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The pink-haired girl, Sakura apparently, turned her glare slowly from me to the cute little fox on my side. She lowered the hand that was pointing at him, her whole body trembling. She was going to blow. Naruto seemed to know it too because he slowly backed away, turning slightly to find the exit. Looking up at me, he did a sheepish grin.

"Uh, sorry about this, Sasuke. I hope I get to see you again, but for now… I GOT TO GO!" He took off towards the exit, his tan legs moving in a similar speed to that of the roadrunner in cartoons. The girl stared for a few seconds before yelling (something like 'Che' or whatever) and taking off after him.

I just stood there stupefied, staring at the door before following after them. Unfortunately, after the last song everyone was heading out with whoever they found that night. I tried to push past all the people but they were like a wall! Finally, really desperate to see Naruto once more, I shouted out something I thought would stop most of the gay people shuffling out.

"Oh my gosh! Britney Spears just snuck in from the back!" Heads almost snapped off, turning to the stage which I was pointing at. Ino was on there, wearing an outfit similar to what the star might've worn, and talking to the DJ. Her blonde hair covered her face, luckily, so half of the group ran towards her thinking it to be the star herself. I snickered as she got an alarmed look at the huge stampede coming her way.

Turning I ran outside and spotted the blonde fast. His bright orange shirt (how had I not noticed the ugly color of the shirt? The strobe lights weren't that bad.) caught my eye. He was being dragged on his back to a pink Toyota. His arms were crossed over his chest and he was yelling at the girl.

For being such a petite girl, she looked pretty strong… and scary. Sakura growled as she saw me approaching and Naruto stopped yelling and turned a bit to see me, still being dragged to the car. He grinned and started kicking his ankles and making a fuss trying to get out of her hold. She wasn't having it.

"Look," she said, pinching the bridge of her nose, looking tired. "I'm sure you're a nice guy, no one that good-looking could be mean. But this sack of hyperactivity is mine and straight so please find someone else."

She looked up at me, her eyes pleading but still looking feral and ready to attack at the same time. Naruto was still flopping around even though his arms were still crossed and he looked like a butterfly trying to escape its cocoon. I stared at her.

"He is not straight!" I said, but winced when she shot me a glare that could rival an Uchiha's if properly honed. The squirming boy squeaked as Sakura's grip on his ankles tightened too much and he gave me a look that told me to run.

"N-now, now, Sakura, honey. He is right. I told you that I'm bi." The pink-haired girl's glare turned slowly downward to Naruto. He started to thrash as hard as he could when her veins seemed dangerously close to popping right out from her hands wrapped tightly around the small tan ankles. She let him go and he scrambled up and dusted himself off before shooting me a look telling me he would've preferred for me to have never seen this.

The dark aura slowly dispersed from the female's body and she looked up at the fox through her eyelashes, batting them a few times. "Naru, I'm sorry. I know that but it still upsets me when you try to cheat on me. How about we go home and I'll make you ramen?"

The other boy blinked a few times before grinning. I hadn't noticed it in the club, but he had three scars down each cheek, making my fox nickname fit him perfectly.

"Um, give me a second, ok, Sakura? I just want to say bye to Sasuke." He turned to me and opened his mouth to speak. But I still had my eyes on the girl. Her smile had turned strained and her eye was twitching. Her hand reached up to Naruto's shoulder and he 'eeped' as she flung him like a tiny toy into her car. His eyes went wide as the door slammed on his face.

The pinkette turned to me, the dark aura returned and she grinned a forced and scary smile. It was worse than Sai's. As I pulled a disgusted and fearful look (I know, I know. So not befitting of an Uchiha.), the façade dropped and she glared harder than before.

"So, listen, Sas-gay was it?" She said it with such venom that two guys walking by her dropped dead. "I'm going to take my boyfriend home and we're going to do it. He will not think of you during it or after it. You both will not meet again, as he will NOT" she glared at the blonde "Go to these kind of clubs again."

I just stared at her; apparently Naruto was into crazy girls. She took the silence to mean 'yes' as she spun on her heel and got in her car, before backing out over the two guys killed by her words. (You know I'm just kidding, right? I would have been screaming in a manly Uchiha way if there were two dead guys.) Naruto waved sadly before looking back terrified at his girlfriend.


Gaara munched on his 8th piece of pizza. It would be gone soon. Shoved into a booth and two chairs at the ends of the table, were me, Lee, Kiba, Shikamaru, his apparent new best friend, Chouji, Neji, and his new boyfriend (though no one knows if it's willingly or forced), Sai. Chouji was immediately accepted into the group when he brought out the Pizza Hut discount buffet coupons.

Kiba picked off another piece of sausage off his pizza and put it in his jacket, where his dog gobbled it down. It had been two and a half weeks since I saw Naruto. Lee claimed that he was doing well but whenever I asked for his number, Lee shook his head and mumbled something about it not being 'a youthful choice unless I wanted a non-youthful castration from the girlfriend'. She's really nuts.

So I just went back to my regular life. I worked with Lee who continued his Gai-Sensei picture obsession (now extending it to Gaara though), stared at clouds with Shika and Chouji, and went out to clubs on weekdays just to celebrate a restaurant adding more food.

Sometimes I found myself wondering if Naruto really didn't think about me like Sakura said he wouldn't do again. I hoped not.

Music filled the restaurant and we all narrowed our eyes at Lee, who was searching for his cellphone in his leg warmers. (WHAT DOES HE PUT IN THERE?! I SAW HIM PULL OUT A KITTEN!)

"My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard, and-" the male voice was cut off as Lee picked up the phone and handed it to Gaara.

"Hello? Kan- I mean, Neko-nii. Yeah, he is here. Tonight?" Gaara covered the phone. "Are we doing anything tonight," he asked, looking at everyone blankly. Nobody had anything to do. "Oh, we'll be there. Will he be there? Great; but what about cotton candy? Ok, panda out."

We all stared at the red-head, looking for an explanation to the weird conversation. He shrugged and got up to get another piece of pizza. Upon returning, Kiba asked what we were supposed to be doing tonight.

Gaara's apathetic face turned towards mine, as if I had asked the question. "We're going to 'Whiskers'. Oh, and Sasuke? Naruto will be there."

My heart skipped a beat and I felt my mouth twitch into a smirk. Something good was going to happen tonight.

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