Havoc walked down the corridor to the Colonel's office with a folder in hand. He had told Mustang he would drop by around noon to give him the folder, but he was a bit earlier than expected.

"Oh well. Hope he's not busy," Havoc shrugged and approached the door, which was closed. He paused to listen for voices. One voice belonged to Mustang, while the other...was that Ed? He listened carefully.

"Damn it, Full Metal. Can't we do this some other time? I've got work to do," he heard Roy say.

"No! I've been waiting to do this since I got on that train for my last mission. I won't take no for an answer, you bastard," Ed's voice argued. Havoc nearly chuckled at this. Typical Ed. He heard the Colonel sigh.

"Fine. But let's make it quick," Roy said. He heard some movement. What were they doing?

"Quick, my ass! I'm not gonna stop until I have you begging for mercy, Mustang," Ed replied. Havoc's eyes went wide. What the -

"Is that so? By the time I'm through with you, you won't be able to walk for weeks," Roy shot back. More movement. Havoc was seriously considering leaving at this point.

"Yeah, whatever you say, bas - ah!" He heard Ed gasp. More movement.

"Ugh, now you've done it, Ed. My desk! Look at the mess you made. And it's all sticky. Fantastic," Roy heaved another sigh. Havoc cringed at the mental image he was producing. Ed gasped again.

"I need some ice or something," Ed piped up. This was too much for Havoc. He was going to go in; the Colonel had given him orders to drop off the folder. It was now or never. One...two...THREE.

He pushed the door open and looked around. Ed and Roy stared at him. Ed was cradling his left arm and his Auto-Mail arm was transmuted into a blade. Roy was trying to clean up a cup of coffee that had been knocked over on his desk.

"What's...going on?" Havoc asked, confused.

"Edward, here, wanted to spar, but managed to knock over my coffee cup instead," Roy explained, raising an eyebrow.

"Oh.... Um. Here's the folder you asked for, sir," and with that, Havoc bolted from the room, laughing hysterically.

"What the fuck?" Ed asked, looking at Roy, who shrugged.