Title: Demonheart
Author: Celyia (cel@celyia.com)
Rating: PG
Genre: Romance/Adventure
Dedication: Special thanks to Fueled by Oxygen and J.A. Olsen. Without you, this story would have been placed in a little tiny box and hidden in the attic! Thank you for being so damn supportive and making me feel like I actually had a story to tell!
Disclaimer: I own nothing, not even a good brush. Man, I so need a brush right now. Oh, yeah. Betcha Rumiko Takahashi and her minions have a TON of brushes from all the money they are making from owning Inuyasha and all characters within.
Notes: This is a rewrite of a story I started last year with new stuff added to hopefully make things more interesting. If there is no date listed in the notes, then that chapter hasn't been updated yet.

Anyway, let's see how this stuff goes. Maybe the Muse will strike! Thanks for your patience and I hope you like!

-Cel, 9 September 2002


It was absolutely magnificent.

Shouma held the jewel in her hands, smiling slightly as the brilliant colors burst from its translucent heart in a startling array of light. Slowly, she turned the jewel with a clawed thumb, savoring the way it stole the warmth from her very fingers.

Even in the deep night, a mesmerizing radiance still burned within the sphere, seducing her eyes until all she could see were the vivid blues, purples, and oranges fighting for dominance within. So riveting was the struggle, it was easy to overlook the deep green essence that was slowly extending its influence over the very heart of the jewel.

Shouma laughed out loud, her voice sweet and enchanting as it echoed into the abandoned shrine. She had certainly not expected to see the presence of the green, especially in that magnitude, but it was a welcome sight.

There was power in the jewel: much more power than she ever thought possible. Unmarred by even a single instance of black or brown, the jewel pulsated an energy that the female knew instinctively would have gotten stronger had it been allowed to remain in its humble home.

Unfortunately, she had run out of time.

Logically, she knew that she shouldn't have been disappointed since the gem surpassed her every hope, but just like a child who hungered for more dessert even though his appetite had been sated, Shouma couldn't help but regret seizing the jewel before it reached its full potential.


The realization hit her full on as she raised the gem to the dim light, a frown curving her lips as she looked at it with a new, more serious eye.

To possess such an incredible potential at such a young age was disturbing. The father had only reached such potency at the end of his long life and even then, the power had been diminished by the presence of small, nearly imperceptible flecks of brown marring the surface.

No. The jewel would suit its purpose and she would count herself lucky. With a determined nod, Shouma looked to the harvest moon that hung so low in the evening sky.

"How fitting," the youkai murmured, tossing her head back as she felt a light breeze caress the golden fuzz that covered her scalp. Just in this case, she thought with a huge smile, she had to wait a few centuries for the harvest instead of mere months.

But, Shouma smirked in arrogant satisfaction as she placed the walnut-sized demonheart back into her heavily lined pocket with a pat; it had been well worth the wait.

Chapter One: Without A Paddle

He sat dumbly upon the ground, his golden eyes wide as his fingers twisted the length of ebony hair seemingly of their own accord. His slender hand clasped the straggles tightly, the hair escaping from between his fingers as if each strand realized the owner was tempted to tear the entire mess out. But slowly, the whitened knuckles relaxed until finally the almost imperceptibly trembling hand pulled away.

Nothing would be won by such a foolhardy action, the most aware part of his consciousness insisted even as his most basest instincts howled in disagreement. Quietly, his eyes fell upon the neatly trimmed nails that erupted from the pink beds at the tip of each finger. Frowning at the dull pain he felt as he pressed the edge of the sharpest nail into his palm, he slowly increased the pressure until a droplet of bright red blood oozed out along the engraved lines that tracked along his palm. Barely restraining himself from sighing heavily as he realized how much pressure was needed to draw blood, the man bowed his head, the action seemingly calm and almost reverent.

He missed his claws, he decided suddenly as he forced himself to stand upon the muscular calves that hid beneath the white silk. These things, he thought, sneering at his hands in disgust, were weak and useless… and completely unsuitable for a youkai lord. Completely. Barely biting back the growl that wavered in his throat, he shifted his weight from foot to foot as he stood in the darkened field.

The tail thing would take some getting used to, he thought as he tilted back his head until the golden eyes stared up at the silver moon. He felt almost as if his entire body were thrown off-balance, though his mind knew it was only a reaction from suddenly missing the tail that had been casually draped over his shoulder for the entire span of his life.

No. He would simply not get used to it, he decided as he strode back towards the large room he had rented at the Inn for the night. There was no reason to get used to it, he told himself firmly as he ignored the curious looks from the Inn's patrons as he scaled the staircase. Imperviously, he met the eyes of the innkeeper's wife, only to watch her flinch visibly as he tossed her one of his most haughty glares.

At least I still have that, he thought, hating the feeling of frustration that washed over him as he pushed open the door. Growling softly as he noticed the tiny form sprawled out across the entire bed, Sesshoumaru quietly stood at the entrance as he considered the options before him.

Once this became known, he thought as he folded his arms across his chest, the attacks would begin. His enemies were simply too numerous and his lands were too great. It was simply impossible to hide something of this magnitude, he admitted as he quietly crossed the room to stand over the little girl.

She looked so sweet and peaceful, her long black hair draped over the gray, worn sheets that covered the bed.

The damn hellion.

Just by the aura alone they'd know what happened, Sesshoumaru sighed internally as he reached a hand down to shake the child awake. The trouble would begin tomorrow for certain, if not tonight. As such, his frail body would need a good night's sleep to prepare.

Speaking of which…. Why did he spend all this money getting a room with a child's bed if the little brat insisted on always sleeping in his? He should just drop her off at the next village, tears or not. She was too much trouble for such a small, worthless thing.

Shaking the thought off, he sighed as he sat on the edge of the bed, his reserves of energy fading fast as he listened to Rin's soft snoring. She would need sleep too. The last thing he needed was to be held up because the child was too tired to continue.

Biting back a sigh as the sleeping child wrapped her arms around his waist, Sesshoumaru raised his eyes up to the heavens. From experience he knew that the only way to release the chubby hands would be to wake up the child, but then it would undoubtedly take hours to get her back to sleep.

Oh, even worse: she might ask for a bedtime story again.

Such nonsense! he thought as he reclined back upon the bed. Rolling his eyes impatiently as the girl seemed to instinctively cuddle up to his form, Sesshoumaru made a note to discuss this transgression… once again… with the five-year-old.

Ignoring the soft warmth of her small body as it curled up in the hollow of his arms, Sesshoumaru commanded his active mind to silence as he decided that it would be just as well to fall asleep.

Tomorrow he would discover the reason why, he told himself firmly as he leaned his head against her small one. And then he'd make the person responsible pay.

Biting the inside of his lip hard as he felt a strange burning sensation in his eyes, the former demon squeezed the small child tightly, unwittingly taking comfort from her presence. Unable to sleep for the first time in his long life, he forced his mind to thoughts of revenge as he tried not to wonder what chaos the discovery that he, the great youkai Sesshoumaru, had been transformed into a human would bring.

Note: If you are familiar with the old version, you'll notice that while I added a prologue, not much else has been changed so far except for grammatical corrections. That will probably remain true for the next chapter as well though I expect Chapter 3 and on will be diverge greatly. Hope you like the changes! Thanks!