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Allen stirred sleepily, hearing the door opening and closing. "..Kanda..?" He struggled to get up, but the sleepiness & fatigue made his body weak and his vision blurry.

"Che. Hold on, I'll carry you." Kanda slipped one arm under Allen's legs and one beneath his head. Allen snuggled comfily into Kanda's chest as he walked over to their bedroom. "Were you waiting for me? I told you not to."

"But I wanted to greet you at the door. Then, I fell asleep." Allen yawned sleepily, as Kanda lay him on the bed. He was still groggy but he was slowly waking up. Kanda turned away and pulled his tie off, undressing right in front of Allen.

Allen couldn't help but admire his roommate/boyfriend's lithe, and toned body. Of course, Kanda wouldn't care, and would probably just say that it was nothing to look at. So many times, Allen had wondered if this was his boyfriend, especially since Kanda was so popular in college. No one would have suspected him of being gay, but it was a well-kept secret. Kanda didn't want to attract unnecessary attention at the university.

Kand was the well-known sport jock, while Allen.. Well, he was the dork. His white hair and unusual scar made him stand out from the rest, and in a bad way. Not that he was bullied or anything, Kanda made sure of that. He was just ignored by everyone else, with two exceptions. The popular Lenalee, and smart Lavi. Lenalee & Lavi had befriended him from his first day, although he had no idea why.

"Moyashi?" Allen snapped back to reality. "Don't call me moyashi!" He muttered.

" I tried calling your name a few times. The only time you really listen is when I call you moyashi, right?" He smirked. "Well, it's not my fault if I'm a little short!" They tossed a few insults, but it was their usual playful bantering. They threw a few mock punches, until Kanda was towering over Allen in the bed. One of his hands pinned Allens above his head.

"So.. Allen.." Kanda's voice got silkily soft. Allen shivered with anticipation. Kanda's voice never got that way, unless… he was in that mood. Which was almost every night, since Kanda had a big sex drive. Kanda's hand crept under his shirt, as his mouth covered Allen's.

"Ngh.. Mmph!" Allen jerked as Kanda played with his nipple, teasing it with mere brushes of his hand. His mouth drifted down his neck, nibbling at his collarbone. He loved torturing Allen like this, he thought wickedly. But… his hand drifted lower and he tantalizingly teased Allen's member through his pants. Kanda's warm mouth covered Allen's nipple, and he moaned.

"Kanda.." Allen panted, wanting to touch Kanda, and also to free his erection. But his hands were trapped by Kanda. Kanda merely grinned and continued rubbing Allen through the hard denim of his pants. Allen could feel the blood rushing down even further, and he squirmed, desperate.

"Please.." Kanda took pity on him, and slipped a hand under Allen's pants to stroke his member. Allen was already wet with precum, and Kanda chuckled. "I haven't even done much and you're already that hard.." He pulled Allen's pants down, making it bunch around his ankles, as he took Allen into his mouth. Allen jerked, as he felt Kanda deep-throat him. As Allen felt himself, almost--just almost cum, he felt Kanda pull away.

"I want you to come with me inside you." He whispered lustfully into Allen's ear. Kanda positioned Allen, and thrust inside him. He did it over and over, hitting Allen's prostrate, as he came inside Allen, and Allen followed right after. Allen lay there exhausted with Kanda on top of him, spent. Kanda licked the cove of his ear, smiling against Allen's hair.

"Did you think i would let you sleep?"


Allen groaned at the morning assembly, Kanda having kept him up most of the night.

"Busy night?" Lavi grinned, as Allen blushed. "Well, try to stay awake, or you're going to get the evil death glare from him." Lavi tipped his head towards Leverrir. He was the strictest, and meanest detention teacher ever. Allen didn't even want to remember the last time he had gotten into trouble. It was not pleasant. AT ALL.

He still didn't know the reason for the assembly but it was sure to be boring. Allen sneaked a peek at Kanda, noticing that he was lounging in his chair with the other jocks. Why wasn't he tired? He was the one doing.. Allen tried to block out the memories, afraid that he would embarrass himself here. Allen tried to focus on the principal, who referred to himself as the 'Millenium Earl' to distract himself. He vaguely heard that a new teacher was going to be introduced and he glanced at the teacher, a little curious now.

Tyki Mikk.

"Hello, boy. Don't you know that I love to fuck you?" Tyki grinned, watching as Allen offered his ass to him. Allen tugged at the chains as Tyki slipped a finger inside him, teasing him, scissoring left and right until he found his prostrate.

"Ngh.. Tyki.. Please.." Allen groaned, as Tyki smirked. "Allen, you know, you sound like a whore like that." Allen was too far gone to even reply as Tyki grabbed his member and started stroking slightly.

""Your ass is practically begging for me." Tyki teased him by rubbing his own against Allen's hole, entering oh-so-slightly.

"Tell me that you want me to fuck you." Tyki whispered in his ear. Allen whimpered, not caring about his own pride anymore. There was only pleasure, and later, shame.

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