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They don't have alices here….


"Mikan Sakura, will you be my girlfriend?" asked Natsume.

End flashback

Mikan and Natsume are a couple now. Mikan is 19 and Natsume 20. They both are living outside of the academy. Natsume is a photographer, while Mikan is a designer.

Natsume always take photos of Mikan. He always keep one of her photos beside him.

But one unfortunate day took away Mikan's eyes…

The couple is walking down the street to a café, but when they're crossing the road.


A car bumped into Mikan.

Natsume immediately called the ambulance.

The doctor checked on Mikan.

"It's okay, but….. she's blind forever."

Natsume's world falls apart.

Afterwards, Natsume told Mikan that they should break up and told her to forget about him.

Mikan is extremely upset. Is it because she's blind? But after a few hours, The doctor told Mikan that someone is willingly donate their eyes for her.

Mikan is very happy and agreed.

After the surgery, Mikan can see again. But she is still very angry of Natsume.

One day, she strode in the park. And she saw a blind man with a dog, holding a photo.

Then suddenly a gush of wind came and flew the picture away. Mikan immediately helped him to pick the photo out and gave it to him.

When she saw the man, she was surprised.

It was Natsume.

And when she saw the photo, she was more surprised. It was her, in the photo.

"Thank you, you don't know how precious this photo is to me," he said pointing to the photo.

"Who's that?" asked Mikan in a wobbling voice, trying to hold back her tears.

"It's the love of my life." Natsume said.

"And why are you blind then?"

"I donated my eyes to her," he chuckled bitterly. "She's a designer, she can't have her eyes right?"

Mikan hugged him and cried her heart out.


"Umm… why do you know me as a photographer? Do I know you?" asked Natsume. "Well, it's a nice time talking to you, but excuse me, I have to go now, let's go Yoru," said Natsume, gesturing to the dog, Yoru. "Well, see you around, Mikan."

'Mikan?' thought Mikan.


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