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My friends will take any chance to party. Though when I pointed this out to them, they said this was most definitely a reason to celebrate. I have finally joined their little club! What club you may ask? The gay one.

When I first told my friends, they had stared blankly at me. Then they exchanged glances, whispered 'He figured it out just now?!', before standing up and letting out a whoop! Clapping me on the back, Kiba had grinned and said, more like shouted since he was such a loud-mouth, that they were going clubbing. I rubbed my shoulder and glared at my friend.

"Why? We just went out two days ago to celebrate, get this, a new item on McDonald's' menu!"

Gaara turned away from his boyfriend Lee and said, "Hey, you weren't complaining after you tried it! It was delicious and you know it!"

Why was he defending a, pretty good admittedly, drink?! What happened to Gaara being the other one I could turn to for sense?! Dating Lee made him crazy and soft. And less homicidal, but that flare the red-head had had helped when he needed to straighten out the others.

Well I digress, because my friends were already shuffling out to change their outfits for the club. I sighed and headed up to my room. As soon as I stepped into the, of course, neat room, I felt calm and more psyched to go out with friends. The deep red and navy blue did wonders for my moods.

I barely lifted my feet as I walked over to the large closet. The first outfit was a vest with a red T-shirt underneath and pinstripe trousers. Not very club, more of a Panic At The Disco music video. The next was leathers pants so tight, you needed some kind of powder in order to slide them up. Either that or a thing of butter. Then I pulled out my favorite shirt. A shirt that said, 'If you're reading this shirt, you're not good enough to have it off me'. A very weird present from my friend's mother.

Throwing it on the bed, I set out in to the mysterious and sometimes dangerous closet, searching for pants. Not really; I just reached down and pulled out some dark, whisker-washed jeans. They went well with the tight, yellow shirt. I changed into the outfit and then reached under my bed for my gray Converses.

Shikamaru wandered in and laid back on my bed. We gave each other the once over. He was wearing tight chocolate brown corduroys and a red shirt with black squiggles and intricate markings all over the front. I 'Hn'd my approval.

"For someone that didn't even want to go clubbing, you dressed pretty nice, hmm?"

"Are you saying I always don't look this good?"

Shikamaru muttered 'troublesome' under his breath. He wasn't gay, maybe bi, and the only reason he went clubbing was his ex and current love interest were both bartenders at one of the gay bar/night clubs. While everyone else hit on guys, he would be watching them and I would be in a dark corner, trying to drink enough where the strobe lights didn't give me a pounding headache. Which of course led me to have the pounding headache in the morning. Dang hangovers.

The club we went to on a regular basis was called 'The Whiskers'. It was probably because of the 'whiskers' design in the drinks. Chocolate or fruit paste would be squirted on the bottom before alcohol was poured in. It would look like whiskers.

As we stepped into the club, everyone started to head to where they usually went. Lee grabbed Gaara's hand and ran towards the DJ, waving a mix tape wildly. Kiba and Neji went to hit on boys. Shikamaru went to make sure Temari and Ino weren't videotaping yaoi. I stood smirking for a while, because obviously all my friends had forgotten as to why we came here: me! I stopped smirking and started laughing as Lee's CD came on and the first song was Chu Chu Lovely Muni Muni Mura Mura Purin Purin Boron Nurururerorero by Maximum the Hormone. It was even funnier when Lee and Gaara started dancing.

After having a serious face and barely moving, Gaara did the robot. I was clutching my side and wiping tears out of my eyes when a strobe light hit my face briefly and caused a slight pounding inside my head. So before they swung around again, I headed to the bar, ordered a beer, and stood in a dark corner.

I heard Temari call me emo, but I chose to ignore it. The song ended and on came 'Carmelldansen'. I snickered as the DJ stopped the song and asked for someone to give him better music, because he didn't think anyone in the club was that gay. I saw Kiba leap on stage and hand him another CD. Knowing Kiba, it was bound to have 'Who Let The Dogs Out'. Kiba grabbed the mike from the DJ and kicked him when he tried to grab it back.

"This one goes out to our friend, Sasuke! He's finally figured out what we all liked so much! So, Sasuke, you shall now be known as Sas-gay!"

People cheered and whistled. I felt myself blush fiercely. At least no one was staring at me or pushing me on-stage. But still, I was going to kill the dog boy!

The DJ finally got his mike back and put on the CD, bringing us to the present time. The CD's whirring could be heard over the sound system and as the first few tones played, I get shivers. It's my favorite song, 'Control' by Metro Station. As the vocals started, I feel myself drawn to the floor. It could be the beer or the pounding of the music in combination with the strobe lights. I have no idea but I approach the dance floor where bodies are clinging and rubbing against each other.

Then… I see him. Him with the blonde hair and tan skin, who keeps getting hit with the blue, red, and purple strobe lights. Him with the huge grin, swinging his hips and panting and turning me on. He reaches one hand behind his head, puts the other in the rim of his pants, resting on his hip bone, and shakes his hips side to side sexily before dropping a bit to the floor and swaying back up. It's hard to describe what I'm seeing. His moves are liquid and seem to be igniting the fire inside a lot of guys, as people around him are stopping and just staring at him. He doesn't even realize people are staring as his eyes are closed. I stare for what feels like forever, watching and taking him in.

The song ends and he stops moving and opens his eyes. His eyes hit my own immediately and he does a big grin before turning and heading over to the bar. I still feel like I can't move. The heart in me, beating at like a thousand times a minute, won't let me move from this spot. His grin, his dancing, and oh man, those hips!

I feel a sharp pain, however, as a large hand claps on my back and I turn to see Kiba grinning.

"Oi, Sas-gay! Why are you just standing around? Never mind, Gaara's brother is here with his posse! And there's a couple of cuties~!"

Without waiting for me to reply, he drags me and a half-drunk Neji towards the bar. I see Gaara, Lee, and Shikamaru already hanging around the hooded older brother. He's wearing yet another hoodie with the top going into cat ears. Where he finds all of them, I have not an idea. He grins as he sees us. Kiba hugs him and for two different people, they seem to get along pretty well.

"Hey, Sas-gay! You've finally figured it all out, huh? Congrats!" I wince at the nickname. Is this going to stick with me forever? Am I going to go to work on Monday to find my boss and co-workers calling me that? Will my mother start calling me that?! Maybe Itachi-nii has already found out and is texting it to everyone! Grandma's heart will break! I shook my head to clear my thoughts as Kankuro started the introductions. It seemed he already introduced our side and was now showing off his friends.

"That's Shino in the weird trench-coat," Kiba grins like a predator finding new prey, "That's Chouji eating the food without breathing. He's straight. That's Sai the slut in the black belly shirt." The 'slut' smiles eerily at Neji and Neji whimpers. "And this is Naruto."

My belly twists and flutters as Kankuro turns his head to the side to reveal the person that had been on his back hiding behind the large hood. A tanned face grins, showing a bunch of white teeth.

"Yo~! I'm Naruto, pleased to meet you all!" His eyes meet mine and his smile grows a bit as his blue eyes shine. I swear, I feel a nosebleed coming.

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