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It was not the most joyful of reunions, no one looked too thrilled to see the newlyweds. Then Alice strode over and slapped Edward so hard, that the windows rattled, he immeadiately put his arm out to stop Rosie's fist halfway in it's arc towards Alice's face, the force of doing so,almost rocked him off his feet. "Always good to see you too, sis" he said, dryly to Alice. He turned to Rose, "That wont be helpful," he noticed Alice's self-satisfied smirk at him chastising Rose "Even if its totally understandable" he said,smiling at Rose. She reluctantly smiled back at him, she wanted to stay angry at Alice, but that private smile of Edwards, did have a different effect on her.

"What did you do?" Alice said, voice raised

"Well..." Rose started. Edward groaned, at all the things she was thinking, all the things they had done, mostly, behind closed doors. He shot an urgent look at Rose.

"That is not what she meant" Edward warned, Rose laughed. Edward was still so easy to embaress.

"This is serious, deadly serious, if you could stop being so childishly selfish for a moment" Carlise interjected "There is a war, that you have started, Edward that the grown ups here do have to deal with." he said

"Me? I didn't start anything.. " Edward said with shock "I wasn't here, I was .."

"They know what you were doing darling" Rose said linking arms with him, as they stood facing Alice and Carlise, for all the world looking like they were on opposite sides.

"I mean before you left, I know Jacob is annoying, but you almost killed Bella You do remember her? The love of your life" Alice insisted on saying as she glared at Rose.

"What are you talking about?" Edward's pale brow knitted into a frown, "Alice your not making any sense, I haven't seen Bella, and I have no intention of doing so, because she isn't what you called her."he added

"What someone you love?, Your one true love?" Alice said, her voice raising, "Funny how you can't bring yourself to atually say it." She visibly puffed up with happiness at this barb to hurl at the newly weds. Edward noted, Rose looked at him, he knew she felt worried, not to mention hurt. He sighed.

"She is not any of those things. If your really so petty to insist on specifics; she is not my love, she was an addiction, sick and wrong." he said "I romantisised it, maybe because I hated myself, I was drawn to the one thing that might destroy me, I guess I wanted to be destroyed" he added. "Also not hearing every persons nasty little thoughts was a welcome break." he said looking pointedly at Alice

This felt like daggers to the heart to Carlise, his precious family, was built on sand, "How nice of you to say" he said in clipped tones. "What you did do, instead was destroy all of us. " he said "Bella is still in a coma, you need to tell me what you were playing at." he insisted.

Edward looked at him in surprise, did it really matter that he had denied it all, they really believed he would goad Jacob, well they had a point there, but how could Alice believe Jacob's ridicuous story that he had demanded that Jacob had to give Bella back. Had Fork gone insane while they were gone?.

"I didn't see her, I didn't say anything like that to that stupid wolf Jacob."

"So Jacob would just lie" Alice mocked, this idea.

"Of course he would, he hates Edward, he is exactly the kind of person who would lie." Rose pointed out, exasperatedly.

"Not like this, he was being honest, he wanted to kill you for it." Alice said directly to Edward, as if Rose were someone to be ignored and sidelined. Edward saw clearly that Alice thought Rose was totally unimportant to him, some rebound madness. She didn't for a moment believe Edward might feel something real for her. Edward felt his blood boil, he didn't often get angry, but Alice was pressing all the right buttons to make sure he was.

"He always wants to kill me, I know that as a fact; I've been in his head." Edward snapped.

"He wants to kill us, and you betray us all, you fight against us, Edward how could you!" Alice wailed.

"I haven't" Edward said, visibly stunned, "I would never do that." he insisted; this was insane, Alice couldn't have seen that. Even if the family broke, as it looked like it would, he would never attack them. Alice pouted and let him see her vision; she saw him in the woods, his ambushing and tearing Carlise apart. It was all lies, yet still she saw him doing it. He could not contemplate that future. He knew he wouldn't do it. Nothing could make him betray Carlise, whatever Carlise thought of him. He was a monster of honour... no a man of honour. Rose had made him see, finally, that he was not a monster. An idiot maybe, he smiled wryly as he thought of how Rose teased him with such words, but never a monster... so why did the rest of them see him as being one, in this vision?

Plus the other fundamental flaw was that he couldn't be moved to anger over Bella, anymore. All he felt for the silly girl was just pity. She was rather stupid headstrong child who was her own and Jacobs worst enemy. He didn't even hate Jacob, not really. He hated how he acted, what he allowed himself to do to others. But that was different That was also the very reason why, he would never do what the vision showed.

"If we do not stop you, you do all the things Alice has seen." Carlise said sorrowfully.

Emmet walked down the stairs.. gradually all the family filled the room. "What is this? A trap.." Edward joked weakly. He stilled, he saw they had worked to cloak their minds from him, not an easy task, they did mean to keep him here, against his will. They really believed him to be the greatest danger to them all., Because of it, they meant to stop him by whatever means needed, short of death. Carlise could not bring himself to go that far. But Sam and Jacob lingered in the woods outside the house; they were quite willing to go exactly that far.

"Your never going to believe me" Edward said "Your faith in me is so touching." Edward said dully.

"You can not seriously be meaning to do this!" Rose yelled. "You know what Jacob wants to do to him! You just want to help him?"

Emmet rounded on her "No, Carlise and Alice just want to stop a war that he starts, and the Volturi coming and killing everyone here. Someone has to stop this." he stated. "We all know what Alice has seen. You haven't. You don't know. You just leap to defend him, fine, but we know what he ends up doing Rose." he said

"Do enlighten me, what could ever happen in this stupid 'prediction'of yours Alice, to make him do the opposite of what he would ever make Edward suddenly not Edward!" Rose said with her voice dripping contempt.

Alice jumped in to answer "Bella, his true love, dies. " she said

"Bella and his true love are two different people" Rose said glaring at Alice.

"Are you so very sure of that?" Alice mocked.

"She should be it's true." Edward replied for Rose, it was the first time, that Rose had ever been glad someone had done that for her. She smiled at him.

"Even my real true love dying, wouldn't make me ambush Carlise, like a coward." he said "Mainly because I''d not live past her dying." he stated.

"Stupid romantic" Rose muttered.

"But its true." Edward whispered to her.

"Yes, but it's still stupid." she smiled at him

Edward looked at Carlise, "You know I am leaving" he said.

Carlise shook his head "I have assured Sam, and Jacob, that if you leave here, now, you are deciding to leave the Cullen family, and the protection of the treaty" he said "Edward, please, don't do this, this is the only way of stopping this." he urged. Edward saw he clearly sincerely believed this, which meant he also sincerely believed what Alice saw in the vision.

"So... I am staying" he conceeded, he looked over at Alice "I stay; I don't leave the house for sixty, seventy years, has that changed things?" he said, meaning it, and by doing so, it should change everything.

A look of confusion crossed Alice's face. "No.. no it doesn't. It should. " she looked at Carlise in a panic. "He still kills you." she said.

"Thats because its not him, you moron" Rose snapped.

"It is him, of course it's him... how many Edward Cullens do you think there are out there." Emmet sneered.

"Your assuming Jacob is telling the truth about me " Edward said, that seemed a stupid assumption to him, considering him and Jacob's past. "By doing so you play into what he wants to happen. He is behind this, he has to be. All he had to do was see what really happened. No doubt Jacob often thought about it. All he needed to do was reach out to sense Jacobs mind,at the right moment. It wasn't hard. Jacob tended to be an open book, usually one screaming abuse at Edward.

So Edward listened for Jacobs memories of the events. As usual Jacob completely blamed Edward for him hurting Bella. Edward had expected that, and the hate there. But the fact that Jacob had really seen.. 'him' in Bella's room was a shock. Jacob was telling the truth. "But... he isn't lying.. he is wrong, but not a liar. "Edward said thoughtfully.

"There.. at least sense... and a confession." Emmet said, pleased that this was going to be settled.

"Thats not what I meant... " Edward protested.

"Oh Edward." Carlise said "I had no idea that this had twisted you into such madness." he said , all sympathy.

Alice smirked, looking over at Rose, "There were clues." she giggled.

This time Edward didn't get to that fist of Rose's in time.. Alice smashed through the emmense pane of glass at the front of the house, sailed through the air landing at Jacobs feet, who despite all his torment and grief over Bella, managed to look up her skirt, and appreciate the view.

"I'd help her up, but I am not allowed to leave the house." Edward smirked, as Rose slipped her hand into his.

Carlise, shook his head, and went out to help her up, and to talk to the wolf's clan. Clearly this was not going to be so easily solved.

"You had to hit her clear across the clearing?" Edward said to Rose.

" I was being very restrained." Rose said, deadpan.

"I saw that, very, very restrained." Edward confirmed. " That could hardly have scratched the surface of all that anger and frustration..." he mused.

"Not even dented it.. dented her a little..." she smirked.

Their eyes drifted back to the very serious discussion going on between the Cullens, and the Wolves.

"There is someone pretending to be me, someone able to deceive even those that know me very well, into thinking it's me. "

"So, Jacob, wasn't lying... thats interesting. So who did he see?.. An illusion, an imposter.. " Rose tapped her lip thoughtfully. Despite the seriousness of the situation this still managed to distract Edward a little.

"Exactly, thats what I have been trying to make them see!" he said.

"Yes, they are a little slow... so who is the imposter?" she mused.

"Well if I knew, I'd have said, but we've got to suspect it's the Volturi, with skills like that.. no one that has those kinds of talents escape them for long." he murmured, still watching her lips.

"Well we know that, " Rose sighed "What I actually meant was which one in the vision was the imposter; the one Alice believes is you, or the one she believes is Carlise..." she said

"Hell.. I hadn't even considered that.." he looked at Rose in admiration "Your sharp."

Rose smiled as she looked at her perfectly manicured talons. "In all sorts of ways." she shared her warm smile with him, before the seriousness of their situation faded it

"If it was Carlise.." Edward mused as he looked out at the blonde haired doctor.

"Yes, Carlise, the pacifist, the one everyone knows to their core, would never kill anyone. That tends to make people let their guard down a little more than they would with anyone else." she completed his thought. They looked at each other in horror.

"No one would suspect him, until it was too late." Edward said.

"A totally trustworthy doctor... " Rose groaned "I can't believe I am going to say this, but if Alice see's Bella dying, and Bella is in hospital."

"..Someone looking just like Carlise would have the best opportunity.."the perfect murder." Edward agreed.

""Which seems set to start the fight that Alice sees." Rose said "We have to tell them" she said of the Cullens who were returning to the house.

Edward touched his lips to indicate silence and shook his head a little; after all, the imposter might be about to walk back in, dressed in the illusion of being a Cullen.

Rose let out a frustrated little sigh, and mischieviously thought for Edwards ears only, 'Restraint... one of my least favourite things...'

"Oh I know, its one of the things I so love about you." Edward chuckled.

Carlise tutted disapprovingly as he returned, he looked solemn, "It is agreed, and since you already said that you would live under house arrest, here, something more reassurring to the pack out there, is easy to agree with. " he said.

Edward and Rose exchanged a look, "Go on.." Edward said carefully.

"They would prefer somewhere, more secure..." Carlise stated.

"Prison?" Edward interrupted with dismay, "You want me to be arrested and carted off to the town's jail like some criminal?" he said.

"It seems reasonable, they think thats safer for all." Carlise said.

"No, I don't think so." Rose said, with all the arrogant authority she could command, Edward watched her dominate the room, she was magnificant like this. "There is no way, that is safe, a jail can't hold a good few humans who want out, let alone a vampire. Its ridiculous! It also proves absolutely nothing. Well other than the stupidity of who came up with it." she mocked. "No, Edward and I will stay in La Plant until this is travesty is sorted out." she walked over to be almost nose to nose with Carlise. "A whole pack of werewolves around us, might be enough to make you feel safe Carlise. " she glared daggers at him "After you find out how stupid you've been in this; it wont be."