Lindsay and Danny's baby joy……

I don't usually do Danny and Lindsay fic's but since they having a baby I will just this once……hope you enjoy RnR….

Mac Stella and Lindsay are on there way back to the lab after processing a crime scene , Mac watches as Lindsay starts to rub her back being heavily pregnant and working in the lab cant be easy he thinks.

"You ok Lindsay" he asks concerned as they enter the lift "just a little bit of back ache she try's to smile as she rubs her belly and feels the baby kick.

"I don't know how you do it "smiles Stella you are so calm id be stressing about the baby coming "I might look calm but inside I'm getting nervous" Lindsay replies" " You and Danny will make great parents" smiles Mac.

Just then the lift stops suddenly between floors 24/25 as Lindsay looses her footing Mac and Stella reach to grab her before she falls" You ok asks Lindsay " Stella asks "Yes I think so the pain in my back has moved to my belly" Ouch" Lindsay screams as she grabs Stella's hand meanwhile Mac tries to call for help." This is Det. Taylor we are stuck in the lift between floors 24/25 and I have a heavily pregnant CSI here who has just gone into labour" "Det. Taylor this is technical assistant the power has gone down in the entire building we will get you out as soon as possible how is your friend doing.

Mac turns to look at Lindsay who is lying on the floor gripping Stella's hand just then her waters break" Oh no gasps Lindsay this is to early she cries " "hey kiddo we will get you out of hear soon you will be ok me and Mac will take care of you" Stella try's to reassure her while looking at a concerned Mac.

As Mac starts to speak on the phone "her waters have broke can you contact Danny Messer he is a CSI who works on the 34 floor tell him that Lindsay is in labour but me and Stella will look after her till we get out" Ok came the reply I will"

Back in the lab Danny is processing some evidence when flack walks in "hey buddy we need to talk " Danny looks up" what's wrong he asks concerned" "its Lindsay she is stuck in the lift with Mac and Stella and she has gone into labour " "what where asks a frantic Danny "floors 24/25 as Danny runs towards the stairs he is followed by flack and Sheldon who has jut heard the news.

When Danny reaches floor 25 he pounds on the lift door" Lindsay can you hear me " as Mac Stella and Lindsay hear Danny shout Lindsay tries to reply but screams in pain as another contraction takes over "Danny its Mac we can hear you we need to get out of hear and get her to the hospital it wont be long" Mac please I need to be there I cant miss the birth of my first child Danny yells" I know I understand we will take care of her just try and stay calm for now" "Mac yells Flack I have spoke to technical assistant they have said it will be at least a few hours before they get you out" Lindsay cant wait that long flack " replies Mac"

As Mac turns to face the girls he crouches down " hey Lindsay we are right here ok me and Stella will look after you he says as he wipes her head with his jacket" just then another scream erupts from Lindsay I want Danny please Mac I need him.

As Danny sits outside the lift door he can hear Lindsay scream in pain and starts to cry" why is this happening I should be there he sobs to Sheldon its my baby" I know buddy just try and stay calm Sheldon reassures him and wonders if the new dad to be will be at the birth he hopes so for Danny Lindsay and there baby's sake as this will be so special for them………


Well my little fans hope you like it RnR please and I will update soon……………..