Title: Written In Candle Wax
Author: JM

Disclaimer: I do not own any of the characters that are mentioned within this story.

Main Characters: Trish Stratus, Lita/Amy Dumas, Jeff Hardy, Matt Hardy, Adam/Edge Copeland and others

A/N: hey guys.. so here another story.. by the way the timeline of this story is going to start with WM-X8 in Toronto, SkyDome. this 1st chapter is like a opener on what is the story is about.. so enjoy..

There was no exception to any exception other than the rule. Anything else was what it was supposed to be. Any other feeling was meant to be felt due to pre-ordained plans. And that was called fate. At least, to the average human it was. To her, it could be anything but. She liked to alter things, see things fit to her liking. But who didn't? Who wouldn't want life to follow a well drawn-out map that left no feeling, no moment, and no action written in marker? But life wasn't meant to work like that. Life was meant to break only a few rules, not all the rules.

Give her time and she would probably find a reason to come down from this high. Maybe exhaustion or possibly the thought of having to leave behind this arena, this moment, this destination in life. There would be a reason. Just not one she looked for.

"Great job Trish," echoed from a fellow Canadian and she smiled. She did a great job, didn't she? She was tough and put on a good show. She wasn't even the won that was pin. That added up to something, right? She didn't technically lose in her hometown, did she? Not in her mind.

"Way to work the ring Stratus. Vince should've given you the belt back," Debra says so smoothly that she thinks maybe that it's sarcastic. But it isn't. She gave more than just her all in that ring. She gave her soul.

Aside from what they thought she was, she was Trish Stratus. She wasn't the blonde with the breasts and the looks and the sex appeal that composed her character when she began in the World Wrestling Federation. She was now an established wrestler. She was a legitimate former Women's Champion. She lacked the attitude to be the typical definition of a Diva, but she glorified the integrity that summed up the true meaning of a Diva.

But all of that is far from her mind. She just competed in her first wrestling match for a Wrestle Mania pay-per-view. She just took on Jazz, an already established assertive wrestler, and Lita, the scarlet-haired wildcat that receives coos from the crowd if she jumps up and down for ten minutes, in a triple-threat match for the World Wrestling Federation Women's title. She just took some of the most intense bumps she's had to take in her wrestling career. And she just proved why she deserves to be in the upper echelon of women's wrestlers in the world. Damn it, she just gave her hometown a show they won't soon forget.

And she was still riding the crest of her high. She was still somewhere between all the ivory white clouds and the stars that peered through them to shine on the world.

Trish pulled her manicured nails through her golden mane, tying it up into a sloppy ponytail on her head. She yawned quietly and continued her walk through the Sky Dome. She felt the need to burst out into some song that Barbara Streisand once sung but composed herself. She smiled and waved at Adam as he passed her. She thought to speak, but he was caught up in scribbling his name on varied paraphernalia for a few of his fans. She rolled her tongue over her lips and continued to walk through the backstage area. She just couldn't get used to calling him Edge instead of Adam in front of the fans.

Her hazel eyes glanced over Stacy Keibler as she raved about the show while Rob Van Dam stood by boasting his win over William Regal. She didn't feel like talking work and so she avoided the interviewers. She just stayed on her high and breezed past her co-workers.

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