Lavi stood in the bright spotlight of the dance floor, sticky with spilled drinks, shaking with the earthquake of the music and stomping, sidling bodies as they danced to the music.

Lavi was just trying not to spill his drinks, waiting for Deak. God, he should've known that Deak's idea was going to be this noisily chaotic mess of a bar. Considering Deak's idea of a great night was usually a one night stand—which Lavi couldn't exactly blame him for. Considering Tyki. Swearing as he shoved another guy off of him when they sidled too close—Deak sauntered up, replacing a drink in hand.

"Come on, Lavi. At least look like you're enjoying yourself. It's been forever since you've joined me here—and to think, you were once known in the clubs. You've been so boring since you've gotten into college."

Well, that was until he met Yu and Lenalee.

Lavi watched as his drink was plucked away, and looked suspiciously at the shot glass. "What's this?"

Deak just gave him a sly grin. "Nothin' illegal. You just seem to need something stronger than that beer you got in hand." Lavi sniffed it apprehensively, the familiar scent of tequila hit him.

"Hey Deak, if I didn't know better, I think you were trying to kill me."

Deak laughed. "Heard you use'ta be the champ of drinking. I doubt that it's changed much." Lavi mustered a grin at Deak's dry humor, downing the shot. It wouldn't hurt for one or two of them after all. Deak and Lavi leaned side by side on the nearby table, watching the crush of the crowd.

"… You sure you just didn't want to go home and have a good fuck with me?"

Lavi nearly spewed out his drink. He laughed chokingly. "We have never had a fuck in the first place."

Deak took another swallow of his drink. "Well, I figured I'd ask. You never take me up on the offer. Or even my great idea of a threesome."

Lavi shoved a hand at Deak's head, pushing until Deak laughed. "Right, riiight. Too conventional for that kind of thing, huh? It's pretty fun, let me tell you." Oh jesus. Lavi held back the wry smile. Deak was to say the least…

"Well, do me a favor and enjoy yourself. Drink, be depressed, refuse every single offer of sex there is tonight." Deak then pointed accusingly to Lavi. "Which is what you're going to do if you're going to be a prude tonight!" Deak left him on that note, leaving to grab another drink. Lavi closed his eyes for a moment, wishing he was at home instead of here. But hell, Deak was enjoying it.

He figured he'd slip out when his twin brother wasn't looking then—but he wasn't aware of the eyes that targeted him from a man in the corner.

Deak slid onto the chair, waving a bill to the bartender. "Wisely. Slap me on another, won't you?" Grinning, he pushed over a flirtatious grin to another man sitting on the other side. Which tonight? He waved the green bill over, but his smile faded just a bit when Wisely, rarely ever serious, gripped his hand tight.

"Remember Connor?" Deak's expression grew grim. How could he not? Fucker was messed up, with his bondage and sex play, but he got off on violence. Kinky was fine for a night, but the guy had followed him and gone ballistic after the night in the club. Sheesh.

"..Yea. How could I forget?" Deak's voice took on a grim tone. Wisely pressed close to that dark auburn hair, and his hand clenched on Deak's wrist, warning him.

"He's here and up to something. I got eyes on him saying he's dealing in something pretty bad—and I also got ears saying he hasn't forgotten about you."

Apparently, out of sight and out of mind didn't work here. Deak felt a chill of apprehension down his spine. It wasn't as if Deak couldn't handle himself, but that Connor dude had problems. Not to mention, he was a wily bastard— throw in some smarts into the psychopath kool-aid mix, and you had a dangerous motherfucker.

He wasn't scared of the guy, but he had a bad feeling now. Wisely tightened his grip on Deak. "Watch your back."

Then the bartender let go of him, pasting another smile on his face. Deak had to wonder at the wealth of information the bartender had in his head. He had some creepy insight skills, almost as if he was psychic. Seriously, Wisely was almost fearsome if he ever put his mind to it.

Deak scanned the floor, tensing. And if the possibility that Lavi, his twin was on the floor who looked exactly like him might have had some trouble coming his way didn't hit Deak. Not until he saw his twin missing.


Deak leaped off his chair, shoving aside people on the club floor and earning dirty, menacing looks. Girls complaining of spilled drinks and shouts. But like he gave a damn when he felt his heart sink, sink in trepidation. Where he'd left Lavi.. empty. Damn empty. Holy shit, Lavi doesn't know what he's got coming his way. Deak bolted back to the bar. "Wisely!"

Lavi was enjoying his drink. At least, pretending he was enjoying it. It must've hit him harder than he thought though, as he bumped into a bystander. And if he noted that his drink tasted a little strange…

He contributed that to the lack of clubbing; new people, new places, and new drinks in the game. He once enjoyed the clubbing scene but that was when he didn't care about his partners or what he did. Now was a different story though. Too much drama, too much shit to go through and that's why he left it behind—

Or so he thought.

"Got you now." A taunting voice came in his ear, grabbing his arm so forcefully that it felt like it was coming out of his socket.

"Who the fuck are you?" Lavi hissed, jerking his arm away. But the unrelenting grip, and that damn creepy grin on this blurring face… B-blurring? Lavi shook his head to clear his sight. And was met with the collapse of his limbs, the world lurching out of control in front of his dazed eyes.

"Did you drug me?" Lavi hissed. He knew the symptoms well; this wasn't alcohol tolerance. Lavi could damn well hold his alcohol. No, this was something else. The bastard had slipped him something.

That voice again, confident and leering. But in it was something that set off alarm bells in Lavi's mind. A coldness in it. "I just need you to listen… Deak."

What shit have you gotten yourself in again, Deak? Lavi wanted to shout for him, tell them they had the wrong person. But the rag stuffed in his mouth left him only with a muffled shout. The cold constraints of metals barred his hands together as well. Nothing anyone took note of on this noisy mess of a dance floor as he was pulled against a chest and tugged away.

Shoving against this iron clad grip as he was shoved unceremoniously to the back of the club, hidden in the shadows didn't help. He could only struggle weakly in face of this energy-sapping drug. The exit door remained perilously close, too close. Once this fucker got Lavi out of there, Lavi knew the chances of getting out of this got slimmer. This seedy club was surrounded by alley ways few treaded into.

"I know you missed me, baby." Lavi was laid against a table, having it shoved painfully against his back. "I know last time hurt but I just couldn't stand seeing you with those other men." Lavi felt those grimy fingers crawling up his neck, on his throat. "But I know you wanted me to hurt you, right? I know I left you with scars, but they're just my love. I had to make you mines." Lavi felt the fingers tightening on his throat, his breath growing hoarse.

And the other hand slid down Lavi's torso, drawing closer to where he definitely didn't want this sick bastard near. His assailant fumbled, fumbled near his own pocket. And Lavi heard the swish of the knife, knew what it was.

Lavi tried to twist away but when he was met with a violent blow to his head, red seeping down to blearily stain his good eye's vision. Then he felt the bastard's erection pushing against him as he dared to straddle Lavi, making a gross groaning as he anticipated the wet warmth he'd soon be engulfed in and the screams he would carve out.

Lavi couldn't muster the escape, not like this. And things only got worse.

"Have you gotten him? Can we get out of here?" A new voice entered the conversation and Lavi's knew he was fucking screwed. "You can cut him up after we get out of this club. Too much people in here."

His assailant gave a stifled sigh, whining to his partner. "But that'd take too long. I want him and I want him now."

"You can lock him up after this. Think of the fun you'll have when you have everything. All your 'tools', right?" With visible effort, his assailant pulled away from him. But there was no relief there. Lavi felt that seedy, leering gaze look him over in renewed anticipation. Fear washed over Lavi and he had to swallow. What was 'everything'? His arm was jerked again and Lavi couldn't help but wince at the pain flashing across his temples, and the soreness of his arm. His body growing more limp under the effects of the drug made it worse.

Lavi was thrust through the door, his heart stopping at the car waiting for him. Then he clenched his teeth, biting back the fear.

Fuck this, he wasn't going to let these bastards take him like this. Drugs, handcuffs, he didn't care if he'd have to dislocate a hand for this. He could, he'd take the pain to get away from these sick psychos. He needed pain to get through this haze that was threatening to put him to sleep. One moment, all he needed.

Lavi bit down on the rag, and readied himself for the pain that'd follow—he tore his wrist up out of the cuff, the bleeding mess and contorted sight of his hand surprising his assailants. Enough for Lavi to throw whatever energy he had into a blow that let him go free. Lavi took the chance to run back towards the door, but a hand wrenched him back.

"You're not leaving, Deak!"

Spitting out the rag, he glared backwards. "I am not Deak, you messed up kidnapper!" But he couldn't escape. Not now when the other guy had recovered, both ready to grab him again. Fuck, fuck, fuck. Lavi knew he had no more chances.

At least until an arm gently wrapped around his neck, the low timbre of a husky voice he knew well, slithered on by. The dark skinned arm… Lavi sagged in relief before his mind even registered it's owner.

"Now, now, where do you think you're going with what's mine?"


Deak had bolted back to Wisely, shoving the glasses on the counter aside. "Wisely, he's got my brother!"

Even Wisely couldn't keep a cool façade, the glass slipping to the floor. The other bartenders turned, knew there was something wrong with this urgency.


Deak opened his mouth but Wisely held a hand to silence him.

"After. You and I need to find him, and get help while we're at it." Wisely beckoned the other bartenders, muttering to get the bouncers. But this was an old building, and this place didn't have… the most trusted of people. They both knew there was a good likelihood a bouncer had been paid off if there was something happening.

But there were people Wisely could trust. Trust with Deak's safety— and with one like Connor, someone who'd face him down with the same cunning and depravity that'd make him learn.

Wisely only took a moment to dash off the message before he and Deak prowled through this club. But this wouldn't be easy. The club was full of people, corners, and alleyways—

Tyki was to say the least, livid with the brutal intent to murder. Glancing down, he took in Lavi disheveled form, the labored breathing and the blood that dripped down his temples. And the fear etched into those features; fear into that cocky, seductive eyes that had beckoned him a mere few hours ago.

Tyki heard Wisely's voice behind him, the two having finally caught up. Deak leaped forward to catch his brother, swearing when he saw the condition Lavi was in. Deak ran his hands down Lavi's arms and couldn't help swearing more when he found the blood and half-torn handcuffs.

"Couldn't pick 'em Deak." Lavi slurred, and Deak let out a strangled sound. Somewhere between a laugh and a sob.

"You thought to dislocate your hand getting out of it?" Lavi nodded.

"Lavi, you're fucking crazy."

Lavi could only give a lopsided grin as Deak held him closer.

Wisely on the other hand was looking at Tyki and their to-be kidnapper. "Deak, you might want to see this."

Deak and Lavi looked up to see Connor hanging by his throat on the wall, and his cohort lying in pain. They had barely heard a sound, absorbed in their conversation but Tyki.. Why was it his eyes seemed to glow gold, the white of his teeth twisted in a depraved smile. So unrecognizable that even Lavi felt a cold chill run down his back.

Wisely looked unconcerned on the other hand. Leaning down, he picked up the packet of drugs that Connor had gotten his hands on. Sniffing it, he knew it was some dangerous stuff. Well, the Noah clan certainly had a vested interest in.. this. If they were to hand this bastard over to the Noah family, he'd wish he were dead a hundred times over. And they'd get their supplier, hm?

Tyki on the other hand was stabbing into Connor who only looked at the redheaded pair with deranged eyes.

"I marked you as mine. I told you, the whippings, the stabbing, you loved it!" He cackled gleefully, not even aware there were two. "You told me you wanted to escape but that was just a ploy, right? I knew you would come back, I knew…" Tyki pressed harder, wanting to shut this bastard up. If he could talk, he wasn't in enough pain. Not even as he saw the choking garble it was drowning into and the gasps.

Not until Wisely put his hand on his shoulder.

"Take Lavi home." A Tyki didn't spare a glance for Wisely. But Wisely continued on.

"Lavi's bleeding from both a head wound and a dislocated hand, and by the looks of it, he's gotten a dangerous dose of the hard stuff. He needs treatment. " Tyki's grip loosened marginally. "Lulubell's got the antidote and treatment. But he needs it now."

I don't want to let the bastard go, goddamnit.

"Tyki, I've got him. He's not going anywhere. The car's already waiting to take you two there."

You're asking too much Wisely.

"…Let me tell you, I have a score with him too." Wisely's voice held a note of warning. Only then Tyki tore his gaze away. And noted Wisely's own flinted, cold ones that could easily break a lesser man.

"… I guess if I've got to leave it anyone's hands, you're the one." Tyki dropped the sack of garbage down. He went to go collect Lavi, noting the twin redhead next to him. "Do your brother a favor. Stop getting yourself into this shit that you might not escape from again."

Deak bit back a scathing reply, lowering his face so that the wet warmth running down his cheeks couldn't be seen. "… I'm not leaving him with you. I don't know you." Deak muttered.

"You know Wisely. That should be reason enough." Lavi was easily taken away into those dark arms but Deak held onto his brother's jacket, clutching at what little he had left in this world. What little he had left that actually mattered to Deak.

"Deak. You've got explaining to do here." Deak stiffened at that cold statement. He had hoped Wisely hadn't heard. But he should've known better. "You're staying." The finality in those words had Deak letting go of his brother. Damnit.

Wisely watch Tyki leave with Lavi in his hands, and once they were safely gone, Wisely looked down at the pathetic, wormish fool below him with an ominous glare.

"On second thought, the Noah are too good for you. I'll take care of this. Now tell me what you did to Deak." Wisely watched his foot crush his chest, the convulsions shaking the poor man below. But he could still talk, could he not? Wisely gave a grin. "Do you know how many ways a man can be tortured? Even until I etch into your very bones the pain you will be reliving the rest of your life."

The alleyway was pitched into screams; and if any of the club goers heard it, they thought it was the music.

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