Author's note: Italics are the character's thoughts.

Chapter 1

Through the Trees

Through the trees and the leaves, I ran as fast as I could. Damn that stone. It had weakened me, though I had managed to escape. Damn my decision to use all my powers, every last drop, in an attempt to kill that peasant witch. And damn Dimdim for foiling my plan. And now, because of my stupidity, I am stuck here running for my life from a bunch of worthless mortals. But wait, if I used up all my powers, I would become mortal too. And Sinbad did kill my father, even with his powers. So I guess anyone could have killed me even with my powers, if they had the right timing. But Sinbad is an extraordinary person, above all others. Certainly he had a gorgeous body. Wish he had more sense to choose me over that peasant witch. Aren't I prettier, more romantic, and far more powerful? I could have given him the world. It would have been wonderful to just stand with him, his arms around me, watching the sunset.

Ouch, damn those arrows. It brushed against my thigh, nearly piercing my skin. More blood had started to ooze down my leg. It was nearly drenched with blood anyway. My dress had been torn. Actually, I was thankful. It made it hell a lot easier to run.

Ouch, will they just give up? Do they want to kill me? Of course they want to kill me, I destroyed their village years ago, murdering their wives and children.

Ouch, that was a direct hit. The arrow pierced through my lower calf. I may not be able to run anymore. But wait, I see an opening to the forest. Maybe there still is hope.

I hurriedly limped my way out of the forest. I dodged another arrow. I looked around, but, what the hell, this was a cliff, and I could see the sea all around. I heard them catching up to me, so I took the only thing which came into my mind: Jump. But just as I got to the edge of the cliff, an arrow pierced right into my back. I passed out and fell into the deep, blue sea bellow.

It had been hours since the last time Sinbad had seen land. Firouz was looking through the magnescope. "Firouz, have you spotted land yet?"

"No, nothing but sea."

"Great," Sinbad quietly mumbled to himself.

Firouz suddenly spotted something odd. It seemed as if the sun was reflecting off something. Little did Firouz know that he had spotted the sun's reflection off of Rumina's jewelry? "Wait, Sinbad, I see something."

Sinbad, wondering what Firouz saw, yelled, "Doubar, take the tiller for me." Once Doubar had a firm grip on the tiller Sinbad walked to Firouz. "What do you see?"

"Just look into the magnescope, into that direction," Firouz pointed to the direction the light was coming from.

Sinbad saw it, a small but bright glow in the sea of blue. "Hmmmmm, Doubar set course strait ahead. There's something in the water."

"Aye, aye, little brother."

Sinbad patted Firouz on the back and gave the magnescope back to him. He, too, wondered what was in the water. Unfortunately, it would be at least another half hour before he would find out.

"We are getting closer. Wait, I am starting to sea a figure forming."

"What do you see, Firouz."

Firouz could not believe his eyes and gasped.

"Well," Sinbad said impatiently.

"It's looks like a person. It's hard to tell, but I believe it is a person."

Alert, Sinbad asked, "How far."

"About half-a-mile. Sinbad, you're not suggesting…"

"Yes, that person may need help. I will be back in a jiffy." He jumped into the water.

Sinbad had no idea who he was about to rescue, only that the person may be in trouble. Meanwhile, Bryn, Firouz, and Rongar waited by the railing. Firouz watched Sinbad as he swam to his target. Doubar watched from the tiller, just hoping his little brother would be okay.

After several minutes, Sinbad got to the person. It was a she. He could tell by her dark, brown hair flowing in the waves. The color of the clothing was stained mostly with blood and dirt. This person looked like she had been attacked. But, there was a familiarity with the outfit. Then Sinbad noticed the earrings. He suddenly reached for the left arm, and pulled up her submerged hand. "No way, can't be," he gasped, staring at the ring on her finger. He reached for her face and gently lifted it out of the water. He could not believe his eyes. It was Rumina.