispersed and he was left standing beside the back of the midnight blue van with the word 'POLICE' written boldly across the side in white.

The dark haired chief held his head to soothe a forming headache. His eyes were closed and head crumpled into a frown as he did so. He remained in such a position even when a small voice called out to him, "Chief, you really should take a break." The young man said, walking up beside the older police officer. Smiling ever so slightly Shijuro opened his eyes again.

"Masuda my boy, if I did that this case would not be solved quickly enough." He looked over to his assistant who looked a little sheepish for suggesting the idea and his smile widened.

"Don't worry. As soon as all of this is over I'll take a long holiday and come back without a dark circle in sight." Shijuro turned and looked up to the gleaming blue sky dreamily, "Perhaps to the Titan Ringlet like we did on Sayu's 9th birthday. The people of Saturn are so nice and the atmosphere is a lot more peaceful." he hummed to himself. Matsuda smiled.

"That sounds wonderful, Chief." he chimed brightly.

"Yes. I'll keep the thought in mind and get this case over with." The chief's eyes flickered with angry determination and he moved his focus back to his horizon. Matsuda gave a slightly exasperated smile with a hushed sigh and handed Shijuro a thick black gun he had been holding.

"Hopefully I won't have to use this.." he muttered softly, holding it up in a position that made him ready to fire at any time, "I know he's the enemy, but he's younger than my son.." he continued looking across at his assistant with eyes that begged the man to understand. In response Matsuda nodded firmly and the chief faced forward again then took off into a sprint after his men.

Matsuda watched until his boss turned a corner then turned back to step into the van. He had seen the chief off on many occasions and it was always the same; the man never wanted to hurt anyone. He was a truly good man and his heart was great enough for three men to share. Hence why Matsuda's idol for a long time had been Shijuro Asahi or as he was formerly known: Soichiro Yagami. It was a shame that his son wasn't quite as kind-hearted as his father.

To many it was also a wonder why Soichiro gave up the position of king and even faked his own death to get rid of the position. It had killed him inside to have to leave his wife and daughter behind but after growing a beard, swapping his glasses for contact lenses and hiding his wedding ring in a place for him to take out and cherish when he needed it; he left their memory and joined the police force. He had told only Matsuda this story and the young man had sworn to keep it a secret. The truth was that Soichiro didn't want to be king. In his throne he had seen his kingdom and ruled over them as best as he could, but crimes still happened every day and more and more of his people were getting hurt. All he could do was watch over the police force and try to conduct their activities. But in the end, decisions and actions were made by the chief of the police and at times it didn't feel like he had power. His son lusted for his power and, wishing the best for his children: he decided to give his son the crown. It would have put shame to the Royal Family's name to simply give up the position, so Soichiro planned his 'death' in order to give the prince utmost respect from the people of the Kuiper Belt and to earn his own freedom from his royal duties. Needless to say it went perfectly and not one person recognised him now. He'd given himself a new name - Shijuro Asahi - to complete the guise and from that day he committed himself to ensuring justice was served through his own hands and nothing would stop him doing so until the last breath left his body.

Matsuda sighed quietly. If anyone knew dedication it was Soichiro and that was what made him a true and good man.


Near bent to his knees and L jumped up onto his back so the comet could carry him without too much worry of him slipping out of his grasp in mid-flight. Near had decided to fly to the factories to be swifter and he would fly close to the ground to avoid being seen in the skies which were undoubtedly being watched. It also kept L safer should he fall.

He began to run across the ground, ducking his body low and taking tiny steps in rapid succession. His body lowered to be almost horizontal before his feet stopped hitting the ground and he shot through the streets, now airborne.

He felt L's grip tighten as he darted along streets and tightly curved around corners. The faster he could get to the evidence, the easier everything would be when he revealed everything. If the police decided to appear before he had the chance to find his proof all hope of him revealing Light for what he really was looked to be lost. He had little faith in the idea that he wasn't being watched at that very moment and had a constant nagging feeling that someone somewhere was watching him, listening to him, following him and Near wasn't the superstitious or paranoid type, so these strange feelings often proved to be correct.

He focused forward and made sure that he kept a safe and constant speed so that anyone who may have spotted him would double take to see nothing but the empty air he had left behind. The main Power Plant was located in the southern part of the town and to walk it could take a good forty minutes, but as he touched the ground again in a small alley between buildings on the Plant's site, he clocked in at just ten minutes. He mentally smirked at the achievement as he dropped to his knee and let L slide off his back and mimic his pose.

Near's dark eyes flickered out to survey their surroundings briefly. He narrowed them for a second before he found L once again, "You are to follow my every order. This is crucial." he commanded in a hushed voice. L nodded with a determined, furrowed brow. "This is going to be my one and only chance at getting evidence, if I lose it, everything is lost. Do you understand that?" Again L nodded sharply. Satisfied, Near looked away again – checking.

He turned back to L and pointed up at a window, "That window there opens into a small cloakroom. The door you'll need to open for me to get in is at the end of the corridor just outside the cloakroom." L nodded.

"And I mustn't be seen. Got it." L stood and looked up at the window. Near also stood and grabbed the younger boy to hold him up to the window. L grabbed hold of the small ledge and hauled himself up and through it nimbly. Thankfully the window was propped open and he fit through the gap nicely. Near lowered his hands and quickly moved around the building to the door to wait for the child.

He kept a keen eye on his surroundings and pressed himself to the wall to make himself as low profile and small as he could.

After a few painfully long minutes the door opened and revealed the tiny raven haired boy and within a second, it was closed again; the comet now successfully inside and already analysing the situation carefully. Without a word he began to move down the corridor swiftly and understanding the need for silence, L followed closely behind without a single utterance.

The corridor was grey and uniform doors stood along the walls, decorated with simple black wording to tell the names of the rooms within. Near used them to his advantage and they enabled him to locate the power transmission room. It was full of pipes and looked a lot like the engine room of some kind of ship or submarine, but after reading through countless blue prints and floor plans of these kinds of rooms, Near felt somewhat in comfort.

He closed the door behind them and pulled a plastic crate in front of it. L watched him do so with a hint of confusion showing that Near caught sight of, "This will scrape along the floor if anyone comes in. It's an advantage we'll need." he explained with an almost silent voice. L nodded in understanding.


Shijuro had spotted the white blur out of the corner of his eye. It was just a glimpse but it was enough to alert him and set him on what proved to be a successful route towards capturing the boy. He couldn't meet the boy face to face, unfortunately he was TOO quick for that, but he managed to inform the squad of his findings and now every member was on alert and searching for him.

Shijuro panted harshly as he ran through the streets along with a group of two other men, the others having split off to search. He was adamant that he would find the young foreigner. For the greater good of his people and for the sake of his own sanity. He couldn't let injustice happen and not do a thing about it. The very thought drove him mad. He needed to protect his people and his family. Should the Kuiper Belt become overrun with crime, the people would turn to the monarchy to blame and he couldn't have his family treated badly. That was why this comet must be caught. Shijuro wouldn't stand for anything less.

A buzz in his ear made him lift his hand up to prod a button and listen to the crackling voice over the speaker, 'Chief we have sightings of a white comet over by the central factory, sir.' Asahi's eyes showed a brief flicker of an overjoyed emotion before his control took over and he began to call out his commands.

"Excellent. Aizawa, take your group and surround all exits of the building. Call in to all other members of the squad and order them to do the same. Do not let ANYONE exit that building, understood?"

'Yes sir' the connection fizzled out and the Chief repeated Aizawa's findings to the two men beside him. They nodded and took a turn at the end of their current street. Behind them, a dark look had appeared on Shijuro's face and determination was set into him deeply.

He had him cornered.


Near followed various sets of pipes with his eyes and stepped slowly down to the end of the room. L tried to do the same beside him; trying hard not to get lost in the maze of pipes, dials and wheels. Near's eyes looked so calculative and it inspired L to try to copy him. His eyes, however, remained frantic and rather than the cool and almost blank expression covering Near's face: L's face was frantic and rather confused. He was concentrating so hard that Near's sudden 'Look!' made him jump out of his skin almost literally.

Still a little shaken, he turned to the comet and tried to hide the fact that he had made the younger boy jump so much. Luckily, Near's attention was elsewhere. His coal black eyes were fixed on a thick junction almost completely hidden by a tall, sealed vat and another handful of pipes. Somehow, L felt that this was intended to be hidden.

"That isn't supposed to be there. There should only be one main pipe leading into this vat and instead there are two." Near explained. If L tried really hard, he could pick out the slightest hints of excitement in the older boy's voice and said boy took out a tiny metal device from underneath his collar. L followed as he stepped up to the new discovery and the device flashed brightly. Near began to follow the out-of-place pipe and the device flashed again several times before they came to a second stop in front of another sealed vat.

Near narrowed his eyes as he stared at it and, feeling the need to contribute, L did the same. He looked at everything he could and studied each and every minor detail that he could find. His eyes widened as something caught his eye.

"Near, that pipe there is blocked." he cried, pointing to a pipe supposedly leading into the vat. Yet Near didn't appear to be listening all too well. He looked distracted. After a moment and offering the smallest hint of a smile, Near finally turned to him and nodded.

"Yes.. Which means there must be another pipe leading out of it somewhere. I need you to climb up around to the back of this vat, do you think you can do that for me?" he asked. L smiled brightly and nodded eagerly. Near's smile also widened if only a little and he carefully placed his small metal device into L's tiny palm.

"Take a few pictures of anything you find with this. You need to press the silver button to take the picture but be careful not to press the red button, because that deletes all the files. The blue button acts like a projector and shows the pictures blown up, so make sure to use the right button, okay?" L nodded in understanding and quickly checked over the device to find the buttons. Finding them, he scrambled up behind the pipes and ducked behind the vat.


Shijuro pressed his back against the door, "No-one is to leave the building, no matter who they are. Understand?" The black haired man in front of him nodded and the chief pushed open the factory door, allowing several other men to run inside. He followed them swiftly and ran past them as they kicked open closed doors and scanned the rooms. With each shout of 'room clear!' he became more and more focused on finding the spy and the thought that he was getting very close began to excite him.

He kicked open his own door and revealed a room full of pipes and sealed vats. The power transmission room. His eyes scanned it and a burst of adrenaline hit him when he saw the white figure only just obscured by the pipes.

"Target sighted!" he yelled, charging into the room with his gun high in his grasp and pointed at the white head of the intruder. Men followed his lead and soon the boy was surrounded, holding up his hands.

"I can assure you, you are mistaken of accusing me of wrong doing." he said calmly and the chief mentally scoffed.

"Son, you're under arrest and you will be taken to the highest court. We know what you have done and you will not convince us otherwise." he assured the comet.


L jumped once again in fright as a door burst open behind him. He heard yells and heavy footsteps, then the calm voice of Near, "L, don't reveal yourself under any circumstances."

L could feel himself shivering, but he obliged and pressed himself to the sealed vat and listened to the voices instead. He heard Near first, then the voice of an older man that reminded him somewhat of Roger. Near argued back but remained calm.

"You have been told lies, I can assure you."
"Lies from the king, eh? You will be silent."

"I have the right to express my point of view and I would appreciate it if you would consider that."

"You have the right to remain silent until questioned further, discussions will not be placed here."

"I object." A thud sounded and a series of shouts and more thuds followed it. When everything fell silent again, L heard faint clicks and chinks, then the man spoke again.

"Take him to his majesty."

"Yes sir!" More footsteps sounded and they gradually faded as the men walked away.

L peered out from his hiding spot tentatively and caught sight of his friend. His head hung limply against his chest as he was dragged away in handcuffs by armed policemen.

L was alone.