Perfect Lives
pitching myself leads in other people's dreams

The girl was happy. It was clear at first glance. Those green eyes – weren't green eyes for jealousy? Not hers, that was certain, so maybe it was Naminé's own – held pure joy, occasional mischievousness, and not a hint of sadness. She held her own in the gang of four. If Pence was lazier than usual, she could make him carry her shopping with minimal complaints. If Hayner was rougher than usual on Seifer's gang, she could admonish him and know her words would be heeded. If Roxas –

If Roxas. The thought saddened Naminé more than she thought possible.

She didn't want to leave Olette without that perfect smile, but she knew, even with Roxas and all memories of him were gone, it just wouldn't be the same.

Very small. Sorry. Liked it that way. Disloyal Order Of Water Buffaloes inspiration.