Pink ribbons spill from the bouquet,

Pink lips smile as she's given away,

Pink sunset glows on their wedding day,

Pink champagne pours as the couple sways.


White cottage waits on the island shore,

White silk dress drifts slowly to the floor,

White sheets heat as lovers become more,

White smiles widen, as bodies adore.


Gold starlight shines on wave and sand,

Gold rings glimmer on entwined hands,

Gold skin caressed and praised as grand,

Gold moon illumines wonderland.


Blue sky dazzles, cloudless above,

Blue hair curls from kisses beloved,

Blue letter brings message whereof,

Blue sigh ends holiday, not love.


A/N: I finished the last chapter of my R/T HBP fic Waiting for the Moon and became inspired by Tonks morphing her hair pink at the end to write this poem. At first it was going to be all pink, but when I imagined Steven Tyler of Aerosmith singing the poem to the tune of the song Pink (It's like red, but not quite, heh), although he did a smashing job, :D, I immediately varied my colour scheme. For long time readers, yes, I imagine Remus and Tonks marrying on the Isle of Lewis where they spent their first night together in Butterfly Summer and spending their honeymoon--however short it might have been--at the same cosy guesthouse.