The Next Generation

A story of William Taylor, Charlie Masen and Addison Renee.

I do not own Twilight or any of Stephenie Meyer's characters; I only own my three characters.

[Multiple POV]

Chapter One – First Phase

[POV Addison]

I was completely ecstatic about the upcoming party for my sweet sixteen. Sure, it was Billy and Charlie's birthday too but they didn't want to be included in the sweet sixteen and instead mom and dad [mainly being Aunt Alice's idea] planned for them to have separate parties the weekend before mine. We all shared the same friends and got along great but the fact that mom, Aunt Alice and Aunt Rose wanted me to experience everything possible, they decided that a sweet sixteen party was exactly something I couldn't miss out on.

We had two weeks until my party and the boys' party was going to be this Saturday evening. I was excited because it gave Aunt Alice an excuse to take me and the twins, mom had twin girls when the three of us were five, we loved going shopping with her because whatever we wanted she gave it to us. Sure, we were extremely spoiled but we didn't care and we certainly didn't let it get to our heads, we never acted different than anyone else on the reservation and we didn't like to flaunt the fact that we did have more money than others around here.

When I called Aunt Alice to take me, Lillian and Mary shopping she sounded more excited than we were. She said she was planning on taking me to get a new wardrobe because I was completely growing out of my clothes now. Sure, my mom wasn't very tall but she wasn't nearly as tall as my dad; dad was around seven foot and mom was easily five foot nine. Charlie, Billy and I were definitely taking after our dad in the height department. I swear I have grown three inches in the past month.

After I hung up with Aunt Alice, I hurried around and got dressed and then told mom what I was up to today. She said it was fine and she went off to get Lillian and Mary ready; that was the thing I liked most about both my parents, they let me do what I wanted as long as I told them before hand. I headed to the kitchen and since it was a Sunday, no one was home except the girls today so I wasn't surprised that the house was so quiet.

I made my way to the refrigerator and started digging through the shelves looking for the makings of a sandwich; I found a package of honey-smoked ham and my favorite condiments. I had everything in my hands and I turned around to place everything on the counter when I slammed right into someone.

"Whoa," a pair of large hands gripped my arms and steadied me. "Sorry, Addie, I thought you heard me walk in."

I looked up to see Seth standing there with a slight smirk on his face.

I blushed slightly, "Yeah, no I didn't hear you come in."

He brushed the lose hair that was hanging down in my face behind my ear.

"I didn't mean to startle you Addie, here let me take those for you."

He took all my sandwich makings from my arms and placed them on the counter, then went over to the pantry and pulled out the loaf of wheat bread and a paper plate. He quickly made up my sandwich and I sat down at the counter on the stool across from him. He cut the sandwich at an angle right down the middle and slid the plate over to me.

"Thanks Seth," I said before I started to dig in.

"No problem Addie," he said smiling at me.

He stood there watching me eat my sandwich, which really wasn't anything weird; for as long as I could remember he always did stuff like this for me. Seth was my best friend and we did absolutely everything together. Truth be told, I had always had a slight crush on him but I never told anyone about it; knowing that I would have hell to pay especially from Uncle Emmett.

I finished up eating my sandwich and I noticed that Seth had placed a glass of ice water beside me before he left the room. I downed the water fast, almost too fast and it gave me a slight pain in my temple like when you eat ice cream too fast. I threw away my plate and put my empty glass into the sink, making my way into the living room where Seth was stretched out across the couch; his arms up behind his head and his shirt was raised slightly.

Wow, his stomach is so toned, it is pretty sexy…

I thought to myself as I caught the glimpse of his bare stomach. I shook my head to clear my thoughts; I cannot think of him like that, he is too old for me plus dad would kill me if he even knew I thought like that. I took a deep breath and went over and sat on the floor in front of Seth; leaning my head back on the cushion beside his head and smiled at him. He smiled back then I raised my head up to focus on the TV, he was watching a college basketball game; which I could definitely get into since I was a ball player myself.

Seth and I both cheered every time Washington State Cougars scored. After about a half an hour of watching the game, mom and the twins came down stairs. Since I had started watching the game I had moved from the floor up unto the couch beside Seth and we were setting closer than I had realized. Mom gave me a look then she glared at Seth; I looked up at Seth and he dropped his head and scooted away from me a few inches. I wonder what that is about, it's like she doesn't trust us to be that close. She composed a smile onto her beautiful face and watched over to us.

"Hello Seth, how are you sweetheart?" my mom asked.

"I am great Bells, how are you today?"

"Wonderful," she nodded, "Hate to break it to you guys but Alice is on her way. Sorry Seth, but we are going shopping for Addison's new clothes."

Seth dropped his head again, "Oh." He sounded like he was upset.

"But, I am sure Aunt Alice wouldn't mind if you tagged along Seth. Would she mom?" I looked at my mom, pleading with puppy eyes.

She sighed, "No, I am sure she wouldn't mind. But, we might have to take two cars because I am sure she is driving her porsche."

"Yeah, me and Seth could ride with Aunt Alice and you could take your mustang, you know how you like to drive your mustang to Seattle mom." I smiled at her.

She smiled back, "Of course, I haven't been able to drive to Seattle for awhile."

"You sure you don't mind me coming along?" Seth asked.

"Not at all, plus I need you to tell me what looks good." I giggled, jokingly.

"Yeah, cause my sense of style is so amazing." He chuckled.

Mom shot him another glare; I wonder what is with her today.


Aunt Alice showed up a few minutes later and I hopped into the tiny back seat of her car and Seth slid into the front, mom and the twins were going to follow us. Most of the drive was quiet and we just listened to Aunt Alice's extremely loud upbeat music; I didn't mind it so much but I normally listened to more sorts of rock music, Seth had gotten me into it a few years back. Finally Aunt Alice broke the silence when she asked what I had been up to all morning.

"Oh, I just got up called you, practically knocked myself out when I ran smack-dab into Seth then he made me a sandwich and we watched the college ball game until you showed up."

She looked over and smiled at Seth, raising one of her perfect eyebrows, "Well, that sounds like a good morning and what a nice thing of Seth to make you lunch."

I was slightly leaning in between the front seats and I noticed Seth turn away from me and look out the side window, it looked almost as if he was blushing.

"Yeah," I smiled, "he is such a perfect gentleman."

Alice giggled. "Yes, he can be sometimes I suppose."

We drove a little while longer then we came to stop in front of a clothing store. Alice and Seth got out of the car and Seth pulled the front seat up and helped me out just as mom and the twins pulled up behind us. We waited until they all got out of the car and we headed into the store.

Alice and mom went straight to the clothing racks that were my size, pulling off different things that they thought I would like. I noticed Alice was getting things that were dark shades of things while mom was getting more girlie colored things. I had to admit, Alice knew my style better than my mom did; I wasn't into the whole girlie/preppy look, I liked to make my style somewhat different then most of the girls around my school. I wore mainly dark denim jeans, slacks or the occasional basketball shorts along with polo shirts, sweaters and tank tops. What can I say, I liked to be comfortable; but I added a bit of rocker edginess to my style.

Lillian and Mary headed off to look through different racks of clothing and left me and Seth together at the entrance. I grabbed Seth's hand and drug him along with me as I looked through the different shelves of jeans. He knew my sizes so he was pulling out certain pairs that I assumed he thought I would like. Alice yelled for me and Seth to come over to the dressing rooms; we reached her and my mom to find two large piles of clothing on the chairs in front of the small dressing rooms.

"These are for you to try on Addie." She pointed to the largest pile. "And these are for you Seth." Pointing to the smaller one, "Now, both of you go try these things on."

We both sighed and picked up a few of the outfits and headed into our separate dressing rooms.

"And I want to see everything you try on!" she shouted as we stepped through our doors.

I quickly stripped out of my comfortable exercise pants and t-shirt and picked up the first outfit. It was a pair of black stretching slacks and a deep blue button down blouse. I slipped into the pants and they were a perfect fit; I unbuttoned the shirt and slid it on hurrying with the buttons. I stepped out of my dressing room and stepped in front of the triple mirror where mom and Aunt Alice were sitting.

"That looks great Addie, the blue looks absolutely lovely on you." My mom smiled at me.

"It is surprisingly comfortable too." I added.

Aunt Alice laughed, "Okay, we are getting that, now go try on the other stuff!"

I headed back for my dressing room and Seth was just now coming out with his first outfit on. Well, it wasn't a first outfit, only the pants Alice had picked out for him. He was in his undershirt and a pair of athletic pants that fit snuggly just below his hip bones. I caught myself staring at him again and I quickly took off into my room, hoping he didn't see my now rosy cheeks.

As I started to change out of this outfit into a new one, I heard my mom and Alice talking to Seth.

"Did you see how she looked at him, Bella." Alice whispered to my mom.

"Yeah, I think she is getting to that age now." Mom sighed. "Seth you are going to have to sit down and talk to her soon, you know."

"Yeah, I know Bells, but I don't want Jake to kill me. I know she is still young but the pull is getting stronger."

My mom sighed again, "I know what it was like, remember? But, we will talk to Jake about this later tonight."

"Alright Bells."

I heard Seth walking back to his dressing room now and I quickly stepped a few steps away from the door so he would see my feet hanging out the bottom; I had pressed myself close to the door to hear them. I wonder what they were talking about and what on earth did he mean by 'the pull'?


We had finished shopping and were headed back to our house now. Seth and Aunt Alice were quiet the entire way back and I couldn't stop thinking about the conversation they had in the clothing store. We arrived at home and my dad's car was in the drive way along with Grandpa Charlie's cruiser, Uncle Emmett jeep and Aunt Emily's van. Seth carried all of the bags into the house and put them on the side table in the entry way.

"We're home," Lillian and Mary called as they ran past me and Seth.

"Welcome home kids!" my dad shouted just as mom and Alice walked in behind us.

My dad stepped around the corner with a smile on his face but then it suddenly shifted to a twisted worried look.

"Hi, dad, how was fishing with the guys?" I asked, walking up and kissing his cheek.

He shook his head slightly, "Uh – it was fine, how was shopping? Hope Alice didn't torture you too much."

I giggled, "Not me, it was Seth that I was worried about. She made him try on a suit." I covered my mouth while I giggled even louder.

"Oh, ha-ha really funny Addie, it was funny to see you in all pink too."

I turned to glare at him and he was smiling a big goofy smile that I always loved. I don't know how anyone could stay mad at this guy, he was always so happy and fun to be around.

My dad laughed, "Addie in all pink, I would pay to see that."

"Oh really, how much exactly?" Alice said as she appeared in the front door, "I snapped a few pictures as she came out of the dressing room, want to see them Jake?"

I groaned, "You didn't?"

She smiled, "Okay, I didn't." she giggled and mouthed 'I will show you later' to my dad.

I sighed in defeat; there was no use to argue with Alice, because she always won.

I could smell something good coming from the kitchen, I smelt like fresh fish. I went into the kitchen to see Emily, Sue and Grandma Esme over the double stove frying fish. I went up behind each of them, giving them a hug then I swiped a piece of fish that was sitting on the counter under a paper towel. I went back and grabbed my bags from the side table and took them up to my room. As I passed Charlie and Billy's room I could hear them, Uncle Emmet, Uncle Jasper, and two other familiar laughs coming from the other side of their closed door. I set my bags in my closet and pulled on a hoodie before I left my room. I switched off my light in the closest and I walked out to see Leah lying on my bed; I was surprised to see her here.

"Um, hey Leah, how are you?" I managed to choke out.

"Hi Addison, sorry I am in your room, me and Embry are sort of fighting again." she sighed.

"Oh, I don't mind Leah, you know you are welcome to stay in here as long as you want."

"Thanks kiddo." She smiled. "So, are you ready for you birthday coming up? You're going to be a big sixteen, exciting isn't it?"

I nodded, "sure, I guess it is."

"Well, I know I was excited when I turned sixteen, got my license, I was allowed to date, it was a fun time."

"Well, I could date now if I really wanted to; only special thing for me is getting my license."

She started laughing.

"What is so funny?"

She shook her head and continued laughing. "Oh nothing, really."

I crossed my arms across my chest, "Oh, then why are you laughing like a freaking hyena?" I snapped.

"Chill Addie, I was only laughing at the fact that you say you could date if you wanted to. Like Jake would let anyone near is darling little girl." She laughed again.

"I don't think it is that funny and I am sure dad wouldn't mind if the guy was nice."

I didn't want to hear anymore from Leah, we never got along anyways so I don't understand why I even bothered with her. The guys were still laughing when I passed their room; I stopped and knocked on their door.

"Who is it?" Charlie called.

"It's just me, can I come in please?"

"The door is open sis." He called back.

I opened the door and all of the guys looked at me. Uncle Jasper and Uncle Emmett looked at me worried and I could feel a wave of calming come over me.

"Thanks Uncle Jazz," I smiled at him as I took a seat beside Emmett.

"No problem Addie, so why so upset anyways?" Jasper asked me, worried.

"Nothing, just Leah…"

Embry laughed, "She has that effect of people."

"Why does she have to be such a bitch to me? I never do anything to her." I huffed.

"Hey, watch the language Addie, Bells would lose it if she heard you talk like that." Emmett chuckled.

"Sorry Em, I am just so angry with her."

"Eh, don't let her get to you sis, Leah has always been a bitch." Quil laughed.

I sighed.

Emmett squeezed me into a tight hug, "Don't worry about her babe, here play this and beat the kill the shit out of the aliens for me."

I laughed and took the controller.


After dinner everyone had left except for Uncle Emmett and Seth, they were going to stay the night with us tonight. Mom and dad had whispered to each other all during dinner and Grandpa Billy and Grandpa Charlie had taken them outside to talk, Sue and Seth were having a talk as well. I hated that they were being so secretive around me, they had never been like this before so I didn't understand why they were doing this now.

Dad asked that Lillian and Mary go to bed because it was after ten and we all had school tomorrow. They groaned and complained but they went on upstairs. Mom asked that Charlie, Billy and I come into the kitchen because they needed to talk to us about something important. We got into the kitchen and Emmett and Seth were already at the table. I sat beside Emmett and the boys sat across the table from us. Mom and dad joined us soon after.

Mom's face was twisted with worry and dad was glaring at Seth. I couldn't take the silence anymore, I had to say something.

"Okay, so are you guys going to tell us what this is about or not?" I snapped.

"Watch your tone young lady." Dad said in a firm voice.

"I am sorry but the silence is killing me."

Mom sighed loudly, "She is going to find out soon anyways."

Dad nodded. "Addison, you know how we told you and the guys about the tribe legend?"

I nodded.

"Well, it turns out that some girls are affected by it as well, take Leah for example. She has been one of the few girls around here to be affected by it."


"So, we have been watching you closely lately and I couldn't help how you have hit a bit of a growth spurt." My mom said.

"Wait… you don't mean…"

Dad nodded, "You are doing the same thing that Leah did but you are a bit younger than she was."

I sighed.

"So, you mean I am going to change soon? What about Billy and Charlie?" I threw my hands in the air.

"Calm down, they are getting to that stage as well." My dad sighed.

"So, I am going to turn into some freaky wolf soon? Great, just when I thought my life couldn't get any weirder!"

"I know honey; we are a very strange family. But, you can have a normal life." My mom said trying to reassure me.

"This is normal to you? You are married to a werewolf and the other half of our 'family' are a coven of vegetarian vampire! That doesn't sound very normal to me!" I shouted.

I felt Emmett cold hand grab my arm, "Please calm down Addie, it doesn't help you any if you get angry all the time."

I sighed, he was right being angry doesn't solve anything.


"No, sweetie, the angry is part of it. I promise that it will calm down though." My dad smiled halfheartedly.

"So, wait, I have a question."

"Yes?" my mom asked.

"Mom, you aren't technically a werewolf, so how come you don't age like a human should?"

She sighed, "I knew I would have to explain one day. Well, you're great grandpa, Grandma Renee's dad; isn't really her dad."

"So, what does that mean?" Billy asked.

"Embry's grandfather is also mine."

"Really? So, that means that you carry the werewolf gene as well?" Charlie asked.

She nodded.

"But, you cannot phase like dad?" Billy added.

"Nope, but after I became pregnant with you three the gene inside me surfaced. Carlisle was never sure why it took so long or why it didn't affect my mother; he thinks it may have a reason for my mate being another werewolf."

"Eww," the three of us groaned.

Emmett laughed.

I jabbed him in the ribs.

"But, we believe that it won't be long before you three phase for the first time. So, if any of you start feeling sick at anytime, come home. I don't care if it is in the middle of the school day, come straight home." My dad said.

We all nodded.

"Charlie, Billy you two should head to bed now. We need to speak to Addison alone." Mom said.

"Alright," Billy groaned.

They both kissed mom goodnight and hugged dad and headed up the stairs.

"So, what now?" I asked.

"Uh, Seth, I believe you need to say something to her." Mom said, she looked worried again.

Seth nodded and Emmett slid his chair back so I could see Seth without looking around him.

"So, Addie, you know how we feel so close?" he asked.

"Yeah, we are best friends though."

"Yeah I know we are, but, there is a reason we are so close."

I looked at my mom confused.

"Just listen to him Addie."

I nodded and turned back to Seth.

"Well, the whole time your mom was pregnant with you I was sort of drawn to her. Like I couldn't be away from her because I felt like I was missing a part of my life."

"Okay, so what you were crushing on my mom?"

They all laughed.

"No, no Addie, I was drawn to Bella because of you."

"So, what do you mean exactly?"

"You remember me telling you about imprinting and how your father imprinted on me, right?" mom asked me.

I suddenly realized where this was going. "You didn't…" I looked back at Seth.

His face was now full of guilty and he nodded slowly.

"But, how could you? I was just a baby! I still am a baby!"

"Actually you have grown into quite a beautiful young lady." My mom added.

I sighed, "So what does this mean? I will eventually marry my best friend and we will have freaky werewolf babies one day?"

"No, Addie, it is completely your choice. I would never force you into anything; I respect your happiness way too much to force you to be with me. Whatever you want is fine with me, I will be happy as long as you are." Seth said, reaching for my hand.

I pulled my hand back; I couldn't believe what I was hearing. I was destined to be with my best friend and my parents didn't see a problem with this. They were the victims of imprinting themselves, now I already had someone waiting for me to grow up; it really didn't seem fair for me to not really have a choice but it was worse for Seth because he has been waiting for sixteen years to get this off of his chest.

I sighed again.

"We can talk about this later dear, you need to go get some rest." My mom sighed.

"Fine, goodnight guys." I huffed, giving Emmett a kiss on the cheek then walking around the table kissing my mom and dad goodnight before heading upstairs to my room.


The next day I tried to forget about the conversation I had with my parents. I didn't want to think that about my best friend, sure I did look at him and wished that maybe one day but I didn't want it to be set in stone that he was my only option.

Mom drove all five of us to school and when we got out at school my friend Jenny was waiting for me. She was dancing in place when I walked up to her; she was on my basketball team for the school, we had bonded pretty well over the past three years. The week before she had helped me fill out all of the invites for my party as well as the ones for Billy and Charlie's party; she planned to help us hand them all out today.

"Hi Addie!" she sang as I walked up to her.

"Hey, Jen, so are you ready to hand these things out?" I asked with a giggle.

She nodded and I headed her half of the stack I had in my bag. Charlie and Billy were off handing out the ones for their party while Jenny and I worked on the ones for mine. Mom made me invite pretty much the whole school even the people that I didn't particularly like, she said it was better to be nice than to make enemies. We handed out most of the invitations before the first bell but we had to wait for the last few until lunch.

Charlie, Billy and I had the first three classes together. We all sat toward the back of the class, not like we didn't get enough attention from the teachers anyways; we were all of the basketball teams so everyone knew who we were. Plus, we had our mom and dad's smarts; pretty well getting straight A's in most of our classes.

By the time lunch came around I had met up with Jenny again and we quickly handed out the last of the invites. After that we went through the lunch line and got our lunch and headed to our seats with Lillian, Mary, Charlie and Billy. I sat there and ate in peace, I started to get a headache but I just thought it was from all the stress of exams coming up. I asked Jenny for a few Tylenol and it eased up the pain; Billy wasn't looking very good though. He had hardly touched his food and his natural dark skin seemed to be flushed.

"Are you okay Billy?" Jenny asked from across the table.

"Uh – yeah, fine. Just not feeling the best."

She reached over and put her hand to his forehead, "Whoa! You are burning up Billy, maybe you should go to the nurse."

"Yeah, maybe you are right; it feels like the room is spinning."

He got up from the table, leaving his tray and ran for the door.

"I think I will go check on him," I said getting up from the table, Charlie followed behind me.

[POV Billy]

After I ran out of the cafeteria, I felt like my head was going to explode. I rushed out the side door of the school and headed for the road. I heard Addison and Charlie calling after me but I didn't stop, I just kept walking. They soon caught up to me, throwing different questions of concern about. I ignored them and bolted for our house, it wasn't but a five minute run from here so it wouldn't be a problem. They had both stopped talking to me but kept up behind me, when we reached the house I burst through the front door and wondered around the house until I found my mom.

"Jake!" she shouted and a few moments later my dad was in the room.

"Outside, now." He ordered, ushering me and my mom out the back door and into the woods.

Addison and Charlie founded us outside but mom stopped them from getting close to me.

"God, my head is going to completely explode!" I shouted.

"Calm down Billy, you need to calm yourself." My dad kept repeating.

"What's happening?" I asked.

"It is going to happen soon, Bella stay back and keep the kids back."

My entire body was beginning to shake with tremors and I couldn't seem to open my eyes without everything starting to spin.

"Alright, I will be right back." My dad said.

I opened my eyes long enough to see he run into the woods behind were mom was holding back Addison and Charlie then he appeared again but, in his wolf form.

"Now, Billy, I know you are probably in a lot of pain right now but I need to you calm down." My mom said.

"How?!" I screeched.

"Alright, the angrier you get, the faster you are going to phase."

I tried to take some deep breathes but I couldn't, it was like everything that I hated was suddenly filling my mind. Then I had a burning pain rip through my skull like I was lit on fire, my entire body ached as I felt every bone stretch and morph. Then it stopped.

Billy? I heard dad call.

What the hell? How are you talking to me?

Ha-ha, it's okay son. Don't worry, how do you feel? - Dad

Um, fine I guess. How am I supposed to feel?

Well, I everyone feels differently about this. - Dad

Billy? Jake?

Yes, Seth, it's us. - Dad

Well congratulations Billy, nice to see you are growing up. Seth laughed.

Um, thanks. So what do I do now exactly?

Why don't you go run, it was my favorite thing to do when I first phased. It is such a rush Billy; I know you'll love it. – Seth

Took off running through the woods, followed by my dad and soon another wolf joined us; I assumed it was Seth. He was right, running felt so natural; it was like I was free and I didn't have a care in the world.

My dad laughed.

What? I stopped.

Nothing, just your thoughts are funny sometimes.

You can read my thoughts?

Yeah, we can read each other's thoughts when we are in wolf form.

Oh. So you can see everything?

Yes, and I am sure your mother would want to know what you have been doing with that Robertson's girl from Forks. I thought I taught you better than that.


Then I was hit with the memories of my dad and mom when they were younger. Scenes of mom sitting in dads old rabbit while he worked on a set of bikes, mom pretty much molesting my dad in her ancient truck and then my mom lying in a hospital bed with a huge swollen stomach.

Dad, are all those real?

Yes, son, they are.

Mom was a horn dog! Why should I get lectured for what I've been doing?

My dad laughed. Well, things happen don't they son. I guess your thought will just be between us.

Thanks. So, how do I phase back?

Just relax.

I calmed myself and tried to clear my head. Before I knew it I was standing there naked in the middle of the woods. My dad came out from behind a tree and threw a pair of sweats at me, Seth followed behind him.

"So, not too bad was it?" he asked me.

"The pain was excruciating."

"Yeah, but that is only the first time, it isn't so bad after that."

I sighed. "So, it is going to happen again?"

He nodded. "The more you can control your temper, the better off you are though. You don't need to be phasing in the middle of school when someone pissed you off."


"Don't worry, the rest of the week you are taking off."

"But, what about the game Thursday?"

"You are going to have to miss it; you don't need to risk the safety of the other players."

I nodded; just great my life was changing just because I had to be one of the sons of the Alpha, just my luck.

[POV Charlie]

Of course it had to be Billy to be the first one to phase. He was the first born and now he is the first to phase, I am sure dad is extremely proud of him. Mom made us go back into the house after dad and Billy took off into the woods. I went up to my room and turned on my stereo and lay across my bed. Mom said we didn't have to go back to school today and I was happy. After a few songs my eyes started to get heavy and I slowly drifted off to sleep.

"Charlie!" I was being shaken by my shoulders.

My eyes fluttered open and my dad was standing above me.

"Charlie! Wake up, it is dinner time!"

I grumbled something inappropriate under my voice and my dad glared at me.

"Alright, I am up; just don't shake me anymore please. My head is killing me."

He took a step back and looked are me warily. "You don't feel funny do you?"

"No, just a headache, why?"

"That is how is starts out." he sighed, "Come on, it is dinner time. Your mother is waiting for us."

We headed down stairs and into the kitchen. Everyone was already sitting at the table and dad took his seat at the opposite end of mom. I sat down beside Billy and knelt my head. Lillian said grace and then dad started passing around the dishes of food. I filled my plate up with the mashed potatoes, green beans and a piece of grilled chicken breast.

After we had all finished eating dad and Billy headed outside. It was like they were suddenly best friends and I was left alone. I went up to my room and turned my stereo back on and stripped down to my boxers and crawled under my covers.

I didn't hate my dad or my brother, I just felt like I was always left out or I was always the last one to be included into the loop. Even Lillian and Mary seemed to find things out before I did. I hate that, it was like none of them trusted me; I knew they all loved me but I just left so… alone. Maybe once I phase my parents will treat me like I actually belong in this family.

Hope you enjoyed it.

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